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...xotlac(N/adj.v.)burning, open, budding, hot with coals=Coatl(N/5 Tona), or just, x/sh/hot(E)=shot/shoot/shout(E)=hoteri(Japanese)=glow/heat,= hottan(J)=origin(Fire Drill), xotla=xotl(N)=foot/ing),=hottategoya(J)=hovel/hut=huta(sp)= Basque/Japanese connexion again,=hutta(OHG)=hutch(E)= hugia(Anglo-Latin)=hutica(Latin)=hots(Basque)=noise,=hots egin(Basque)= call/shout/xotla=sudun(Basque)=ardent/heated, lit., having fire/xotlac(N),= suta(Basque/prefix)=ignite/flare,=sute(Basque)=fire=xotla =sutegi(B)=stove,=sutondo(B)= kitchen,=sutu(B)=fire,= sut(Turk)=milk/latex/petrol,=sote(Turk)=sauteé(Fr)= suhar(B)=sudar(sp)= sweat=auatza(N)=sweet/svart(Scand). .....somine(Turk)=fireplace. several candidates for root, e.g., xomulli/ xomoloa/xomultic(N)=corner, make corners/angled, or, comitl(N)=olla/bowl/ cooking pot, where the hobgoblins/Tlalloques, or, so/tzotl(N)= soot(E) inaya/oinax(N/verb)=hide/cover,=inaya(J/suffix)=no sooner...than. comitl(N)=sumine(T)=s/comi(tl)/ne(N)=used in place of, your, e.g., monequi(N)= necessary(money)=your/mo-nequi/necessity=neci/onez(N)=appear,=necio(sp) =onez(N)=nez(Fr)=nose(E)=nextli(N)=aesche(OE)=ash(E) i.e., necessity as nesh/ash on face. in the case of sumine(T), the -ne(N/your)is a suffix,= your cooking pot/comi(tl)ne(N). xotla/tzotl/xomulli(N), find another, ne(Turk/suffix)construction as proof. in: besogne(Fr)=business(E)=be/peua(N)=begin socket(E)=tzocatl(N)=sog/tzoc =wrinkle, ne(N/prefix/pronoun adj.)=your/ne besogne(Fr) suffix, e.g., monequi(N)=necessity= money=mo-(N/prefix/pronoun)=your nose/Onez/neci(N)=appears nec/essary(E). money is just prefix. ...hmm, more input: xamitl(N)=brick/adobe,=sh/sa/sumi(tl)ne=sumine(Turk)= ne-xamitl(N)=your brick/adobe,=sumine(T)=fireplace, or, caminata(Latin)=c/s/sh/xaminaua (N/my agglutination)=bricks4=chimney(E).

lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Gui/uitequi tepuztli

...a-hoc(proto-Basque)=husk, chaff(wheat),=aotz(Guipuzcoan)= alkotz(Andoain). in the Andoain, Guipuzcoa version, al/kotz,, al=tlal-(N/prefix)=earth, related to the Arabic, e.g., almande(OFr)=amande(Fr)=amandula(Late Latin)=almond=tlalmatzalin(N)= amigdaloides serrata(this is not the almande itself)=amigdal(Gk)= almond(E), but one can see, tlalli(N)=al-(Arab/prefix)=al-ma(n)d/t/zalin. matzalin(N/not found in Simeón)refers to the almond being in hand/ma middle/tzalan(N)=sala(sp), i.e., has to be shelled, tlal-(N/prefix)=land. ...composite construct of the 2 Nauatl words of a-/al-=tlal=(N/prefix)= a-hoc(proto-Basque)=h/th/toctli(N)=stalk of the (corn) plant, cf., atoctli (N)=tierra feraz, fuerte, húmeda, fértil,=atoco(N)=drown, e.g., Daedalus= D/Tat/d=Tatli(N)=daddy drowned=atoc(N)=alus at/loc/s. the -arus of Ic-arus has the same atoc(N)=drowned result.=atoctia/oatocti(N)=throw something in the water so the current takes it. ...aho(Basque)=mouth=-motl(N/particle)=c/amo/ho tl=camotl(N)=yam(E)= yamania(N)=yammer/hammer(E)=camatl(N)=mouth(E)=c/g(r)ammar/tl= Mo-c/ch/hammad/t/l=Mohammad=Your mouth. ...ahuc(proto-Basque)=cheek, gullet,=autz/aotz(Guip)=cheek/gullet. in aotz (Guip)=the beginning of oztotl(N)=cavern/cave, the -c(proto-B)/-tz(Guip) having moved to the back=camo/camatl(N)=aho(Basque)=a-huc(p-Basque). language owns body? rather, body/gullet owns Oz/cave/language=t/la(n)g/ca. ...ahul(proto-Basque)=weak, insipid, meagre(land),=aul(Guip)=frail,=abol (Guip)=less fertile(land),=apolactia/oaploacti(N)=atl polactia(N)= submerged(in)water, watery land. polactia(N)=p/fo-rast/lact-tia=forastero (sp)=forest, i.e., where one submerges, hides, becomes a stranger=strain (Rum)=tlaini(N)=drinker, i.e., polactia/submerged.

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013


1.mani(Moche)=peanut(Peru),=mani(N)=re/ma(i)n(E)=maitl(N)=hand,=gold peanuts in Mochican tombs=Moche culture=3kya/priest rulers/felid cult(Usulutan/Ocelotlan, El Salvador)/origin mani/peanut?(wilder strains Paraguay/Bolivia)/brick adobe/ pyramids/ war canoes. 2.el Cie Quich=In Ce Oquichtli(N)=the one(man/orchídea). 3.Mochi huacos= uacalli(N)=tombs Sun/Moon. 4.Ai Apaec=Aiz tlapactli(N)=dazed divider/god of beheading. 5.Chimu=Chimuchi(N)=on top/chi muchi/all, precede Mochi. 6.Quingnam(Chimu idiom)= quinamiqui(N)=qui/namiqui(N)=who is neighbor. 7.ChanChan(capitol Chimu)=chantli(N)= house/residence/country.


h/th/tenchalli(N)=chin,=tencolli(N)=lip plug won by valor,=tentli(N)=lip/edge,= henchman(E/xiv)=page/groom at knight's/knecht/nech(to me)horse. groom(E)/grumete(sp)=cabin(stable)=boy,=con/com(N)/cum(L)=with,=c/g(r)oom. tencaualli(N)=scraps from table which hench/trenchermen ate. tench(Tinca tinca)=trenchfish,=tenchimalli(N/root)=befo/belfo(Sp)=thick upper lip/ thick lower lip,=bezo=lip thick,=pepexonia(N)=fill to lip, trincar(Sp)=trencar(Pr)=trenchier(Fr)=cut trench/track(tlaca)in woods.


...H/ch/cel/r(e)tic/ayotl=celticayotl(N)=tenderness of a fresh thing, new and green, e.g., icelticayo/iceltica in quauitl(N)=a tree's freshness. ...tender(E)=tentli(N)=lip/edge.

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013


...arsto(proto-Basque)=asto(Guip)=maize,=atoctli(N)=strong, humid, fertile, copious land, e.g., toctli(N)=tierra abonada; young plant; green, tender, cane stalk,=tohter/tochter(OHG/G)=daughter(E)=dohter(OE). ...artatxiki(Guip)=millet=milli(N)=field,=awa(Japanese),=arta/atlatac/txiki =atlatac(N)=flooded field. so, after millet/awa the Japanese were ready for the rice/tleco(N)=leg paddies. ...asal(proto-Basque)=azal(Guip)=bark, skin, peel, rind,=tzalan(N)=between, i.e., kasal(proto-Basque)=bark/acorn cup,=kaxal(High Navarrese)=acorn cup, ka/ca(N)=being/house(shelter)/cup=corpus=copina(N), tzalan(N)=between. ...asaro(proto-Basque)=autumn/otoño=otonac/tona-tiuh(N)=the sun's preterit, seedtime, oct.3, 4nov.=azaro(Guip)=seedtime, 4november,=hasi(Basque)=seed, =achtli(N)=aci(N)=concentrate,=hacer(sp)=haz(sp/imperative), and, the 2d word of as/az,=aro(Basque/Guip)=harrow/arar(sp)=plough,=atlatl(N)=arrow(E). ...aska(proto-Basque)=askar(Guip)=trough/manger,=acaltic(N)=channeled, hollowed out,=Acatl(N/13 Tonalamatl)=cane(E)=Acanthus(plant)=acaloa(N)= channel, carve wood. ...askar(proto-Basque)=strong, vigorous,=azkar(Guip)=acallanelo(N)=acalli tlanelo(N)=rower, grumete(sp)=groom(E),cabin-boy, younker, ship-boy, mariner. relating to Oskar(Turkish), meaning divine strength, from sea gods. also, Acatl(N/13 Tonalamatl)=acatic(N)=what grows, e.g., chief, governor,=acatia(N)=grow tall, speaking of corn, acatar(sp)=respect, revere, pay homage. azkar/t/l(Guip)=ak/catl=Acatl(N/13)=sceptre=Cipactli (N/1 Tonalamatl). fits into the Evangel of Quetzalcoatl the Basques underwent before 3309 BCE, the Naui Olin, Mayan's oldest date, found Palenque, Chiapas, 1998.

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013


ahuina(proto-Basque)=young goat,=ahuña/auña(Low Navarrese)=ouica(N/root)=with difficulty=oveja(sp)=ewe(E)=ouwi(OHG). alaba(Gui)=daughter/toctli(N),=alabar(sp)=praise,=labrar(sp)=labor(E). amec(p-B)= amets(Gui)=sleep/dream(E)=d(r)em=temiqui(N/root)= tentli miquiztli(N)=death's lip. ametz(Gui)=kind of oak,=ametzcalli(N)=amatzoncalli(N)=sombrero de papel, =amatl tzoncalli(N)=paper wig(hair house). apa(Gui)=kiss,=tl/apa(N)=slap/lap/lambent(E/Latin)=lambere(Latin)=lick. arrain(Bizkaian)=arrai(Guipuzkoan)=fish,=arrai(Roncalese)=trout=trucha(sp)= toca(N)=breed/touch(E),=atl tlaini(N)=water drain(how to catch trout). erronka(B)=b/ronca(sp)=argument.

martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Sub Nauatl

...kind, kindle, kindred, but kine, no, as it confuses its y/u with y/i, and this without the Greeks getting in on it as they often do. kine=cun/ kuyn/keen(ME), based on, cyna(OE), which is said to be genitive plural of cu(OE)=cow. so English had Latin casings from the Roman empire. how fortunate for linguists: another bush to hide behind. ...if the nominative for cow=cu(OE), then what is the (n)? why it's sub- Nauatl, also part of the word, conetl(N)=cony/coney(E), whose earliest forms in English are, cunin/cuning, but closer to the root, conetl(N), are, conil(OFr/Port), while coneglio(Ital)=cuniculus(Latin)are closer to the older Nauatl version of conetl=conecut/li(N)=Comes(to the)c/ch/honey= necuhtli(N)=nequatl(N)=honey water,=nectar=nequ/c(t)at/r/l(N/E). we have cow confused with cony, because the (n) of cow versions is used as Nauatl label, not a meaningful part of the root of, kine/kuyn, which has no (n) in its root word. there is a more complete Nauatl root for cow, which includes the co(w)=coa/coua/couia(N)=to buy, not from cony rabbit but from, Coatl(N/snake), the market sign of travelling merchants. Cattle have always been used as chattel(E)=property other than real estate, i.e., movable goods. ask any African bridegroom, ah, groom= g(r)/coom=con or com(N)=relative pronoun, c, unites with particle, on/om, e.g., ayac compoa(N)=he doesn't think anybody counts/poa(N),=with, on with the groom, whether cows/coa(N) are chattel=Ecatl(N/root)of all the chat/ cat words, e.g., chatty(Hindi=Tzintli)=Indian water pot. ...with Tzintli(N/the Honorific)we come to the root of Indian/Hindi/ intimate/kind/kindle/kindred, and for the bad boys and girls who don't want to be taught anything now they're adults, intimidate(E). ...not tzintli(N/Honorific), intimidate(E)=in temoayan(N)=the cliff, dropping off place.

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013


kint(proto-Dravidian)=ind(j)(p-S.Dr)=int(p-Telegu)=sind(p-Kolami-Gadba)=cint(p-Gondi-Ku)= kind-a(p-N.Dr)= date-palm/Phoenix dactylifera=tzintli(Nauatl/root)=saintly(E)= Sind/Hindi/Hindu/India. winnow=cerner(sp)=cene(N)=corn owner,=centli(N)=Ceres= Cintli(N)=corn deity,=tzintli(N). cernicalo(sp)=kestrel/windhover hawk,=kes(N.Dr)=winnow. cerner(sp)=sift/bolt/drizzle/hover/waggle,=cer(p-Tel)=ker(S.Dr)=ked(p-Dr/p-Kol-Gad)= sed(p-Gon-Kui)=ceti/cetia/cetilia(N)=set/settle(E)=ket(p-Dr/p-Kol-Gad)=set-i(p-Gon-Kui)= winnowing fan=set/cetilia(N)=settle(E). cernidillo(sp)=thick mist/small rain, fig., jiggling gait. nar(p-Dr)=night(E)=nacht(G)= nark(p-Kol-Gad/p-Gon-Kui)=na(r)c/k=nactia(N/root).

sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013

Sile Sirtya

...the Sirtya(NN)are winter Tlalloques=tallje(NN)=cave,=tlalli(N)=earth,= Tarquin=Tlalli qui(N)=who earth. white dwarfs, dressed in leather and metal who live underground, disappear at will. the other winter goddess=the Irish Sile/Caillech(Gael), or Chair Leg, the compass rose of wind and Welty=Ueltiuhtli(N)=older sister of the Sun/Tonatiuh. ...the Nenets don't have a corn dolly for her but their tribal name=Nenetl(N)=doll, idol, and they do have those in each chum(NN)=house. Beira/Sile is from Iberia, a female bear. the NN words for Bear and man=cha-ividie(NN)=chu-vieri(NN) contain letters for iueli(N)=powerful, and with imagination the NN words for winter=sirej/s'iré=snow,=ilitl(N)= b-il/rch=birch(E). the word for summer=táa(NN)=tlatla(N)=flame, =leto(Russile)=t/let/l=tletl(N)=fire/heat, name for oldest pair of godlings, t/l/red/t/l=Red=Xiuhtletl(N)=Lord Turquoise, and Tlatla-tzol-teotl(N)=Flame Hole Thea(N)=regent of the Tonalamatl(N). ...NN DNA/ADN(sp)contains Sirtya input from the female side. ...the fog of myth telescopes time, but one knows the NN and Sile/Beira are deer herders from the earliest times. archaic Beira coming from Iberia, her myth carried by the Goths/Sweden(locale for the NN and Sirtya), who ruled Iberia for first 700yrs of Christian era. ...the Sirtya Tlalloques are a pale race of Neandertal cross, still living underground, dwarfish, related to the(black)dwarfs who made Freya's necklace, Brisingamen, harvest of the saintly flowing being of Freya's/Peyaua(N)=overflowing self. of the Sirtyas, a female, is discovered by the NN asleep with her jewelled purse next to her. she suddenly awakes, startled, and flees into the wood, leaving her purse behind, for which she wails all night long but to no avail as the NN keep it. here we have the reversal of what later becomes the Freya/Peyaua(N)myth.

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

Nenets gloss

1.chaalé/chaalää(NN)=fish/whale,=Chal/chiuitlicue(N)=Goddess Waters. 2.riba(R)=fish,=river=Siberia/Iberia(sp)=iueli(N). 3.chä-ividie(NN)=chaalää/salmon/Chalch iuiui(N)=by force. 4.chu-vieri(NN)=man,=chocholli uelitic(N)=strong deerfoot. 5.chu-vui(NN)= hello=ui(N)/vui(NN), deerfoot/chocholli/chu. 6.Sirtya(NN)=Xilé Tlallo=earthchairs= ssiera/ssier/ssierkaa/sirej(NN)=match/salt/white/snow,=Rarog/Tlaloc=storm gods,= Halogi(Kven)=fire. Google:Inuit/Toniti. 7.táa(NN)=summer,=leto(R)=tletl(N)=fire= tlatla(N)=tláa. 8.tallje(NN)=cave,=Tlalxico=tlalli xictli co(N)=earth's navel. 9.tiamdi(NN)=frog,=tamazolin(N)=sapo/rana. 10.ta(NN)=lake(E)=tlaca(N)=lac/lago,=tata/ tlatla=frequentive.,=tona/otonac(N)=heat. 12.tobiova(NN)=skin,=toptli/wrap own/oua/ua=toptli(o)ua(N). 13.tumboa(NN)=flint,=tona poa/tompoa(N)=heatpower. 14.tupka(NN)=axe,=ka/ca(N)being,=topilli=club,toptia=obey. 15.tia(NN)=teo/teotl(N)=deor(OE)=deer(E). 16.diann(China)=electricity=denki(J)=tian/qui/ztli(N)=market. 17.vaagh(NN)=grave,=uacalli(N)=cave,=uaca(N)=own being. 18.waana(NN)=root,=uan(N)=own4/roots/parents. 19.vuebaa(NN)=leaf,=ebaa=eua(N/verb)=leave=euatl(N)=leather. 20.uineko(NN)=dog,=ueinequi/oueinec(N)=uei/big, want to be/nequi.

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013


nenetl(Nauatl)=vulva/idol=doll. Nenets=nene(Mex)=doll=Hopi(Amerind)Kachina=rulers compass rose. Nenets dolls ride on sacred sledges, are wooden, asked advice, have their place in =yurt/ger(Mongol)=cel(N)=chum(NN)=ch/comatia(N/verb)=cook, broil,=comitl(N)=olla/bowl, clay cookware,=chum salmon/chum=chamber mate= chum(bait)bucket. men use the Khorei(NN)=Coatl(N/5 Tonalamatl)= coa(Amerind)=planting stick,=c/ch/howa/hoe=ch/Kho(r)ei(NN)=reindeer driving stick,=Ko(Arawak/NZ)=planting stick. women cannot step over the Khorei, rope, or chum center line because of phallic tabu(Tongan). nenepilli(N)=child of vulva/tongue=to(n)c/que= to-/our being/-ca=toca(N)=sow and bury,=tocar(sp)=play an instrument,= touch. nenepilli=speech glyph in mesoAmerind Codices. parka(NN)=paca/opac(N)=wash, only Nenets word in other languages,= p/bach(G)=b(r)ach(OE)=b(r)ook(E). Nenets men don't touch floor boards or tent poles which are powers of earth/sky=tree =t(r)eow(OE)=teotl(N)=Deus. chaalé(NN)=fish,=chaalää(NN)=whale=charal(Mex)=tiny fryfish. Nenets related to Estonian/Finnish/Micmac Amerind. Tundra Nenets have eleven dialects. ji(NN)=mind/water=atl(N)=no atl(N)=my mind=mi(n)tl/d=mitl(N)=spear,=ami/oan(N)=aim(E),= nauh(N)=know(E),=ji/jibun(J)=word/letter/land,=jibun(Japanese)=oneself. Sirtya(NN/folklore)=blond/red-headed dwarves/iron miners, jewels, pale blacksmiths, living underground/caves before and during Nenets, using tunnels to disappear. Tlaloc Tlalloques/Halos/Halogis(Kvenland)dress in leather&iron plate, women comely, make magic/jewelled clutches. some ladies married Nenets before Sirtya left tundra=Tuniti/tlalli(N)=Sunland. Nenets blood type will show who the Halo/Sirtya(NN) were, cf., Síle Sirtya, Feb/16/2013, tletl blog. Nenets deer herds go a few dozen to 8k head, pasturing on tlachichinaoxiuitl(N)=t/lachin(N)= leiken(Gk)=liquen(sp)=lichen(Fr/Lat)=lichen(E).

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013


...=sign of God, sign of rain/Quia-huitl(N/19 Tonalamatl)=storm=drizzle. ayatl(N)=fine cloth of cotton or maguey,=tilmatli(N)=-ma(n)tli=mantle(E)= ayate(Arab)=sign of the Lord=the mantle. the first word of the 3 words for rainbow in Nauatl. ...Ayauh-cozcatl(N)=jewel, yellow, necklace,=Rain/drizzle necklace yellow jewel=Ayauhcoza-malotl=mallotl(N)=captivity,=malli(N)=prisoner,= Ayauhcozamalotl(N)=rainbow. ...follow the m/alo to m/Tlaloc/Tlaloque(N)=tl/t/th/halo(E)=halon(sp)= alone(Italia)=Tarquin=T/lal/r qui=Tlaloc qui(N)=who/qui (is) Tlaloc/ Tlaloque(N)=rain deity and dwarfs, e.g., tarocco(Ital)=T/Tlal/roc= Tlaloc(N)=Tl/Tar/oc=Tarot(Cards), e.g., the Tonalamatl Calendar is a deck of cards, 52 yrs, 4 suits matching Tarot and ordinary deck cards, 13 in a suit, the Queen of Spades=Ehecatl/Hecate, etc. this, too comes with the Etruscan Tarquins, who smelt iron on Italian beaches. ...Etruscan=Tuscan=Tu/To(s)ca(N)=Toca(N)=sow and bury,=To-/our being/-ca, and, the E/truscan=Ocelome(N)=celOim(E/truscan)=Elohim(Hebrew), a tribe Hebrew, related to the Arabs when all were under Deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tona)Age Tlaloc and his Tlalloque, cf., Darog(Tribe/Abo.Language Australia)=yam= yammer/hammer=yamania(Nauatl). ...another look at Tarqui(n)=tlallo(N)=servant/slave=Tlalloque(N/plural)= he who is subject to the earth/tlalli(N)=land(E)=tlalloa(N)=fill with earth, have land. Dwarfs, hammers, jewels, iron and inner earth=miners. ...ayauhquauitl(N)=pine, white cedar/kaede(J)=maple/keadar(Basque)=column of smoke/al qaeda(Arab)=campfire/HQ/quedar(sp/verb)=stay/quauitl(N)=tree.

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Cacalotl Aquilia

...the plural of Calli(N/3 Tonalamatl)=cacalotl(N)=crow, or, raven=rawend (Arab)=r/tlatla uentli(N)=Flame offering. the trecena/13 days of Calli, the 15th in the Tonalamatl, ends on the 15 day of the cempoalli(N)=sample= 20 digits Humanoid, which is Cuauhtli(N/15)/Aquilia(N)=double the penalty, this word becomes, Aquila(sp)=eagle. what penalty would that be? well, Calli/15th trecena is the woman's side=ciuatlampa(N)=Western quadrant of the Tona. Calli(N/5)=house/cave/being. the being=child=chieltia(N)=shield, the birth of. the talons a talisman for luck in birth, as Neandra Nephillim Anakim=nip child/pilli(N)=no nacre/flesh/nacatl(N)=snaka(OE)=snake, had none, and needed Calendric back up. the double penalty of Aquilia(N)= Aquila(sp)=Achilles=talon(sp)would be death of child and mother=motla(N)= montaña(sp). all this happening at Combe Grenal, 90kya., the reindeer phalanges, which sound, can be used as whistles, or musical instruments. it doesn't matter if they were made by humanoids if they are there, 23 of them holed by whatever process, such as sea shells, e.g., turbinella conch, where Neander and AMHuman learned to toot. from what we know of Polyphemus/many voiced, the process of imitating calls for the hunt or amusement was well underway during the oceans of time Neandertal preceded us. added to talons, whistles, raven crows, is the Tonalamatl, which binds both Cuauhtli(N/15) and Cacalotl/Calli(N/5) and Mazatl(N/7)together in a whistle. ...further overt symbol by the Tonalamatl(N)Calendar is that its weave of 4 parts allows us to crown Cuauhtli(N/15)/Eagle/Aguilia(N)/Aquila(sp) as regent of the 19th trecena, penultimate before the 20th trecena= Tochtli(N/8)=toca(N)=to sow and bury/breed,=to-/our being/-ca(N) =tocar(sp)=play instrument/whistle,=touch(E),=conecuhtli(N)=comes to c/ch/honey=coney/cony(E)=conetl(N)=rabbit=t/lapín(Fr), term(conetl)used by Nauatl speakers for their children/conejos, furry little things, and, Neandras even more so as brownish, reddish body hair was their pant suit. day 20=Xochitl/Flower/Lord. and who are the Lords? Jove, youth/Joven(sp). Xochitl(N/4)=4th day of sample/cempoalli(N)/20,=rose. ...the 19th day of the sample/cempoalli/20 digits=Quiahuitl(N/19 Tonalamatl)=rain storm=Aunt/harvest/aristo(Gk). Orchard culture harvest time, in the Greek 7 Seasons, e.g., 7=Mazatl/deer/Tlaloc, rain deity, called opora(Gk)=opportunity(E)=opouh/poa(N)=power count,=peua/opueh(N)= open/pe/be-gin(E)=birth time for Neandra, as fruit trees loosed their drops picked by wind and rain, she dropped her anxiously awaited child surrounded by Avian/ungulate Tonalamatl inspired talsimans. underestimates Neandertals because we think we are important. we're not. this attitude causes all the confusion in the world, and our permanent disconnect from knowledge whose nature is cumulative and inclusive, quite the opposite from divisive war mentality.

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Neander speaks

...i(N/verb)=dr-i-nk(E). easy to say in several different ways, so idioms are born on the first word. ...ue(N)=way(E)=big. ...uel(N)=well(E). let's combine them and we're off!..... ...i-uel-i(N)=double drink(E) big way(E), well(E). what is it?=poder-oso. ...r)iveri(ne=ivory(Mammoth)=iueli pantli(N)=elephant(E). ...Iberia(Peninsula where Neander began language)=Beira=Caillech(Gael)= Chair Leg(E)=Carlin(lowland Scot)=older sister of the Sun=Deity of Winter= Neandra Promethea, herder of Deer, the Wind weaver herself, who threshes her plaid until it is snow white, daughter of Perses, Titan/titlani(N)= Messenger Promethean, mother of dogs as Cuaxolotl Chantico(N)=Dog's Head by the Hearth=h/th/t/letl=tletl(N)=t/l/red/t/l=t/let/l=t/ler/tl=lernia (OFrisian)=leornian(OE)=learning(E)=Xiuhtletl(N)=old herb/fire deity, whose wife is Tlatla(N)=Flame Fire Drill,=Tlatlamani(N)=Fisher with net, ma/oma(N)=hunt land/sea with net, =pa/opa(N)=paint. ...Hibernia(Isle)=hibernate(ber/bear)=hiver(Fr)=winter=uitequi(N)= thresh(E)=ui(n)te/r/qui=winter,=inv(i)erno/Inverness(Scotland/ver/bear), but there is no B extant in Nauatl, so, iueli/Llewelyn(Walsh). ....Lawis(Isle)=Tlauiz(N)=tl/t/daw(n). ...Tlauitl(N)=ochre/ocre=ocelix/celia(N)=Ocelotl/Ocelome(N/14 Tona), totem=to temo(N)=our descent animal, pets of Tlatla, with whom she goes hunting at Zatal Huyük, 7k BCE, shifting the paradigm for Nauatl origin to Turkey, instead of Iberia/iueli. yet Neander Bear Ritual develops Language Nauatl, serves as its chalice/calíz(sp). ...tlauilli(N)=light, clarity, torch=to(r)c/ch=toca(N)=to-/our being/-ca= tocar(sp)=play musical instruments, flutes, drums,=touch(E). ...there are no linguists clearing the way. whatever is said about Neander Speak from a date point of view is a canard=canauhtli(N)=goose= canaua(N)=pressed duck, because it is Neander's language, Nauatl, that answers the question. bones, shovels, and comparative windpipes cannot answer the query, and one sees it is true, as the reply has been persistently negative, grudging, and political. far as i know i'm the only one working the answer by breaking words on the Nauatl rock pile. everyone else is grinding their axes on the mute stone wall of motley technology, twisting its date lines before them. what are ten thousand years when language related data is transmitted in months? of the great clues to where Nauatl began is tl/l, letters where R has no place and L is never first letter. the Basques have the inverse twin of that, as they have R but it is never lead-off letter for their words. ...nehuatl, nehua, ne(Nauatl)=I, myself, me=nerau, neu, ni(Basque).... ...this ident can be dated to 3309 BCE approx., date of Quetzalcoatl Expedition to Amerind for copper, the oldest Mayan date, the Naui Olin. one of his many gifts to Amerinda was the full version of Nauatl, isbn 968-23-0573-x, by Rémi Siméon, which continues not to have an Rr. ...then there is the question of 4=lau(Basque)=l/nau/i=naui(N)=4=Nauatl. where the Basque 4/lau roots in, oalauh/alaua(N/verb)=annoint(E)=Allah/ laude(Fr), and only later becomes, naui(N)=4=Naos(Gk/highest temple), which forms a Basque ritual 4 before the Naui/4 coins from the verb, alaua/oalauh in Nauatl. yes, the Basques were close to Neandertal, no ficky-facking with bone dates can erase that proximity. so i say let's look at all the data available, not just the doubled edged knife of Tech, the way the Geographic looked at Otzi, sacrificed Tyrolean of Stalin's Caucasian haplo group. humpf, a murder? indeed no! it's this type of lop-sided Scientology gives Anthropology a bad name and retarded aspect. ...the voucher for Neandertals pacific and enduring gifts to us is that in our hands they haven't sprouted, e.g., it's just war, war, everywhere. the prelates of our species do not want a middle man between our species and Deism as they have cut out that turf for themselves, and a poor job they are doing of it too.


...dart(E)=atlatl(N)=throwing stick, an elbow of wood really,=arrow(E)= ar/tl ar/tl=atlatl(N)=arar(sp/verb)=plow(E)=p(l)ower=poa(N)=proa(sp)= prow/ess(E),=ar/ar=arrow(E)=arro wa/ua(N)=owns atlatl(N)=atl/t/dar/t/l= dart(E)=at/dar/tl=dare(E).

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013


=tececemelti(Nawa)=funny<7plsygul/who likes people,= cecemetlia(N/freq.)=cemeltia(N)=play/give pleasure,= cemelli(N)=pleasure,=cemelle(N)before negative,=cea(N) =not one,=say(E)=des/cea/r(sp)=desire=decir(sp),= Ce(r)nechi(Malta/Fra Abela, 1647)=Kelb-tal-Fenek/ Phoenician,=Pharoah hound Malta,=Cirneco dell'Etna (Sicily)=Tsm/Tesem(Egypt)=first Pharoah dog, comestible, replaced by sight hound Saluki=Alco(N)=Techichi(N)=rock dog,=Tesem=Anubis=Xolotl is Evening star, Quetzalcoatl's, twin, both sons of wind weaver Venus Hecate. Xolo=Tobacco Deity of Mexico=Macuilli Xochitl, and the Fool=Xolo=follow in Tarot=Taroc/Tarocco(Ital)=Tlaloc, rain Deity Nomad Deer Age, 45k BCE-10k BCE, is paired with St. Michael= Miquiztli(N/6/Tonal)=Death Lord at heaven's gate, lord of Xolotl, fool, who becomes the Devil. Abuwtiyuw/Abutiu(Egypt)=royal guard dog of the 6th dynasty, 2345-2181BC,died before 2182, buried sumptuously at Giza, =Abuw=tl/apowa=Tlapoalli(N)=tiyuw=tiuhtli(N)=tlapoallitiuhtli= to discover/to go count. he was embalmed and buried as a Noble. why was Abutiu buried this way? his name contains the clue to his reward,=tlapoa(N)=to discover someone,=nitla-tlapoa= to open, discover, knock something down. it's likely Abuwtiyuw saved Pharoah from premature death. the 6th dynasty is the end of the Old Kingdom, Teti slain by own bodyguard. nobility gains power, castes revolve.

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013


=cintli=dry corn ear,=citontli=small rabbit,=Citli(Myth)=warrior who died battling the sun,=citli/cicitin=rabbit,=citli/citin=gramma,=citlallo=full of stars,=citlapol=lucero de la mañana=Quetzalcoatl,=Citlalcue=starskirt=Milky way=Omeciuatl=twice woman, childbirth deity, created by Tonakai(J)=reindeer,=Tonakkay(Ainu)=caribou,= Tonacatecuhtli(N)=Lord Our Flesh=elk/alce=tlalchi/tlallic=on earth/paw the earth.