martes, 30 de abril de 2013


...austeros(Gk)=making the tongue dry and rough,(hence)harsh, severe,= auein/(h)auos(Gk)=dry,=(m)aui(N)=fear, be afraid, overcome with fright, Maui(Island)=awe(E)=lit., hands/ma ui/up,=mauiztic(N)=marvelous(E)= majestic(E).

viernes, 26 de abril de 2013


...people of the Canary Islands=the Mazyectli(N) of North Africa Tamazgha (Berber/Mazyec), the area called the Maghreb/Maghrib(Arab)=Macui Tepoztli (N)=the 5/macui(N) ribs=Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia=Tonatiuh(N)=solar deity of the Tonalamatl, deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tona)calendar of the Tlaloc Nomad Age/ Atlas Medio/Libya, which includes the Mazyectlalli(N)=Yectlalli(N)= Yiz-t/l/ralli=Israel, the good land, in its nomenclature. Maghrib(Arab)= west/occident. canary(bird)=canaua(N)=being/ca(who)owns4/naua. ...Guanchinet=Uan(N)=related/4 owners, by parentage, chi(N)=on top, net=neteotiliztli(N)=monotheistic cult(solar deer tribe),= teotia(N)=make/take for God, e.g., neteotilo(N)=be considered god, be worshipped. ...Mencey(Tenerife)=king,=memeya/omemeyac(N)=flow from all sides, freq. of meya/omex(N)=flow, a water image related to Tlaloc, deity of deer and the Nomad Age, e.g., noma/nomatka/nomatzinco(N)=still, the same, forever, spontaneous, always, lit., my net/matlatl(N)=ma/oma(N)=hunt land/ sea with net,=matlalli(N)=blue;netland. ...magado=mace(E)=maqua-uitl(N)=hand tree. ...tarja=shield,=tlaca(N/pfx)=body/target(E). ...tabona=knife,=tlapa(N/pfx)=painter/taper. ...magido=sword,=ma-quauitl(N)=hand tree,=macana(sp)=makila(Basque). ...Teide(Volcano)=teittac/teittani(N)=atlan teittac/teittani(N)=prophecy by means of water, another Tlaloc occupation, e.g., Olmeca Quiauiztecatl= Quia-uiz(tec)at/l/r=wizard(E), or, atlan teittaliztli(N)=divination by water, e.g., wand(E)=wa(n)d/t/l=watl=water(E)=atl(N). ...Magec(Tenerife)=Sun God,=note similarity with Mazyec(N)=MACWC(Egypt)= 1175 BCE, Ramesis 3, name for Magrib people of North African 5 Ribs. ...Achaman(Tenerife)=deity,=atl chamaua(N)=Water Shaman(E), another Tlaloc link to the deer/Age, 45k BCE-10k BCE. ...Tibicenas/Guacanchas(Tenerife)=monstrous, black, wooly dogs with red eyes who live in mountain caves,=Tepe-canaua(N)=Mountain canines, compare this to, Tepeitzcuintli(N)=ferocious cuadruped similar to the dog, and, Tepechamaua(N)=mountain shaman/strong boy,=T/Leprechaun(Irish). there is a link between these hell hounds and Xolotl(N)/Anubiscuit(Egypt), which implies the Tonalamatl(N)=book of souls/tonalli(N), sun worship/Tonatiuh= Anthony, Venus worship, whose first exponent was the deer, i.e., venison, venado, venal, uentli/ce uentli(N)=ce/se-ven/uen/tli=Mazatl(N/7 Tona), and whose 2d exponent was Ehecatl(N/2 Tona)=Hecate, wind weaver, mother of Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, daughter of Perses, Titan, who gave his name to Persia.

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013


...ahoya(sp)=dig holes,=h/ch/coyaua(N)=amplify, get bigger(e.g., hole), e.g.,=coyotl(N)=canine hole digger,=coyote(Mex)=border guide, also known as, pollero(Mex),=hoy(sp)=at the present time, today, h/now/y=now(E)=at present time, nowadays,=noyon(Fr)=boundary, scratch, mark(at Bowls, etc.), =coyonca(N)=opening/window,=coyuntura(sp)=co(n)junction(E). the form is almost there, e.g., w/y, and the meaning is right on the button. the n replacement of first letter root by Nauatl label seen before in h/uic(N/adv)=wick(E)=Nike(Gk). ...marking days by scratch or hole is as old as, wall(E)and war(E)=ual(N/adv)=tow/v/u a l/rds(E)=ualla-liztli(N)=arri-val(E)=voilá(Fr). ...Noyon(Mongol)=king in chess, title of district chief=khan(Arab)/Lord(E), and his Queen, the Berz(Mongol)=mastiff,=iueli(N/adj)=powerful, the word that became, Bear/Bern/Berlin/Iberia/Hibernia/hibernate/Inverness/hiver(Fr) in Europe, e.g., Beira Caillech, older sister of the Sun/White Goddess of North and Winter in County Cork, but her worship from I, Beira=Iberia= iu/v/ber/li=Llewelyn(Walsh name).

martes, 16 de abril de 2013


...cinoti(Sanskrit)=assemble,=cinu(OSlavonic)=arrangement/series,= c/s/z/tzintli otli(N)=saintly vein/road, e.g., uta(Japanese)=verse, =ruta/route/o(r)der(E)=wo(r)d(E)=Odin/Wodin. ...Onions says cinoti(Skrt)is related to metrical composition, and it is, but, poem(E)=poa/opouh(N)=count,=power/flower(E)=fue(Japanese)=flute(E)= flauta(Port/sp)=pauilia/opauilli(N)=Paul/Paula/Pavel(R)=limn/lip/limb/limp (E)=-Liam(Name/paui-Lia). the p of pauilia comes around to the particle, Liam/-lia(N/pauilia) to become the last letter of li(p)/lim(p), note the (m)label for Nauatl(m/n), then inverts (p/b)for lim(b). this word is as old as Hohlen Fels bird bone flutes, 40k bce. being that old, it can do what it wants. the (l) of paui(l)ia moves forward to become p/f(l)au, and the spanish makes pauta/pautada(sp)=ruled lines of music paper, l/t shift, then forms, flauta(Port/sp), not wanting to waste anything, and finish the word with a distinctive coda, makes l/t do double duty.

domingo, 14 de abril de 2013


...=clavicle(E)=tomicuzqui(N)=our/the clavicle,=cozcatl(N)=necklace, jewel, yellow,=kosa(Japanese)=c(r)ossing(E)=cosa(sp)=thing,=kosatsu(J)= strangulation, hanging,=kosei(J)=a fixed star,=koshi(J)=a lattice. ...tomentose(E))=closely covered with down/peluza(sp),=tomentum(Latin)= stuffing for cushions/mattress/pillow=piloa(N),=Tomoi(Gk)=city near Moesia on the Euxine where Medea is said to have cut her brother, Absyrtus, to pieces, exile of Ovid,=tomos(Latin)=cutting/shred,=tomos(Gk)=tomi/tumi(N)= open itself, undo, untie,=tomiyo((N)=vellum, covered with hair,=tomiotl(N)= pelo, lana, vello, e.g., acopa pettiuh tomitl(N)=hair that floats in air, =tomoni(N)=have blisters on hands/feet, tomos(Gk)=cutting, sharp,= tomios(Gk) =parts of sacrifice used for oaths. ...toma(Japanese)=rush matting,=tomari(J)=stop/end,=tomaru(J)=stop/halt,= tomeru(J)=stop/cut(switch off),=toma(sp)=waterline/faucet=tomi(J)=a distant view,=tomin(J)=hibernate,=tomo(J)=the stern(E)=steer(E)=steor(OE)=teotl(N) =the-other/el-otro(sp)=Teo/Theo/Deo,=tomo(J)=an attendant/suite/retinue,= t/domo, as in major-(E),=tomo(J)=friend, companion, i.e., the other.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013


...pucha(Mex slang)=girl to whom virginity is no longer an issue, yet, ichpochyotl/ichpochotl(N)=virginity, e.g., uel ichpuchotl(N)=complete virginity. note similarity to chocholli(N)=deer hoove/split hoof, in harmony with the creation legend of that part, nenetl(N)=vulva, idol, doll, of woman, e.g., lying in a dell, the creator god having shaped her limbs out of corn pone, there only lacked her operative feature, the door/toloa by which we all enter the world, when suddenly there is a rush of sound and a deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl)bounds through the glen and leaves a hoof print on the maza/matso right where Venus/Venison plays. later to be pucked/plucked(E)/ichpuchotl(N) by, one hopes, the groom=g(r)/com(N)= pronoun linked to particle, on(N)=honor(E), indicating distance, a goal to be reached, instead of, chocholoa(N)=ni-chocholoa(N)=andar dando saltos, flee many times or do things out of order, act like a fool,=chochololtia(N) =make hop, rebound something, throw the ball. ...popochina/opopochin(N/freq. of pochina)=nitla-popochina(N)=card, comb, mucho, wool/cotton,=pluck(E)=pochina(N)=comb/card wool/cotton. ...pochotl/puchotl(N)=Bombax Ceiba, found in SE Asia, the cotton tree, e.g., cotona/cotoni(N)=pinch, wound someone, i.e., pluck(E)/harvest fruits, i.e., pluck(E).=cotton(E). ...Pochtlan(Monastery)=where reside the ministers of Yacatcuhtli(N)=Lord of merchants,=yacatl(N)=nose,=Yakuts(Russile),=pochtli(N)=left, left hand= nopoch(N)=pochotilia(N)=inflate oneself,=pocho(Mex slang/caló)=mexicans who work across the border, e.g., cotton pickers. also the War God, Uitzilopochtli(N)=left-hand Hummingbird/Uitzitzilin(N)=hum(Tzotzil Mayan)= roar/swoosh)=(h)u(itzitzili/m/n=label Nauatl). ...Pochtecatl/Pochteca(N/plural)=merchant/trafficker/spies for the Aztec, i.e., pluckers(E). ...pochquiauatl(N)=window,=quiauatl(N)=door/entrance to house. the Pochotl used for construction, chief wood., "desplumando la guajalota"=plucking the cocona(Mex)=female turkey, courting phrase. cocona=coconauia(N)=attract someone through promises, gifts.

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013


...nech(N)=to me,=knecht(Chaucer)=knight,=niche(Fr)=niche(E)=nook/corner/ alcove/recess/kennel. mixed with nest=nextilia(N)=appear,=neci/onez(N)= appear,=onez(N)=nez(Fr)=nose(E)=nextli(N)=aesch(OE)=ash(E)=ceniza(sp)= Phoenix/Sphinx(Myth)=nix/nx=nextli(N). one's ashes/nextli displayed in a niche(E)=nichaku(J)=come in 2d,=nichibotsu(J)=sundown/sunset,=nichigen(J)= a date/fixed day/niche(E)=neci(N)=nichijo(J)=every day/daily,=nichiyo(J)= Sunday, daily,=nicho(J)=D major(minor),=niju(J)=doubleness, 20,=nikka(J)= daily routine,=niko(J)=binomial,=nishi(J)=the west,=niso(J)=nun/sister,= nissan(J)=daily output, visit a temple daily,=nisshoku(J)=eclipse of sun (niche/nest)=neci tzocatl(N)=nissu(J)=the number of days/time. ...m/n: me(J)=eye/blossom,=m/nini(Basque)=pupil of the eye, ninika(Basque)= bud/sprout,=ninikatu(Basque)=to bud/sprout/germinate, ninitu(Basque)=to be a baby/childlike,=nenetl(N)=vulva, idol, doll,=Nenets(Russile Deer Tribe). note the meya/omex(N)=eya=eye(E)=flow between, metl/nenetl(N) roots, e.g, nik(Basque)=me(E)=nech(N)=to me,=niche(E). ...nisan(Turkish)=April, spring niche(E),=nizon(T)=sign/mark; betrothal (nest/niche),=nizam(T)=order,=nishinho(J)=the binary scale, e.g., oynamak (T)=olgau(Basque)=Ollama tlachtli(N)=to play.

martes, 2 de abril de 2013


...peatha(B)=pelt(E)=petla(N). Newfoundland isolate deer tribe, the Toniit/ Tonatiuh(E). ...woin(B/reversal)=in wo/own/ua(N)=wa(Japanese)=hoop/link, wa(Chi-na)= language, uvin(Beothuk/reversal)=in uva/oua(Breton)=ua(N)=own(E). ...baetha(B)=go home,=bed(E)=bett(OHG)=b/petlatl(N)=sleeping mat,=petla(N)= throw,=piedra/petra(Latin). ...euano/enano(B)=eua(N)=leave. enano(sp)=dwarf. note (n)=Nauatl labels, n=4. ...amina(Beothuk)=deer spear,=mitl(N)=ami/oan(N)=hunt, amihua(N/impersonal) =amilia/oamili(N)=hunt for someone else,=amini(N)=hunter,=amiliztli(N)= hunting. ...kosweet(Beothuk)=deer=deor(OE)=teotl(N)=deo/dea/theo/thea/teo/tea(sp)= pine torch,=Cozcatl uetzi(N)=yellow jewel necklace falls,=cozuetzi(N). uetzi(N)=quickly, rapidly, errar(sp), zig-zags. ...magorun(Beothuk)=antler(E)=tlantli(N)=diente(sp)=tooth(E)= tl/t/th/hand/tli=hand(E)=macocui/acocui Tonatiuh(N)=macoTona(N)=(hand)raised, arched, lifted to take flight, and/or offered to God/Tonatiuh(N)=the Sun. ...kuis/gewis(Beothuk)=sun/moon,=quixtia(N/verb)=retire, complete one's duty, fufill one's obligations,=quiza(N)=squeeze(E)=quizá/quizás(sp)= perhaps/maybe,=quizqui(N)=separate, taken out, extracted,=quizqui(N)= advance, hurry; prevent, gain on someone, arrive on time. ...epit/epita-ish(Micmac)=woman/girl,=pitli(N)=older sister,=p(r)i(es)t. ...guasep(Beothuk)=death/dead=tetl/tletl(N)=stone/fire,=g/ua cepan(N)= own together one place=keep=cepan(OE/Nauatl). ...-goos(PatlaToca=Beothuk)=suffix for month,=-gatsu(Japanese)=suffix for month,=ilacatzoa(N/verb)=twist around a tree or to not see someone; diaper a baby; pleat a dress, roll paper or thread,=ila(r)g/ca= ilarga(Basque)=moon, c/gatsu/tzo/a=gatsu(J/suffix). ...ozeru(-bathook=PatlaToca/Beothuk)=ice(E)=cetl(N)=cel/celtin(N)=one/ only,=Ocelo/tl(N/14)=cielo(sp)/celeste(E)=ozero(Russille)=lake, which is where most ice found in winter, and Ocelome(N/plural)=in summer. ...basdic(Patlatoca)=smoke,=b/poc/s d/tli=poctli(N)=smoke. note a/o shift to root. ...iox'eal(Bathook/PatlaToca/Beothuk)=cat=(i)osh/x/s/ce(a)l= Ocelotl(N/14 Tonalamatl). ...drona(P/B)=hair,=dr/tr/tzontli(N). ...edree(P/B)=otter(E)=otli(N)=Oder(River). ...gadge/mish(P/B)=rat,=qui/michin(N).,=camatl tlaca(N)=camtlaca(N)=mouth/take. ...mondicuet((P/B)=lamp,=motlali cueitl(N)=composed, put, seated, colocado(sp), tranquil, in repose, skirt/cueitl(N), e.g, teitic motlali(N)=conceived in the bosom of woman, e.g., tetic(N)=duro/firme,=t/ethic(E). ...hanyees(P/B)=finger=fingir(sp)=f/piqui(N)=who picks,=tlantli yectli(N)= yes antler/tooth, yes(E). note we have adopted the English hand/tooth/ antler rebus. ...oodrat(P/B)=fire=piloa/xilé(N),=odos(gk)=odol(Basque)=(b)lood(E)=otli (N)=out/route/road,=-rat(P/B)=-tlatl(N/particle)=tail/trail(E), i.e., the fire lit at the end of day's journey/trail. ...shawa-har-ott(P/B)=man,=shawa/xaua(N)=face owner, paint up, dress old style(Tlaloc Rain Nomad Epoch), har/ h/th/t/tlalli, or Tlaloc ott/otli(N)= road, followers of the Nimbus Tlaloc, the Age that gave us Religion and the terms we have today. e.g., ...theelione(P/B)=heaven=h/th/te(a)ven/uentli=te uentli(N)=t(h)e offering (E),=Helio/s(Gk)=Solar,=teeleuiani(N)=that which one desires, is anxious for,=eleuia(N)=desire the honor,=elev/u(i)a/te=elevate(E). and the nomad age was such an age, Tlaloc elevated to heaven and brought down the rain, fleeing=tlaloa(N) deer=deor(OE)=teotl(N)/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl), his animal in the Calendar, and we followed, noma/nomatca/nomatzinco(N)=still, the same, forever, always,= Nomad=my/no(N) net/matlatl(N)=m/atlatl(N)=my throwing stick/arrow(E)., post (K)ococ, 1 April 2013, on blog Tlatlatzolteotl for comments on Beothuk.