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Otzi redux

ceremonial 14 arrows, 2 finished, and one too large to quiver, viburnum shaft laminated w/dogwood, tabacco tree. Otzi's haplo group K=Mediterranean=Cerdeña/Sicily/Iberia. Basque Nahoa, 3309BCE, crossing pond/panoa(N)=Español to Chauhnenecocoya(N)=possessed by Devil's,/Chaunis temoyan(Haklyut)/temoayan(N)=cliff,=atl itemoayan(N)=waterfall where pale copper found(Georgia). in quiver of 14 arrows=Ocelotl(N/14), antler tip retouchers/flaking, bent antler/skinning, woven cord, laid carefully on a stone slab. 2 ready arrows had feather fletches, birch bark cannisters, ember ash inside wrapped in green maple leaves, the snake=coatl(N)=coal for Otzi's next fire. Otzi jobs 18 different kinds of wood,= Tecpatl(N/18)=flint/arrow, dolomite marble disk with hole in middle, to extrude string fiber, talisman for Ollin(N)=olen(R)=deer, has 9 hide thongs on leather loop through disk center. only one arrow fired at Otzi, laid his cape aside and faced uphill, sacrificed to the mountain, Tepeyollotl(N)=heart of the mountain=Ocelotl(N/14). traces of copper smelting on his hair/lungs black, sailor's naui cross on back of leg, his stomach offerings=ce uentli(N)=ce/seven=Mazatl(N/7 Tona)=cerf(F)=serve(E), chivo(sp)=goat,= ciervo(sp)=one and the same as one ofrenda/offering.

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...(b)e(an)=e-tl(N), remember, nouns form last. so the letter, e(N)=bean, and is the root of (b)e(an). i(N/letter verb)=i-u-i-n-tic(N)=drunk/borracho,=dr(in)k(E). a(N)=atl(N), except for it's use as privative, e.g., cea(N)=not one/ce. o(N)=ollin(N)=holy/m(o)ve. the last 2, a/(o)=atl/ollin are days 9 and 17 in the Tonalamatl sample/ cempoalli(N)=20, which makes up the calendar, using our fingers=piqui(N)= fingir(sp)=imagine/create, and toes, as counting rebus. ah, toe(E)=ta(OE/ONorse)=t/lan(N/locative of tlalli/earth)=tlan. where else would toes be except on earth with tlalli(N)=land between them? o/u(N)=interchangeable letter. so, except for y/i, or including i/y, all the vowels in Nauatl are also words. English foows the tradition by extending it to consonants, e.g., a/hay, be, see, dee, if, gee, i, ha/he/ jay, cay, ell, am, an, oh, pee, cue, are, is, tea/tee, you, vee, double you, ex, why, zee(Dutch). 13(N)=26(E), and the same vowels.

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1.rad(Ammy slang))=radical/radiate=raíz(Sp),=(root/route=otli(N)=road),=tlaza(N)=throw down,=lazo(Sp)/lace. 2.rad/glad(Russ/E)=joy(E)=yoyolcatl(N)=little bell,=yoyo/toy,= radyga(Russ)=rainbow,=rad/tlatla/flame bridge/spider/tocatl(N)/duga/druga(Russ)=pal/toc,= toca(N)=touch=droghad(Isle of Man Gaelic)=Douglas(Clan of Man Isle).

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1.lethargy(E)=Lethe, river/iueli of Lilith(H), Thea of dark/tzaqua/stop,=tlilli(N)=black,= nil/Nile=lilaq(Arab)=lilac(E). 2.lethal=t/let/ha/l=tetla/rocky=letha/lethal=tetl tla(N). 3.hearth/heart=heat/het/head/tetl/tletl=fire/red/read/leer(Sp)/let/letra/leer(E). 4.Hell/Hel(G)=a)stone-cold=tetl, =b)tletl/fiery red. 5.lithos(Gk)=l/ti/tether(E)=tetl(N)=stein. 6.Lithuanian=tlil/li-tlauani(N)=black/dark blue drinkers. 7.tletl=lentil=cooked. 8.lithe(E)=lytha(ONorse)=titla/btwn,=titlani(N)=litany,=title/tint/tithe/tide/side.

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1.iueli(N)=powerful,=river/Hibernia/hibernate. ue/way(big)=ueue/old,=ueca/far. 2.i(N)=dr-i(n)-k=iuintic=drunkard,=Llewelyn bear=u/be(a)r/l=uel/well. 3.Iberia/Siberia/Berlin/Inverness/invierno/hiver=winter/uitequi/thresh. 4.Bieber/beaver=bv/ueuel/ver=iueli pantli(N)=powerful flag/pamitl/famly= elephant. 5.burn/bern(Sc.)=bv/uuln/urn,bv/ueln/ern=Llewelyn/iueli.

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flute bellows

...speak memory(not you, Nabokov)of language, and tell us about Japonica cave time, of the fue(J)=flute(E)=flauta(Portugal)=f/blau/blow(E), but first i would see your Tlatla entry pass, ah, tatari(J)=a curse, an evil spell, hmmm, seems to be the Promethean fire curse, ah, tataru(J)=curse, torment. yes, seems so. oh, here's the real item, tatara(J)=furnace,=tlatla-r/l/tla, that's 3 Tlatlatla's, mmm, what about, tatami/tatamu(J)=fold up(clothing), ah no, =tatama-chiua(N)=measure, and measure again, well, a doubling up, the frequentive of, tamachiua(N)=measure or weigh,=tamati/otama(N)=consider oneself the sustainer of the state and effectively be so,=tame(E)= tamalli(N)=mexican corn pone flapjack, which reminds me of a mild insult: your mother sells tamales, the equivalent of...combat boots, one supposes, altho one must be very careful what one says of mothers in Mexico, as a desmadre/unmothering experience will follow. back to tatamu(J)=tatama-chiua(N/freq.)=ta(r)tan(Schottisch=Scottish= Sh/Xochitl(N)=flowers of Scotland, for all you scots out there. of course, the tartan patterns came late, but the blanket cloth, whatever the pattern, had to be doubled about. ok, back on compass. the Japonica have passed the Tlatla-tzol-teotl cave test. tzol/tzotl(N)=soil/sod/sot/(m)ud/hole=zoa(N)=bleedin' red fire hole,=t/z/so/u(l/r)ce(letra)=one/-ce tzo/hole soul. pretty explicit about cave source, and also, sorcerers, ah, the basques have the same jumble of letters for source/sorcerer=sorgin(B)=s/z/tzol-g/c/s/z/tzin-tli (letra)=tzoltzin-tli(N)=saintly/-tzintli tzol-/source/hole. let's go play the flute(E)=fue(J)=pipe/bagpipe=Eca-itoa(N)=Hecate talks=Ehecatl/Ecatl(N/2)=wind/breath deity,=piper,=fuen(J)=amplification, fuigo(J)=bellows/blow(E)=b(l)/pow-er(E)=poa(N)=to count/power=fuego(sp)=fire,=fuelle(sp)=bellows. follow that word string carefully, as we have Japonica and Iberian Basque intertwined with Panoa(N)=people of the crossing (of oceans),=Spanner/Spanish. then, from, fuelle(sp), we get, fuel(E). the Japanese had iron for most of their history, out of the Altai, so it's not to wonder tatara/Tlatla appears. the Basques ident with the Nahoa/Nauatlaca sea people, their proto-Christ=Quetzalcoatl, whose expedition, 3309 bce, was to Amerinda for copper, thus metals were the global magnet at the time, and probably what brought the Basque Nahoa into contact with Japonica either in the Altai= altzairu(Basque)=steel,=altin(Turkish)=gold=zlotij(Polish)=zoloto (Russian)=z/s/colotli(N)=armadura(framework), horn, idol, or, on the coast of s. china/southeast asia, where all successfull deer people have turned their yu(r)ts=yuhti(N)=just/justice/from the beginning, into sea houses=acalli(N)=waterhouse/ship,= calli(N)=house, and taken to the ocean. ah, para remate(sp)/to finish off, tama(J)=is what the steel blossom is called in the tatara(J), tama(J)=ball,=tamalli(N)/tamale(Mex), and steel=tama-hagane(J), hagane(J)=steel blue,=hagan(J)=break into a smile,=h/th/t/tlac/g-an(letra)=tlaca-ana(N)=increasing/gr-an-d/-an tlaca-/body, e.g., am-ple(E)=ana-piloa(N)=grand/increasing spill.

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Kven Uenic

1.alku/alkupera(Fennec)=aco(N)=ago/age=Alkonquin=who long ago threw/opetlac. 2.kolo=cave,=coloa(N)=color/coil/curl/cool. 3.luola=cave,=toloa(N)=bow head/door. 4.tuli=fire,=tollin/tullin(N)=rush/camel grass,=Anatolima/Anatolia. 5.lau/plaukaista=plowcaster(fire)=oalauh/opouh ecatl(N)=slipped/plowed wind. 6.erottaa=expel,=ellotl toca=ellottoca(N)=following diligence. 7.kivi=stone=quiuimoloa/oquiuimolo(N)=put roof to house/cabin,=moloa/pour. 8.leimahtaa(F)=flame,=tletl maitl=handfire,=tlemaitl(N)=censer/badil(Sp).

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Osool(Arab)=origin,=os/z(t)oo(t)/l(letra)=oz/totl(N)=cave,=Usulutan(San Salvador)= Ocelotlan(N)=ocelotl(N/14/Tona)=felid cave totem=to/our descent/temo(Algic/N). cave origin for Arabs, united to cousins, the yuh'di/Hebrew/yuhti(N)=from the beginning,=just/justice(E)=yu(r)t(mongolian)=Yeti(Nepal)=Neander/Prometheus. Searching terms for cave-living, one finds Elohim(H/pl.)=celOim(Tarquin/4th element Etruscan creation prayer: ati/atl(N) cathe/ecatl luthe/-lotl cel/celOim= Ocelome(N)=animal of the Tlatla-tzol-teotl, Thea of the fire drill and cave birth goddess. for the Mayan, who arrived Amerinda c. 2.2k bce from the gulf of Ormuz, Ocelotl is the trecena of their priests, within which is the birth of the age's highest priest, Quetzalcoatl, on 9 Ehecatl/Ecatl(N)=wind, includes the age, Naui Ollin=4 Movement, the 5th age, beginning with the date of the Quetzalcoatl expedition to Amerinda, 3309 bce, oldest Mayan date. the Elohim(H) connexion to Ocelome cave deity, Tlatla=T/L/Ra(Egypt/solar deity)=Flame(E), regent Tonalamatl, puts Judy Yuhti at cave/Oz as priestess with hunting Ocelome totem and worship, oldest dual fire drill god who speaks fm 2-part fire drill in birth/pitli(N)= older sister(of the sun)caves of Ca nantli(N)=mother being,=Canaan. Çatal Hüyuk, 7k bce, offers another glimpse of Tlatla with her hunting Ocelome/celOim/Elohim, who are related to the fire drill by the words, chitoni(N)=spark,=ch(i)t/thonic(letra)=chthonic(Gk/E)=solartone spark, by the word for another feline, cheetah=chitra/chitraka(Hind/Skrt)= chi-Tlatla(N)=on top flame, meaning spot in Hindi/Skrt, or spark= chitoun(OFr)=kitten(E). chi-toni(N)=on top tone/Tona/sun. Heb(r)ew=h/th/Tep/b(r)ewa(letra)=Tepeua(N)=mt.own/fall/be dispersed/ herb(E), which was Neander's medicine chest and habitat, with river below to drink and decoy game. Altepetl(N)=water/mountain, oldest(Neander)name for town=aldea(Sp). the russian town=Gor/mountain-water/-od=Gorod/voda(R)=water, where there was a great community of Neander in the Moskva- kostenkij slot which later became the Gravettian mammoth hunting area, 22k bce. how involved the Arab entity in their origen will take more affiliating of Nauatl to their tributory idioms, but, in Hebrew, cavetime jumps out at one: the animal, Ocelome, the deity, the habitat, the convalescing mountain pharmacy. it's difficult to turn one's back on, yuhti(N)=yuh'di(Hebrew)=jyut(Cantonese/ Guangzhou/southern China)=from the beginning, which means: just/justice, from where everything starts, especially now/today. the addition of, jyut/jyu/Guangzhou/Cantonese idiom, completes the span of Neander/Neandra's civilized habitats, if one assumes the Mt. Carmel(=fruitful=ca(r)mileua/camiliui(N)= to ripen, yellow, speaking of fruit)Turtle/Ayotl(N) Neander arrived from eurasia at 100k bce. ah, ayotli(N)=zucchini=waterhearts. also, Canton refers to bear worship, a neander rite, e.g., Ca(N)Ton-atiuh(N)=Ca-/being suntone/-Tona=Calli(s)To-na= Chief Katonah(NY), and so forth.

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=ahuitl(N)=aunt,=quiahuitl(N/7/Tonal)=a(r)ui(s)tl/harvest rain/tlaini,=Avestan=Ahuitlan(N)= A(r)ui(s)tl/an. Xilé(N)=sillín/silla(sp)=selva/sylvan=Xilo(N)=red huipilli/wimple,= =Xilonen(N)=young corn dolly=idol(E)=odol(B)=b/lood= otli(N)=root/aorta= Síle(Irish)=the Hag/Tlaca=lake/dag/dak=mountain. Cailleach(Gael)=veiled one,=Uecaitta(N)=far-seeing, =Hecate=Ehecatl/Ecatl(N/2/Tonal). Kachin of Upper Burma,Shan States,Assam/Tibet border talk of mysterious female half-human, half-avian=auitl(N)=auilia/oauili(N)=water plants, who existed in wind&cloud before heaven/earth,=ati/caO(Tarquin/tlalloque)=Liber Linteus 4-part Creation prayer,=luthe/celOim(Etruscan)=atl(9)/ecatl(2)/lotl(reversal)&cel= ocelotl(N/14)=birth totem of Tlatla cave Venus. Kachin avian=Simurgh(Pers.)= Tengu(J)/Tiangou(Chi)=heavenly dog,=Nue(J)=fab.nite bird,=nouianyo(N)=universal= catholic/catedrál/Ecatl(N),=Cuaxolotl Chantico(N)=dogshead by hearth,= Ehecatl(N/2/Tonalamatl), windweaver daughter of Perses, Titan Wargod of Persia. negative avian Hekates created fm founder polytheism to promote next/nextli=aexe(OE)= ash monotheism.