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(N)=idol/odol(B)=blood(E)=otli(N)=aorta(E),=wrap(in brick)=adobe(Amerind)=tob/tub(Egypt)=attob(Arab).


1.ross(G)=Rocinante=nag of Quixote=quiotl(N)=maguey lance. 2.yroshit'(Russ)=harvest,hros(OS)=hross(ON)=toss/toxaua(N), =yr/losh=Oylos/Ooloo(Gk)=Ceres=oilia(N)=degrain corn. 3.mare(E)=uma(J)=oma/ma(N)=hunt by net,=Mazatl(N/7 Tona)=deer.

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(Turkish)=navel/hub(bicycle)=gobekli=with a central boss/paunchy,= gobeklisalat=lettuce,=copichtic(N)=channeled,=copichoa=roll mat/paper,= kopat(R)=dig,=kopeyka(R)=kopeck,=kop'ë(R)=kopyo=spear,=tzelkovoy(Mordvin)= ruble=toptli(N)=idol/wrap,=cel copina(N)=only copy.

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...iif=(M)Du=if(Fr)=iw(OE)=ih(OSaxon)=iwi(OHG)=ir(ONorse/chiefly bow/arco) =often planted in churchyards as symbol of grief,=yew(E/tree)=yeoman(E)= archer/bowman. hmmm, eow(OE)=i(o)h/eoh(OE)=iwa/iwu/ihu/iga(OHG)=eibe(G), hmmm, u/v/b/p/f, ah, u/p=Nauatl letters,=iva(sp)=iwe/iewe//uwe(MLG/MDu), hmmm, w(E)=ua(Nauatl)=own(E). ...we'll go with, if(French)=ipan(N)=pan(N)=with pronouns: no, mo, i= it(E/3d person)=ipan(N)=it goes well/ir bién/convenir/convenient. as postposition, pan(N)=within, over, in, by,=ipan(N)=over him, on top,= apan(N)=over the water; river crossing,=tlalpan(N)=over the earth. ...ipanyotl(N)=opportunity, uel ipanyotl(N)=favorable. ...ipantlacuiloa(N)=write over/escribir encima(con pluma). ...ipanoc(N)=partout(Fr)/everywhere/por todas partes. ...ipanocayo(N)=universal/general. ...ipanti/oipantic(N)=alcanzar la meta/dar en el blanco/hit the bullseye, speaking of an arrow/flecha. that's it: the root of yew(E)=iif(MDu)=if(Fr) =ip/anti(N); ah, pantli(N)=flag(pant/banner/paint=pa). ...ipantilia/oipantili(N)=find who you're looking for, find them by accident, assault the enemy, fall upon them. ...nitla ipantilia(N)=succeed, hit the mark, understand, do something on purpose/a propósito. ...Yew/iw/iwe/iwa/iewe/uwe//iwu/iwi/iwa//i(o)h/eoh/ih=eibe(G)=iif(MDu)= if(Fr)=iva(sp)=iv/b/pa=ipanti(N)=hit the bullseye. one can see from the many forms of yew, 13 at least, that original (p) has gone through the p/b/v/w wringer. note the spanish, iva=(e)ib/be=eibe(G)=iv/b/pa=ipantli(N) and the iif/if(MDu/Fr)=iif/p=if/p=ipantli(N). the numerous aspirant (h)'s indicate the original particle, ipa(ntli)ahs reached p/ph/fonetic zero, e.g., p/ph(f)/honed to the bone, becomes the wildcard/joker of sound, where it can attach to other honed/phoned values as we see in the 13. the constant, however, is the lead letter,(i). of the variations one distinguishes between letters extant in Nauatl and those not, e.g., w=ua(N)may or may not be dropped as one can play with the form to see if it curdles into a Nauatl word, and it does,=eua(N/verb)=leave, but one can't ignore first letter,(i), and we know before hand, eua(N/verb) =leave/leaf/Eva/leather=euatl(N). so all iw/iew/uwe/ih/eoh forms can be discarded, and eibe(G)/iif(MDu)/if(Fr)/iva(sp)=iv/b/pa=ipa-ntli(N) remain.

stone soup

1.tetl(N)=stein(G)=shtetl(H)=2.town(E)=tun(Mayan/360solar year)=stone= Tonatiuh(N)=Sun,=3.tetica(N)of stone=tetic(N)=stoney,=ethical/ethic/ ética/etiquette,=tetica nitla-tzopa=build with stone/tetl,=4.tzopa(N)= finish,=tz/zt/stop(E). 5.mo-tla(N/verb)=to stone,=mo-tlatla=your flame,= mot(Fr)=motto=mottle/motley(E)=harlequin=tlaloque/clown dress,=mora(sp)= mulberry(E)=moral/mortal(E)/mort(Fr)=cmert(Russ)=mo(n)taña(sp)=mountain=home of Tlaloc's tlaloque.

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(Gk)=ome(N)=two, ca(N)=beings,=ser de dos(Sp)=mega/O(Gk/reversal)=mecania/omecani(N)= hanging Holy/Olin(N/17/Tonalamatl),=chords of movement.

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(N)=curved/thick/solid,=who tills,=still,=lingua(L)=lengua(Sp),=lynis(OE)= lins(W.Fris/ME)=linchpin,=link/slink/sling.


(S)Marty(short for Martin/Martyr)=mati(N)=to know,=mati(Skrt/noun)= consilium of elders. now if the Sanskrit is a noun of the same form as the Nauatl verb, we know the Nauatl is older, as nouns come from verbs/adverbs, and in Nauatl nouns formalized last. mati mati ca(N)=smart smart being/ca=Mati mati ca(sp)=Mathematics(E)= the underlying discipline in language, e.g., uan(N)=own4=proximity, parentage, community of origen,=Juan/Juana(sp)= one(E/number)= Wyandot(Amerind)=related to the Huron(French-named Amerind)=huron(Fr)= boor,=hure(Fr)=head(of wild boar), hure de salmon(Fr)=jowl of salmon, hure(Fr/slang)=big, ugly(round)head,=poloa(N)=verb/deprecative suffix. ma/oma(N)=hunt land/sea with net,= matlatl(N)=net,=matlalli(N)=netland,= matlalin(N)=dark green or the color blue,= mat/l/r=mar(sp)=mano(sp)= maitl(N)=maite(Basque)=aite(Japonica)=ai(J)=love;blue, Maitland(Anglo- French name), matelot(Russile). mattica(N)=to be occupied/preoccupied, know, understand,=mattiuh(N)=to know, suffer a thing,=ueca nitla-mattiuh(N)=suffer a great loss/defeat. ma(N)=mati=mattica/mattiuh=Nenadertal wordstring, solid evidence dictionarys are history books of the first order=otli(N)=route/ruta/uta(J)=verse. note Neander described externally, not by himself, and the string says Titan/titlani(N)=Litany is smart/mati, hunts, follows the coast= ma/oma(N), matlatl(N)=net=weaves, contemplates, suffers greatly in defeat. this is not at all the slick self-laudatory picture we draw of him today tinted out by our insufferable, arrogant, ignorance of the world and history. his contribution to language in abeyance, could he utter=itoa/oito(N)=talk? we have Polyphemus(Gk)=many-voiced Cyclops, sheep-keeping friend of Odysseus. the many voices meaning he imitated, was a mime of bird/animal calls which gave him a hunting advantage even over dogs, because he could attract game with his voice. something not taken into account by Cro-Magnon canine theorists. Polyphemus is related to Baxajaun, Basque Lord of the Woods, to whom sheep gladdened the arrival of their Lord by shaking the bells around their necks. here we have Neander as shepherd twice. there is also a Basque ditty about when to plant. iron smelting was his gift also. and he was a gifted weather forecaster. what is emerging is Neander/Neandra's millenia of experiences was not wasted in Europe or elsewhere, but passed on to those of Eva's descendants who capable of learning it, and lucky enough to be guests in his territory in the after 45k bce, when in 42k BCE flute was transferred to them out of Neander Fire Drill bellows. as much as Archaics are anxious to paint holocaust= Shoah=nexoa(N)=ashes for Neander extinction, the record shows him living side by side with the Euro-invaders such as Cro-Mag and the spill out of Africa, in his separate enclaves, even alternating habitation levels in the same cave. imati/oima(N)=be prudent, perispicaz, to be better/in convalescence,=uel mimati(N)=prudent, judicious, curious, pretty(birdcalls, no doubt). note the formation of mime(E)=imacho(N/pasivo)= macho(sp)=mimati(N/cf., imati)=mimatca(N)=in subtle and able way,= mimatiliztli(N)=subtlety, curiosity, ability, prudence, modesty. these are attributes of high order, pointing to a devout cast of mind. connection=connectini(N)=nectia(N)=desire,=nequi(N)=adoration,=necuhtli(N)=nectar. mimatini/mimatqui(N)=judicious, astute, courteous,honorable, modest. one can't survive as long a time as Neander/Neandra did, without the qualities enumerated in this wordstring. we were blessed to have link to their being, haloed by the framework of kin species, guiding us at that moment in UpperStone Age, passing us their devotion and DNA to Teotl(N)=The-Other, the virtue upon which life is founded.