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why the unfinished yew bow? unstrung as a Teuton Quiller's unwarped oar, an arrow in his carcax/quiver that didn't belong, the precious copper axe still there after 5kyrs along with all else. no looting as one would expect at a murder scene for Otzi was a sacrifice who belonged to the Mountain=Tepetl(N)=Te(m)ple. can a shepherd have a night job as copper smelter? the Naui/4 cross on the back of his knee in the Copper age of Naui Ollin, the 5th Age and oldest Mayan date=3309bc, expedition of Quetzalcoatl, searching for just that, copper, at Chaunis Temoyan(Haklyut's Voyages) declivity/drop off, in Georgia, Amerinda. no, not Tamoanchan(Mex), but, Chauhnec/ocoya Temoayan(N)=Cliffs possessed by the Demon. and Gwendolyn, rolling Wendy, Uentli ollin(N)=rolling offering in his stomach. a meal of Tonacatecuhtli(N)=Tonakkay(Ainu)=Tonakai(J), whose sacrifice is our sacrifice in the Nomad Deer age of the upper Neolithic, 45k bce-10k bce. Noma/Nomatca/Nomatzinco(N)=still, forever, always, the same, spontaneous. deity of the Age and deer/deor(OE)=deo=teotl=the-other=Tlaloc, Tarquin Harlequin Halo noted by symbol in Otzi's 9-tassel dolomite marble disk= 9=Atl(N)=water ribbons,=9 Ollin(N)= roll=9th day of 13 days of Atl=water,=double 9(both day&trecena)/double 17=ollin day= 17.atl trecena(13)=hunting prayer for glen gwen wendy ollin to fall before atlatl(E)= atl/t/dart/l. the final event/uentli/ofrenda Otzi went through was rite rendered: shot by one arrow, his back turned, facing up mountain=8.Tepeyollotl(N)=heart of the mountain= tepetl/te(m)ple,=Ocelotl(N/14), bow and cape carefully laid aside for tenitl(N)=speak another language,=e/te(r)nity/tl=eternity. Mazatl=7/half of 14=Ocelotl, cf., lion lady of Ulm. the 2 meals in Otzi's stomach=2.wild goat=chev(r)e(Fr)=ch/c/seven=7, the other, 1.cerf/ciervo/hirvi(Kven/Uenic/Fennec)=7.Mazatl.

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1.Aita, ruler of dead,=aitic(N)=gulf,abyss,bay,=Haiti(Carib)=Hades. 2.Ani=yani(N)=wanderer,=ianewer(E/xiii)=iannuswell/January. 3.Aminth=Cupid/Eros,=ami/oan(N)=aim=mitl(N)=dart,=Minerva/mitl eua/spear goes. 4.Ati=all-mother,=atl(N)=water,=ati/cathe/luthe/celOim=atl/ecatl(lotl/ocel(N)=reversal. 5.Ati Cels=atl cel=celia(N)=grow/blossom=ati celOim=mayim Elohim,=meya/omex(N)=flow. 6.Ati Turan/Tiphanati=Venus,=atl toloa=tepanauiani(N)=panauia=conquer,=t(r)i(um)pha. 7.Atunis=Adonis=atonauiztli(N)=fever,=Atonatiuh(N)=first Age, Naui Atl, we are Naui Olin. 8.Calu=God of Wolves,=calotli(N)=route to house/cave. 9.Aplu=Apollon(Gk)=apoaliztli/apoualiztli(N)=infinite, in state that cannot be counted. 10.Ati Cathe=Atl(N/9)Ecatl(N/2)=water/wind=caO(Etr)=caos/chaos=ecaOlin(N). 11.Alpan/Alpanu/Alpnu=willingly,=calpan(N)=inside the house.

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...having lost its (T), the Basque/Vascuence word, Uki(B/V), still means touch, touching, within the original Nauatl meaning, Toca(N)=to plant(sow and bury). Uka(B)is used as prefix of negation, from Uko(B)=refusal, denial, the privative (a) as suffix in Uk(a)/no touch =Tocar(sp)=Touch(E),=Ukoz/Ukozko(B)= negative/-ly. the only explanation for Toca(N) to be a negative is the ubiquitous spider=Tocatl(N)=To(xi)c(E), which, from a cave people, any people in quarters resident sharing space with spidey/Tocatl, a negative would develop very quickly if the root was, Toca(N)=Tocar(sp)=Touch(N): don't. of the 55 words with Toca(N)=Uka/Uki/Uko(B) prefix, in the Gorka Aulestia and Linda White Diccionario, p.371: 20 are for touch/tocar, all 20 together, in sequence. in the Uki prefix. 14 are negation, spread out among the Uka/Uki/Uko prefixes. 15 are fist/box, a planting sport, in the Ukabil(B)=puño,=Toca b/piloa (N)=touch spill(E), Ukai(B)=forearm, Uka-=T/Dukes(E/slang). 6 are elbow=Ukondo(B)=Toctolontic(N)=round touch(E). the Uko prefixes are led off by, Uko(B)=refusal, what i take to be a round (o) Uko denial. Uki(B)=touch, the (i)=in(E), as in dr(in)k. como en Japonica, veintenas de palabras manan de la fuente de una palabra Nauatl. vamos á seguir preguntandola idioma Vascuense, que está muy carcomido por la antiguedad de sus prestamos Nauatlacas, pero como lo sabemos, los Basques fueron las Nahoas Maritimas de Quetzalcoatl. vamos á ver si podemos enganchar una palabra Japonica corriente que será tamaño de los Uko- prefijos Vascuence, ah, aguí está, Okoru(J)=ocurrir(sp)=occur(E), ah, otra palabra igual,= Okoru(J)=enojarse(sp)/become angry/fly off the handle(fists/elbows). Okotaru(J)=neglect(negativo)one's duties. Okorinbo(J)=hothead. Okorippoi(J)=testy, picudo(sp). Ukondoka(B)=Toco-toca(N)=elbowing/codazo(sp). Which leaves us with the real root of occur(E), from the Latin= in T/Lat-olli(N)=the word, from the Nauatl=Toca(N)=T/oc/a=oc-cur(E). reaching out to other idioms, (R)yka(Russ)=hand. always wondered, in my Russian studys, where the Russ word for hand came from. ah, ukan(B/auxiliary verb used with transitive verbs)=have (in hand/ruka/ukabil), toca(N)=tocar(sp)=touch(E). another association for Ukabil(B)=(U)ka(i)bil(letra)= Ka(i)avil(Tzotzil Mayan)=joint, bones, hollow, node(cane/bamboo), which returns to its fist meaning in, Kaibiles, the infamous Guatemalan=Cuauhtemallan(N)=where the firewood/ kindling, elite regiment, who are a mirror of the Atlacatl regiment formed in San Salvador from the US Army's School of the Americas in Panama in 1980. the singular=Ka(i)bil=Ukabil(B).

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move, Ollin=(R)oll

...on the twin post of Ollin, just put in(Google), Ollin/Tletl, or, the formal name for Ollin Blog=Tlatlatzolteotl.Blogspot, e.g., ueOue(Etruscan)=ue Ollin ue(N)= way Holy way(E)=Jehovah(H)=Je/Ue O ue/vah(Letra)=Yahweh(H)=Ya ue(N)=Ya(sp)=already way/big/ue(N)= (m)Ove(Letra)=(m/n)=Nauatl Oue=ove(Letra)=move(E). also, more(E) an be made out of Ollin(N/17 Tonalamatl)= Orrin(River, England)=Rolling(E)=Ollin(N)=Holy(E).

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Rune tune

tune/Rune/Tonatiuh(sun)/Tonalamatl(calendar wed to Nauatl)/tonalli(soul). Rune 4.Othila(G)=separation/retreat/inheritance= otli(N)=road/aorta/odol(Basque)=b/lood(E),=4=naui(N)= nauta(sp)=mariner,=ana(N)=increase,=Cuetzpallin(N/4Tona)= growth/cuetz, palli(N)=phallos(Gk). Rune 17.Ewas(G)=movement,=eua(N)=leave/leaf(E),=Olin(N/17Tona)= movement. Rune 15.Teiwaz(G)=Warrior,=Cuauhtli(N/15Tona)=eagle, one of 2 Aztec military orders,=Teuatl(N)=tetl ua(N)=stone owner, usually allied to, tlachinolli(N)=chinoa(N)=burn, to form phrase for, war. Rune 14.Kano=Opening/Fire/Torch,=Ocelotl(N/14)=totem birthing feline of fire-drill Venus Tlatla(N)=Flame, regent of Tonalamatl/260. Rune 16.Berkana=birch(E)=ilitl(N)=pilichaui(N)=grow old,= p/birich=birch(E),=Cozcacuauhtli(N/16Tona)=jeweled eagle, sign of old age, writing sign(cf.,Tzolk'in day16). known also as Temetlatl(N)=tetl metlatl(N)=metate(Mex)=Demetra/Demeter (Gk)=cyclical goddess grind/growth/rebirth. Rune 18.Laguz(G)=flow/water/conduction,=tlacocoxoniani(N)= s/he who mixes/removes/shakes/waters,=cocoxonia(N)=move/clean a tunnel,=coxoni/ocoxon(N)=resonate, speaking of glass not full. Rune 19.Hagalaz(G)=hail/granizo,=Tlaca tlaza(N)=take(a)taxi(E), =Quiauitl(N/19)=storm.

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morgan(OHG/OSax)=morn(OE)=mo/your being/ca=1.moca(N)=much=muchi/mochi(N)= all,=mo/your chi/on top,=chi(Nihon)=tlalchi/tlalchipa(N)=on/to earth,=2.mocan(Nawa)= mo/your time,place,part/can=mo(r)g/can. Teuton=Teuhtli Tonatiuh=Deus Sol.

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012


1.how ancient is Hebrew? old as Neander caves, Canaan=ca nan/tli =mother/nantli ca/being=Neandra=Tlatlatletl/fire drill, old as Gramma of the West who haunts Xian/one of 4 original hubs of China=Chi/on top 4/na. 2.Heb.=tepe(mt)=tepetl shtetl=tepeua=god(owner of mts)/ sprinkled over earth/fleet. mountain/tepe/tipi/altepetl=alte/aldea(sp). 3.herbs=hebrew=(fire drill)begins medicine/metl(N). 4.Birkat(H)=grace said after meal=B/pilcat-iuh(N)=follow. Promethean penalty for fire=Nephillim(Enoch)=nepilolli(N)= hung,=iyollocatitlan nepilolli=punished inside/in yollotl/ heart, as if leaving Eden=eden(Sumer)=e/tentli(N)=Etendaka (Namibia)=etentli tlaca(N)=green fringe at steppe. red apple=fire/tletl=let/letter/leer/read/red/lernia(OFris) leornian(OE)=learning=the snake=atlamati/Adam gets wisdom. 5.Anakim(H)=Anacatl(N)=no flesh=plesh/perish,=snaka(OE)=snake/ malnourished/anoluia(N)fallen Angel(Enoch/Dead Sea Scrolls).

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Grandmother of the West

...Cave mountain person, dancing, immortal Xian, the Western Peace, xi(Chi-na)=2, known as, Chang-An, before the Ming dynasty, 3k bpe, but before those who founded Xi-an, the Western Peach, stood the Guangzhong Ren. let me say it's hard to get info of this sort out of the People's Republic, a little more garrulity on Archeology, please. with a cave/mountain person, we are dealing with Neandra Altepetl town=Water(E)/alt-tepetl/Mountain=Te(m)ple, associated with feline Ocelome, or, in the case of, Xi-Wang-Mu, tiger=tic/ger(letra)= ticitl(N)=doctor, midwife,=trick/entice(E)/tickle. her name=Xi=2 sticks of fire drill, an Ome deity, the oldest, so named as they go back to fire drill, are fire drill, as in, Ocelome(N/plural/2), wang=wa/ua(N)=own(n)g/ca(N)=being(letra)= a being/deity who owns 2, has the property of 2, as in, Omega(Gk)= Ome/2 being/ca. now to the dance. sheng(Chi-na)=free reed gourd bagpipe, as in, gaita(Basque/sp)=Ecatl/Ehecatl(N/2 again)/Hecate talks/itoa(N). Grandmother/Mu appears to be the fire drill deity, Tlatla-tzol-teotl, but with the local addition of a tiger tail and tiger teeth, much as the Olmec were-jaguar babys, whom we received from China to Amerinda as colonials, employing the Japonics as Calpixque(N)=Majordomos and Malhuianime(N)=Nite-malhuia(N=be guardian, be in charge of someone's honor,=Nitla-malhuia(N)=work delicately, care for plants, e.g., the Metis Metl(N)Maguey. the Japanese Calpixque defeated the 2d coming of Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan, at the foot of PopocaTepetl and caused them to settle the Yucatan=Yucahtla(N)=Yucca(plant)= Yukata(Japonica)=summer(hot weather)deshabille. Apropos of Colonialism, the Mayan ballgame, Ollama/Tlachtli, descends or ascends from, Cujo, which centers at Xian City, among the 4 oldest urbs in China. ah, back to the flute sheng(harmony)=sh/s/cenca/g=cenca(N)=much, completely stable, invariable, immutable,and, yu(melody)=yuh(N/adv)= thus, naturally, habitual, accustomed, since), a later wind instrument. without too much trouble, a wordstring in japanese and spanish, shows the origin of the flauta(Portuguese)=flute(E)= fue(J)=fuelle(sp)=b(e)llows/blows=b(l)/poa(N/root)=count,=power(E)= fuigo(Japonica)=b(el)lows power/poa(N)=fuego(sp)=fire(E)=pyre= piloa(N/root)=spill(E)/pilot light. the Sheng/Cenca(N) Xi-2/own being=Wang/Mu=Mother(of the west) wears what is thought to be a weaving apparatus, but is, in fact, a bellows/blow/flow/fuelle(sp)/fue(J)/flute/power/poa(N/root) for the fire drill. poem/poetry will come later in the form of Opera=peua/opeuh(N)= p/be-gin(E)=open(E), thanks to Grandmother West. how? ...the wear on the inside of incisors found on many Neander teeth, meaning they were holding something in their mouths often. for what it was, one goes to the Nauatl for tooth, =tlantli(N), which through the miracle of letra=tl/t/th/hand/t/li, the English word for ma(N/verb)=hunt land/sea with net=matlatl(N), tooth/colmillo(sp)=wisdom, a tooth of land, tlan(N/locative/tlalli), e.g., i(s)land/tli=Island=I(r)land/tli=old lady=Ilantli(N), referring to Chronus, youngest Titan/Titlani/Litany(N)=messenger Promethean being driven by son Zeus, and Aryan Sky Snake related filially=f/pilli/child to wind weaver Ehecatl/Hecate=Lady Birdsnake of Belgrade, and son,Quetzalcoatl proto-Christ. but out of the third hand/tlantli(N)=tooth comes the bellows= fuelle(sp)/fuigo(Japonica)/fuego(sp)that became fue(J)=flute(E), then Gaita(sp/Basque), probably with red deer stomach as sack/ duddle for the pipes: first Sheng/Cenca(N)=Harmony Immutable, next Yu(China)=Yuh(N)=Melody/Naturally. another connexion for China/Japonica with the Spanish Basques is: ai(Japonica/Chinese)=aite(J)=maite(spB)=maitl(Nauatl/root)= Maitland(E/name)=matelot(Russ/oc-elot?)=mate(E)=matlalli(N)= blue/netland)=matlatl(N)=net,=atlatl(N)=throwing stick(Mousterian). the Mousterian level, Western Europe, is Neandertime. here is a list of advances that arose 300k-30k bce: first use of fire and burial(linked), not one without the other. Upper Paleolihic features the Cro-Magnon/Finn invasion about 40k bce, use of skins, needle, thread, clothing, hafted stone/bone tools, harpoon, atlatl(N)=at/l/r-at/l/r(letra)=arrow(E)=a/t/dar/l/t(letra)= dart(E), ivory and antler in addition to flint points/retouchers, dwellings/pithouses, drawing, modeling/craft(E)=krop-tugr(ONorse) k(r)/copina(N)=cup(E)/put one thing into another/Co(r)pus(sp)/ -tugr=-toca(N)=approaching/almost/touching on a copy(E). it goes on: sculpture, painting, dancing, music, masques=MacuiXochitl/Tobacco Diety Dog Xolotl, eveningstar, first ma(s)que=macui/5= smoking hand over mouth. society=tzotzoyotia(N)=string beads or popcorn on a line. status, private property(the root of evil/live). lastly, the feline is fire related/Galaxy=Calaqui(N)=enter house, through stripes/spots, and, Ocelotl(N/14 Tona)=ce(i)ling/c(i)elo(sp)=sky=ki(J)=tree/teow(OE)=Teotl, e.g., chitoni(N)=spark,=chthonic(Gk)=Chi-/on top, Tonic(E/musical note/ soda pop)/-toni, Cheetah=Chi-tlatla(N)=on top Flame=F/Tlatla-tzol-teotl(N)=Flame- hole-Thea, regent of the Tonalamatl(N)Calendar, whose Totem(E)= To-/our descent/-temo(N)=Ocelome(N/2)=celOim(Liber Linteus)= Elohim(Hebrew/plural/2). if i read correctly, sheng and Yu have 17 pipes, at least the ones send to Japan, 8c ad. 17=Ollin(N/day 17 of Tonalamatl Calendar)= the 9th trecena=13 days of Ce Ollin=ceol(Gaelic/Celt/Nauatl)=song(E)= sail(E)=one movement, has a ruling deity, Tlatla-tzol-teotl, cave and fire drill Venus, regent of Tonalamatl, Ollin(N)=Holy(E)=Roll/Earthquake, movement from the center. Tlatla becomes T/l/Ra(Egypt/solar deity). the Tlaloc deer nomad age, 45k-10k bce, the nomad people, the Mazyectli(N)=Mazyes=BerBer, once the name for all peoples in the North African Corridor. Mazyectlalli(N)=Excellent/Yes! Deer/Maz-tlalli/land, name for all green North Afrika above Sahara, and, Maz-Yectlalli(N)=Yiz-t/l/ra(e)lli(letra)=Israel/Mazyectlalli(N)=yectel(N)=yester-(E)year. the lost tribe=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=virile member, the pully, was the BerBer=varvar(Russ)= Barbarian= B/V/Ual-Ual(N/root)= Ual(N/adverb)=tow/Ual/rds=War/wall(E). Berbers didn't call themselves barbarians, Berber comes through Greek. Yes(E)=yectli(/root)=good, virtuous, just. Yectel(N)=some days ago=aco(N)=Yester-day=tlacatli(N)= tac/tag/dag(Germ). Bellow(E/verb)=da-sheng, bellows(E/noun)=feng xian-g. there is interchange, a copying error, in Nauatl about f/sh sound symbols, cursive (s) mistaken for cursive (f) during copying, thus, f/sheng, with feng(Chi-na)=Phoenix=Poa-nextli(N)= power-aesche(OE)=ash(E)=nextli(N)=neci/onez(N/verb)=to appear,=nez(Fr)=nose(E). feng=cinnebar=ocre/ochre=oceliz/celia(N)/ocelome(N/2=fire drill)= rebirth, revive/birthing. fire drill Totem Ocelotl of Tlatla/FlameThea. feng=wind,=fuelle/fue(J)/fuego/fuigo(J)/flute, found on the Oracle(B)one(E)= omitl(N).


eight(E)=aught(Scot)=ocho(sp)=(T)ocht(li)=Rabbit=8th day Tonalamatl cempoalli(N)=sample=20 human digits. Shanidar Flower burial 4=8 distinct balled herbs around skeleton: 1.Yarrow,2.Cornflower,3.Bachelor's Button,4.St. Barnaby's thistle, 5.Ragwort(Groundsel),6.Grape hyacinth,7.Joint pine(Woody Horsetail),8.Hollyhock. diuretics/stimulants/ astringents/anti-inflammatorys=Neandertal forage diet began medicine,=pamaca(N)=give a laxative/paint=pa/opa(N)=p/pharmacy(E)=farm.

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Nephillim Birkat

...Nepiloliztli(N)=hanging,=Neph/pil(letra)=Nephillim(Book of Enoch found with Dead Sea Scrolls)=The Fallen Angel=Anakim(Enoch)= privative of nacatl(N)=flesh,=snaka(OE)=snake(E)=Nachat(H)=pleasure. Nepiloliztli(N) is part of the punishment for the Promethean Fallen Angel for having given fire=Tletl(N)=T/l/red/t/l(letra)=Red to Homo Sapiens. it has nothing to do with the epithet, Fallen Angel and everything to do with Promethean punishment. out of piloa(N)=hang,=spilla(ONorse)=spill(E)pilot(E), comes the prefix, pilcat-(N)=to follow, to be suspended/hang, a string of 7 words of pilcat- prefix, using letra=p/Bi(r)k/cat=Birkat(H)= grace after/following meals, the hanging/suspension being religious communion with deity thanked. the Promethean correction from, piloa(N), takes 3 forms: Iyollocatitlan nepilloli(N)=a hanging, suspension, correction that reaches inside, the guts, the heart/yollotl(N). Nacaztitech nepiloliztli(N)=hanging, suspension, correction that is put over/into the ears's/nacaztli(N) ambassadors. Tenacaztitech nino-piloa(N)=give a person a haul on the ears. the first correction fits the Promethean myth, a correction that reaches inside, to the heart. The entire adventure ensues over a meal/birkat at which Proemetheus Titan fools Zeus(twice), who sends Pandora to live with men, be their companions in wealth, but not in poverty. the salient detail is that the Titans/Neander Prometheans were advocates of humanity, while, Zeus, the Aryan sky deity first known to the Greeks as a snake, was not, and, Prometheus was a trickster of more human stripe than Loki(Norse), who harks/barks back to Xolotl(N)=Tloc(N/preposition)=Location(E) =L/T/Dog/c(letra)=Dog, shape changer. Promethean Neander didn't have a connexion with dogs, altho the Mother Deity, Tlatla/Flame did have one with Ocelome(N).