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...nigh, n/mig/guel/ria, aha, miguel=michael=miquiztli(N/day 6 Tona)=skull/deathlord Mickey=mikilo(CemaNaga/Assam)=to bite,=morder(sp)=m(r)d/t/la(letra)=motla(N)= your/mo-tla/bodyflame)=mo(r)tal, yes, the old stoning word, and, on to, Mo(n)tana= mountain(E). as Otzi, Tyrolean man, was taken to the motla/mountain for his sacrificial death, one fletch in the back and all his possessions intact. as said before, n/m are interchangeable. old Nick, Old Morder. not a feliz name, negro=nigrum/niger(Latin)=n/mig/guel/r(letra)=Miguel(sp). black=b(l)ac-k=b/paca/opac(N)=wash,=blank=b(l)a(n)k=paca/opac(N)=wash,=b(l)a(n)co(sp)= white=uitequi(N)=thresh. black=lilac(arab)=lily=tlil(N)=black(E)=blakkr(ONorse)=black=b(l)/paca(N), but, lilac(Arab)=li/(b)lac=black? yet who knows how (b) gets into arabic, lilac. i've seen it on first letters/(b) for Nauatl words, e.g., olinia(N)=(b)oil, or, omitl(N)=(b)one, the (b) coming from Breton/Briton as a tag for the new language. it may have happened to, li/(b)lac, also. another first letter example=tlil(N)=tl/Nile, named for dark blue water lilys, ah, Lethe(river)=Lilith(Deity)=lilt(Scand)=hole in a wind instrument, the palindrome of. tlil(N)=lilt(E)=lift up/swing, well, seems the opposite, but the motion is both up and down, as life is, eventually resigning itself to, t/Lilith, whose sister= uic(N)=wick(E)=vicaress(of death in battle)=u/Nic(letra)=Nike, who lost her head=h/th/tete(Fr)=tetl(N)=stone/stein.

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...Al Khadhafi lives on in corrected error. thanks to D. Messaoudi, we have the etymology of Amazigh, which is the ancient name, from time immemorial of the inhabitants of North Africa, which one remembers was a green corridor in the upperstone age, which i date from 50k bce, date of Berber/Mazyes mtDNA Haplo group H, oldest sister haplo group in Europe, preceding the Basques by 10k yrs. Al Khadhafy believed Amazigh was a colonialist term invented to divide the populace. However, Meesaoudi shows the word alive in Pharoanic Egypt as, MACWC, in ancient Greek/Latin dictionarys as, Mazyes(HÉCATEE/6c ac/after Christ), Maxyes(HËRODOTE/5c ac), and in other variations, such as, Mazax, Mazaces, Mazikez (Latin Dictionary: 968(don't know the meaning of this number/date?). the upperstone age Tlaloc, rain deity, nomad deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl) ends at the time of Gobekli's rising, 11k bce/10k bce. at 40k bce, a glacial advance drove out people and animals, only red deer/Mazatl= Maz(OHG)=meat(E), arctic-bodied Neander/Neandras and their guests were left to carry on. everybody else, including Berber/Mazyes=Mazatl yectli(N)=Yes/yectli(N)=excellent deer/Mazatl, who followed the deer/Mazatl, who followed the rain deity, Tlaloc= Rarog=T/L/rar/loc/g(letra)=R/L/Tlal/rog/c, the same deity, Baltic and Teotihuacan, Amerinda, with cortege of rain dwarfs=d/t/z(w)a(r)p/f(letra)=tzapa/tzapatl(N)= t/z/s/c/japa(letra)=Japonica, called, Tlaloques/Rarogues. everybody in the Tlaloc/Rarog path was affected, e.g., Israel=Yiz-rael=Yec-r/l/tla(e)lli(letra)=Yectlalli(N)=Yesland/the good/excellant land, e.g., mazeltov(N/toast)=Mazatl toptli(N)=Mazatop/v=deer idol, matso(ball)=maz(OHG)= Mazatl(N)=deer. ah, smazat(Russian)=annoint,=Mazatl(N). the language group of Somalia, Maxaad=Maz/xaad/t/L(letra)=Mazatl. now to complete the connexion during the upperstone nomad deerage/Mazatl between the Hebrew and Mazyectli Berber=varvar(Russian)=barbarian=ual(N)ual(N)=towards/to-war-ds= warwar(E), we take Yectlalli and Mazyectli combined to make, Mazyectlalli(N)=deer-yes-land, which may have been the full name for the North African corridor, but, if we speak just of the people, we don't include, tlalli, except for the Hebrew, whose full name for Yectlalli/Israel was, Mazyectlalli(N). Amazigh, if we look through letra, is related to the Mazatl wordstring. the (A) is not in early forms of the Egpytian/Hecatee/Herodotus, in fact, the 6th century Hécatee version=Mazyes, which is the correct form=Mazyec/s-tli, which, with a few slides and twists=Maz-(y)i/ec/g/gh(letra)=Mazyectli(N). so long and so durable, 35k/millenia, was the deer/Mazatl age, when our religious terminology had antlers, ce uentli(N)=c/se-u/ven=7=c/se(r)ve(E), but let me use a word to express the age of religion's founding and practice, as we today preside over its foundering: noma/nomatca/nomatzinco(N)=still, the same, always, forever, spontaneous. for every age there is a Christ of sorts. the remedy for the one we're in, is in the last word of nomad's definition, spontaneous, i.e., to use memory for language and language for spontaneity, a linking of the humanchip/memory to the soulchip, or, -ship if you prefer. it's not reading, writing, or watching movies passively, it's talking. the Christ=K/Kh/Qu(r)i/s)to-a(letra)=Qui-itoa(N)=who talks. and for that we have to rediscover our only language again, teach it properly, map tributory words, turn them over and over for the myth and history beneath the hood. first you ever heard about a deer age? welcome to blue planet!

viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

tetl Tletl tloc

...Xiuhtletl is so old, older than the sun, because to cave mind Tletl began time, and until he did we didn't count the sun, not the first or last omission of the AMHuman brain=b/tlaini(N)=drain/rain=tlailli(N)=flux. where would Fire Drill and Solar awareness start? fortunately we have 3 realms Baltic=Baldur/Palter(Theonym/Bavaria)=Paltar(personal name)=patla(N)= swap/paddle/Battle, and, baltas(Lith)=white, swap day and night, being Chief of Warriors(in Battle/patla), Baldur is a white, shining (k)night, ah, day, who finally arrives at night/mort, and dying, gives his name, paddle/swap/Battle/Baldur/Paltar to the brackish Mediterranean sea henceforth named, Baltic. ...first fire=Latvia/Lats(currency)=T/latla(N)=Flame=Tlatlatzolteotl(N)= Fire Drill Thea, regent of Tonalamatl. close relation with...Estonia= (E)Tona(i)atiuh=Tonatiuh(N)=Anthony/Antonio/Solar deity=Tonalli(N)=soul. the Germans clue to Lativa by calling them, Letts=Letters=tletl(N)=fire. ...Lithuania(settled 10k bce). at first, lith=tlil(N)=black, which makes no sense, but, leituiviu(Lith)=language,=t/le(i)t=tletl(N)=t/l/red/tl. ...labas(Lith)=Hello,=tlapa(N)=Aplu(Etruscan)=Apollo(Gk)=Sun, probably, Good morning. ...tas(male)/ta(femme)/tai(neuter=it/E)=that(E)=tlatolli(N)=word,= tl/t/that/olli. the Neolithic Lithuanians spoke Nauatl.

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...foot=potli(N)=both(companion)=punt(verb)=punt(noun==boot(E/Germ)= footgear/boat(E) =food(in and out)=pont(Lat)=b(r)idge(E/may relate to potli)=b(r)ide(one of 2/groom=com/comb=con=con/sp/=with)/companion=potli(N),=co(m)pany=copa(sp)= copina(N)=put one into another(cups/corps/compare/compart). feed=f/pe(e)d/t/la(letra)=petla(N/verb)=throw,=petra(Lat/noun)/piedra(sp/noun). hmmm, Letra parses by supplying a different root for noun or verb, altho feed is also a noun, but it's structure/letra makes its root a verb, petla(N). don't forget, Tlatlatzolteotl Blogspot, under the heading, Ollin. potli(N)=po(s)t/po(r)t/(s)po(r)t/potro(sp)=young horse=foal=Xolotl(N)=follow(E)=poodle/puddle/pond/po(in)t= Lord of twins/monsters/potranca(sp)=filly,=potli tla(n)ca(N)= both body(as opposed to potro/male).

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tequitl(N)=community service, such as quit te/tetl/stone, or, uitequi(N=uit/wheat trek/threk/thresh/s/c/quid pro quo(L), or, uite/white thresh/uitequi of uinter/qui=winter. ithualli(N)=patio/patiotl(N)=salary,=itta(N)=see,=thualli/toalla(sp)=towel. cemithualtin(N)=ce(m)ithualli(N)=those of same patio,=cemya(Russ)=famille/pamitl(N). thuitoca(N)=ittitia toca(N)=in/the-seeing/itta/thuit/tuit=intuit(E).

domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

caribou Qalipu

...not satisfied with etym of cari/Qali-pu/-bou. calli/acalli(N)=house/waterhouse=
carvel/caravel(E/ship). cara- particle slips easily from root cali/calli/acalli(N).
calli(N)=cari/Qali(Micmac), agreed, but what is the 2d element, -bou/-bu, well,
o/u(N)=are same letter so, -bou intensifies the o as 2d letter, ah, b/pou, or,
knowing b is not a Nauatl letter, but=b/pu, rather, -po-,=potia/potli, as, -tia/-tli
(N)=verb/noun endings, which form last and are first to go at particle Nauatl level.
calli potia(N)=make a companion, a both, a b(r)other=potli/potia(N)=p/both/t/li
(letra)=p/b(r)oth/tia. so, caribou/Qalipu are house companions, or, are they used
for both house/waterhouse=calli/acalli(N)=house/potli(N)=po(n)t(Latin)=bridge,=
punt(E)=small boat=b/po(a)tli(letra)=potli(N)with both ends the same, perfect for maneuvering in small space as stern=bow.
well, potli=boat/boot(Germ), then we have caribou hulls and roofing, siding,
bridging and boating.
how Qalipu(Micmac)=snow shoveler, must come from observation of its parasitic
potli(N)=companion/pal, karaboz(Gk)/stag beetle, scarab.
note, Qalipu(Micmac), because of it's -pu suffix, is the older word.
one can say for the scarab, it has 2 houses, itself and what it shovels along.
Egypt is quite young in comparison to Nauatl from Deer Age/cave time, e.g.,
Tlatla(N/cave deity)=T/l/Ra(solar deity of Egypt), but Egyptian funerary practice
comes from the stag beetle of Tlaloc Deer age, 45k bce-10k bce, Upper Stone Age.

sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011


karaboç(Gk)=scarab/stag beetle,=prickley crab=Carabus Locusta(L),=light, fast ship of Sp/Pg=karavi/carvel=caravel(E)=caravelle(OFr)=carabela/caravella(Sp/It.)=diminutive of, caravo(Pg)=carabus(L),=crab(E)=krebs(G)=scarabaeus(L),=crawl=coatl(N/5)=krebbeln(G)= creep(E),=carabha(Skrt)=locust,=caribou=qalipo/kalipoo(Micmac/Amerind)=shovel snow,= calpolhuia(N)=convoke/gather the barrio/calpolli(N)=Gallipoli(Turk).


Tarot/Tarocchi(Italy=ittalli=seen=itta=see)=Tlaloc, rain god deity of deer in the Tonalamatl, survives in memory as halo/tlallo/harlequin/Tarquin/Halogi,Kven Fornjotul's son/Thor and Mjolnir=molhui ilhuia(N)=transport of will,=yam,yammer,hammer/Santa Claus, deer driver, whose only rival down chimney is rain or snow melt/ Dharug, the west Australian yam/yamactic=yammer tribe, a Thurston thor-stone bland by climate change/Seth, Egypt's creator canine deity of storm, desert, and chaos=caO(Etruscan prayer)=chaos=cathe(Etr)=Hecate. Tarock/Tarot fly flags of past glory, beginning with a fool who sports ancestor Xolotl/clowndog btwn legs, and links with St.Michael= Miquiztli/skull, the dog judge, while the 2 faces of harvest aunt/auitl Quiahuitl(N/7th trecena)=7Snake/Chicome Coatl appear as 1.feast the Empress&2.famine the Star. Tlaloc=first pre-Saxon King of Prettania/Prydein=in pitli(N)=the older sister,=P(r)y/it/de= pride/spider,=Herla/Harlaken/harlequin(Wodin/Odin), gone southwest from euthanic Eurasia to his heaven, Tlalocan, save the Baltic where he waves as, Raróg, fiery falcon blazon of Ukraine, and Croatia/Coatl as Raróg Rak/lobster. 250BC Tlaloc=deity of Teotihuacan, regent until 750c ad, when a night raid by Tlaxcaltecan Olmecoids, 3 Deer and 4 Dog, defeated the city's Puma warriors and sacrificed their general in the Star Chamber, Cacaxtla. what better Christ/King than Tlaloc, who rose heavenward and when he fell imparted his reverent living green, the rain, from N. Afrika thru the Mideast to Altai/altia.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

michael and the fool

...the pairings of the Tarot are older mythology than the deck itself, a product of the weaving age, 8k bce-3k bce-and into Egypt.
the Empress and the Star are one deity, after the rope age of Metis, first deity
of wisdom, known as Chicome Coatl(N)/Snake, relinquished the Crown of 7 serpents to
the corn deity, who became known as 7 Snake, deity of feast and famine, and day 7 in
the 7th trecena of Quiahuitl/Rainstorm, cf., the ancient Greek year of 7 seasons, and,
going back to the upper stone age, 45k bce-10k bce, 7=Mazatl=maz(OHG)=meat,=deer=deor=
d/teotl(N)=deity. the date for transfer of Metis=metl(N)=maguey rope plant, to 7 Snake
corn is 3309bc, as the Quetzalcoatl expedition deposes the Tobacco deity, 5 flower/
Macui Xochitl=Macuo Xigil(Maine Woods, Thoreau,=tobacco/dogwood tree), in Amecamecan,
Mexico, and replaces it with corn, by irrigation.
the Empress has a collar of 4 red rubies, 4=night deity of corn, Cinteotl, the
bachelor deity, who presides over the sign Chicome Coatl/7 Snake in the Tonalamatl
soul and birthing calendar. the Star is naked and is pouring water over a rock,
symbol of famine.
the Fool is none other than the original Xolotl(N)=meaning clown/fool and black
dog known as Xoloitzcuintli, with infernal connexions prior to Anubis, deity of monsters and twins, evening star, twin of proto-christ morning star, Quetzal-
coatl, whose mother is Ehecatl//Hecate, aryan sky deity, wind/breath weaver,
Venus2, diety of the living, all young things, cf., mozaic, San Apollinari church, Ravenna for a symbolic transfer of her powers to Mary/Jesus, 5c ad).
Xolotl's task is to escort Toño, the sun, at half-light through the center of
earth each day, to Mictlan, where, Miquiztli(N)=skull,=Mique(zt)l-i(letra)=Miguel=
Michael waits for the dead to arrive after being boated across the river, guided
also by a dog, red/bermejo, through the 9 vados/crossings. thus, the pairing of the
old mythology in the Tarot, as the thought of erasing the sacred past was never in
question, it had to wait for the present church to clap an eraser on a black board, doing harm to the past for the sake of a grim future to include the 9 million-victim holocaust of the Inquisition, such is the hold of fantasy over the minds of men,
it must be teased by outright omission, lying, and blessing the fruit of a fictive womb.
if there is any doubt, one only has to look closely at the Fool's card and find
many have a dog between the Fool's legs, perhaps not a black dog, but species
is enough, as this dog, fool, clown, evening star, tobacco deity becomes the devil.

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011


talent/thaler(G/coin silver)=talant(Pr)=talanton(Gk/weight)=thallium/thallos(Gk/shoot)= tallo(sp/stem)=taller(sp/shop)=tarantella(It/dance)=tarantass/tarantas(R/wheeled dray)= tarantula/Taranto(It)=tlantli(Nawa)=tooth/antler/hand/land.