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(E)=testicle,=bal/palli(N)=phallos(Gk)=phallus, beside/location=tloc(N)=b/palloc/N).

2 trees Madrid

1.Scotch pine=guithais(Gaelic)=withes(E)=uith/t/tl=(qua)uitl(N),=ochtach(OIr)=ocotl tlaca(N)=ocotl tlaca=octlac(N)=pine larch. 2a.madroño(sp)=maitl Tonatiuh(N)= ma(i)t/dr/toño=sun's hand? 2b.medronho(Osp)=mëd(R)=mead=metl r/tonho=tonatiuh= mettona(N)=sun's mead. the bear=ca(n)ton=ca/being sun/tona(N)=Katonah,NY. Madrid=Matrit(Mozarabic)=matitiuh/omatitia(N)=report/inform oneself,=mati(Skrt)= consilium of elders=mati(N)=smarty.

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Egypt Cipactli

...mes(Egypt)=give birth,=mecayotl(N)=chord of an instrument, race, family, parentage, descendant, geneology, e.g., mecayotia(N)=braid, tie something with cordage, shoot the bow,=mecatl(N)=mercado(sp)= market(E)=mercer(E)=merecer(sp)=mercy(E)=mecanic=mecania(N)=hang in the air,=metl(N)=the Maguey Century plant=Agave=Acatl ue(N)=big reed/cane,= Metis(Deity)=mother of Athena, she is the first deity of wisdom, Meyauel= meya/omex(N/verb)=flow,=me(J)=bud/blossom; eye(N)=(m)eya=eye(E). ...sen(Egypt)=granary,=alma-s/cen=almacén(sp)=ce(N)=one, or, ceti/cetia(N) =set/sit(E), also, sh/xilé(N)=sillín(sp)=silo(E). ...mar(Egypt)=pomegranate/granada(sp)=maroon(E)/maron(Fr)/cimmarón(sp)/ marrojar(sp)=lop top branches off trees, Marroqui(sp)=Moroccan=motley= mora(sp)=mulberry(E)=moat(E)=motla(N/verb)=to stone. ...xuti(Egypt)=the 2 horizons/East&West,=xotla(N)=have much heat, inflame oneself, become hot, bud, grow; to cut a cloth, make lines/rayas(sp), saw wood, i.e., shoot(E), and, otli(N)=road/route(E). ...hemt(Egypt)=metal/ore,=h/th/te(puz/m)t/li=hemt/tepoztli(N)=copper, metal in general, i.e., tepuztli=tetl pozoni(N)=boiled rock. ...nu(Egypt)=city/ n/town(E)=n/tun(Mayan)=360 day solar year,=tone/tune/ stone(E)=Tonatiuh(N/root)=solar deity)=tetl(N)=shtetl(H)=stadtle(alternate H)=state(E/noun). ...per(Egypt)=house; to go out,=per/t/la=petla(N)=throw,=petlatl(N)= sleeping mat,=car-pet(E)=p/bett(G)=bed(E)=petra(Latin)=piedra(sp). ...het(Egypt)=house, temple(E)=h/th/tetl(N)=stone/stein(G)=tepantli(N)= wall, barrier, limit,=stena(Russile)=wall,=tenamitl(N)=wall,= tepanecatl(N)=inhabitant of palace or stony place, tepan(N)=temple= tepetl(N)=mountain, te(m)ple=tetl pepena(N)=piled stone,=tecpan(N)= royal palace, which had 20=cempoalli(N)=samples(E)entrances and was made up of large salons called, calpolli(N), also name for barrio/school/ district. ...aneb(Egypt)=wall/fort,=a(l)neb/p(construct)=tl/al neb/pantli= tlalnepantli(N)=earth/tlal-nepantla/wall. nepantla(N)=in the middle of the lands/tlalli(N), walls come with the fort, but most important is its central location, e.g., Nepantla(N)=one of the barrios of Quauhtitlan(N) =Among Eagles, e.g., Tlalnepantla(N)=In the middle of lands, city to the North of Tenochtitlan(N)=Among the Tunas.

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...papyrus(Latin)=Papuros(Gk)=papel(sp), of unknown, oriental origin is papyrus/papuros(Latin/Gk), well=uel(N), not good enough. 3309 BCE, or, 5k BCE=Naui Ollin=Nauatl. Egypt, unified kingdom founded by Menes, 3150 BCE. ...Babylon=Babilla(Earliest name)=Babili(Akkadian), hmmm, B/Papillón(Fr)=butterfly(E)=papilla(E)=nipple like proturbance,=papula(Latin)=pimple? ...papilio(Latin)=butterfly(E)=papalotl patlani(N)=the english version is an approximation of the Nauatl, e.g., patlani(N)=fly,=patla(N)=swap, which fortuitously collided with the English words, flutter and fly, first letter became b to accomodate other versions of butterfly in other languages that began with explotative p by matching the original with explotative b. butterfly is the animal of the flower prince, Xochipilli, deity of music and danza, to such a god harmony=amonequi(N)=without necessity=monequi(N), is 2d nature. ...papalotl(N)=butterfly,=papalote(Mex)=name for a paper kite. ...pap(E)=teat, i.e., to a butterfly a teat is a flower. ...one can see the network of associations that makes papalotl(N)=paper, the swamps of papyrus/papulos(Gk), note the y/o shift back to Greek and to Nauatl root which is vowel o/a=papa/lotl(N), attract the papillón and the unnamed plant it hovers over gets a name from butterfly's presence, using a language older than Egyptian, its root language, e.g., pa(Egypt)=patlani(N)=fly, Nauatl,=pa(N)=paint/tint. ...of Oriental origin is correct. Nauatl is in the South China sea islands as sea age language before the Japanese take to their main islands. they actually sail with Quetzalcoatl and his host of Basques out of Guipuzcoa/San Sebastian=Cipactonal(N)=Sebas/Cipac=scribe and navigator, 3309 BCE. ...before the sea age, the deer people of the Altai had Nauatl in particle form, but as interesting is the fact the Altai Mts is world center for papalome(N/plural papalotl)with more than 800 different species. here's the string paper came out of, pa(N)=patla(N)=patlani(N)= papalotl(N/frequentive of pa/paint). ...in the Altai, the Katunskie Belki Range is notable for its papalome(N), and the name is revealing, Ka/Ca/being tune/tone/Tonatiuh/ Sun, ah, the Sun Being Mts, not Bear this time, but butterfly and its deity Xochipilii/Flower Prince. although, the Flower Prince, Xochipilli(N)is deity of the day, Ozomatli(N/11)=monkey,=oso(sp)=Bear. the papalome are warmed up by the sun every day until they can fly. the other name, Belki=Bel-ka(Russile)=Bel/white being/ka/ca(N), the Bel=uel(N/reverential of ue/way/big)=Well(E), the Well/White Being, which is an early Altaic form for what later appeared in Mexico where the Olmec Japanese settled by Old Smokey Popocatepetl and White Lady/Belka(R)/Iztaccihuatl(N). ...pappus(ModLatin)=pappos(Gk)=grandfather; down/fuzz on plants. ...Shoshanna/hosanna(H)=Xochiana(N)=flowers to the 4, cry the early Christians, belted out when their Saintly=tzintli(N)=the Honorific, also, asshole, e.g.,=cinturón(sp)=belt, the smaller belt=cinta(sp sl.) =the anus, Scape Goat hove into view on his ass. today there's a strong connexion between paper and fundament, which i argue will be the hallmark of our wretched species for whatever tz/cinta(sp)=tape/reel= rheol(OE)=teotl(N) comes after us.

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...trill(E)=trillar(sp)=winnow, thresh(E) wheat, trite(E)=triturate(E)=pulverize,=/triturare(Latin)=thresh(E)corn/triturar (sp)=crush,=tryst(E)=rubbing appointment, triste(E)=ay, there's the rub. =thresh(E)=uitequi(N)=wheat/white/winnow/winter(E)/all root in: uitequi)=tequi/otec(N)=cut someone, extract in pieces creature from the maternal womb, e.g., nitla or nic-tequi(N)=cut, begin a thing=try(E), work, cut a stone=Tecpatl(N/18 Tonalamatl))=flint knapping,=teco(N/passive of tequi/otec(N/verb)=tequiti/otequitic(N/verb)=work, pay tribute,= tequitioa/tequitiua(N)=every one works,=community service, i.e., quit(E)=quid pro quo(Latin)=this for that/tit for tat. ...it's been a trying day, but one can see, t(r)y, formed after 3309 BCE, the Quetzalcoatl Expedition, as the root, tequi(N)=begin a thing/try(E) hasn't an (r). so try and quit are related. trier(OFr)=sift, pick out is a snapshot of tequi(N)just after (r) comes into Europe as , tryer(E)/trier(OFr)still retains the (e) of tequi and is moving to tri and away from, tree(E)=treow(OE)=teotl(N), which deflects try(E) from root, te/t(r)e, and, three(E), then, triage(E) completely surrenders to its intrusive (r), e.g., these are the times that try men's souls and the women that have them. try to reduce that to trite.

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(Ammy slang)=robbery,=manos enheisto(sp)=hands up,=heis(Scand)=hoist(E) =hisa(Icel)=hissa(OE)=haul up=izar(sp)=iza(N/root)=awake=Izah(Arab)=Jesus.

Onions vincit

...the great English Etymologue, C. T. i've had plenty to say about Xonatl(N)=Onion(E)=ui(Nederlands/Du)=oignon(Fr)=chipuli(N/root)= (ch)i(p)u(li)=iu(NederDutch)=o(i)c/gnon(Fr)=oc=lok(Swedish)=t/loc= tloc(N)=location(beside)=toca(N)=to sow and bury,=touch(E), just the right touch for salads, meats, but tangental root for lok(Sw)=leek(E)=look(Du). ...chipuli, the root,=caracol(sp)=snail(shell)=sneg(OE)=sneg(Russile)= snow,=necueolololiztli(N)=go about with one's skirt/cueitl(N)rolololled up=(s)neg/cue,=ololoa/oololo(N)=to dress, arroparse, cover oneself. hmmm, can see a connexion between chipuli and onion,=cipolla(Italy)= Ittalli(N/adv.v.)=seen, considered,=itta(N)=see, itti(Russile)=go,= ir(sp)=go, ir/tta, a blending of go/see already underway in 5k BCE Nauatl, e.g., altepeitta(N/verb)=go see towns,=alte/dea=aldea(sp), cebolla(sp)=onion(E), white as snow. ...back to, C. T. Onions, under, Oath, one finds a hypothetical etymologic form(with asterisk=siteri(construct)=citlali/N=star)=oitos(OIrish/oeth). now, oito/itoa(N)=to talk, so Onions has stumbled upon the preterit of itoa(N)/oito(N/p)/tlatolli(N)=t/Lat(oll)i(N)=Latin=word=woid=oido(sp)= ear(E)=oír(sp)=hear(E)=oito(N/p)=talked(E). ...for the advanced Letra user, just looking at, oath/t=toa=itoa(N), as the scramble of letters is not as important as they be there, order not that important when meaning coincides, e.g., pelt(E)=petla(N).

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Spirit on the Lake

...Sheboygan/Cheboygan, founded 1846, port on Lake Michegan=Michoacan= Michuacan(Nauatl)=place of fish/Michim(N) owners/ua(N), a state the USA and Mexico have in common besides Los Angeles. ...zhaabonigan(Ojibway/Ochipauac(N)=cleaned/purified, e.g., chipeloa(N)= cross a field, enlarge a scab)=zhaa=zaua(N)=saw/old form of sew=needle, =tzaptic(N)=sharp/pointed,=-bonigan? ...Chabwegan/Shabwegan/Cheboygan(Ojib-/Ochip-auac/N)=place of ore?= big scab place(-gan/-can(N). ...Chibougamau(Lake/Cree=Chreestian, a French concoction)= Chipeloa-can maui(N)=to cross a field/lake/cleared expanse/can(N)=place, with awe/fear, e.g., maui(N)=mauiztic(N)=majestic(E). said to mean, crossed by a river, and the older form to be, Ouje-bougoumou(Cree), which can't be so as, e.g., Ojibway(Amerind) is the newer form of Ochipeuac(Nauatl). ...-gan=-can(N/postposition)=indicating time, place, or part,=canaua(N)= to hammer flat, be flattened, e.g., pepena canaua(N)=pe)pena can(aua= penacan(N)=pemmican(Cree). ...Chib-=Chip-(N)=scab/costra(sp), when healing, flat and smooth as a clearing, field, or lake in calm, but open, and therefore unprotected from marauders or weather. ...language comes from the body/chip. ....Ojibwe(Amerind)=Ochipwe-gan=Ochipauacan(N)=place of the(former) Chipeua/purified. yes, the preterit of Ojibwe/Ochipauacan(N/preterit), because these towns were formed in 1844/1846, after the Chipaua/Ojibwe, who once were the purified, the cleaned, and then the preterit form of their name served as their epitaph=eptli tlapa(N)=painted coracle and funeral conch. then, another meaning for Ojibwe=the big/ue(N)Scabs. ...in Spanish scab=llaga(sp). i remember looking in the Mexican native market for an herb known to cure scabs. as soon as i mentioned the herb, name since forgotten, i became the subject of interest to all the native ladies within hearing, as they thought it hilarious a woman might have revenged herself on a man in this way. even if your name is Chip, introducing yourself to Pocahontas or Winona may be fraught with misunderstanding.

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L/Tom-patla(N)=loom/olmo/elm/lumber swap, well, Lombard=pawnshop, and house where lumber/Lombard stored. loom sure is lumber, during Black Boy of Navarre's reign England, Guild weavers and butchers had at each other regularly with cleaver and tilinqui/weaving fid/pole. once had the misfortune to hang his mother, Henrietta Maria(portrait)in the shoppe. she was quite upset to be in company with linkage what conspired against her husband, Charles First, but got her revenge by following me with irate eyes over the large room bordering a Mexican patio. there was a Cawen(OE)=Queen for you. her son's tally sticks, once he got his six-two frame on the throne again, set England on its Golden Age 200 years later. they were precursors of credit, notched sticks what functioned as money in the abstract, like blowing bubbles through a hoop-la, and they haven't stopped yet, smirks Wall Street as the financial Cliffies in Congress have their period every other month. as for Kate's portrait, or wrong port, silence. Tweedle-de-dum and Tweedle-de-dee are happy with their hookahs and Yorkshire pudding. everyone has decided, after premature emollients, to sit on it, which is cheeky of them, and the best sock-eye flop isinglass squared could expect. why not set the Island brushes afire to contest a spot in the National Gallery? the favorite has missed the mark. Beauty on her Altar stands, waiting for congruity.

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...day 11, the animal Christ day, meaning Monkey specifically, but rooted in the zo/ozoc(N)=zoa/zoua/ozouh(N)=zoatl/zouatl(N)=mujer, hembra. the only people i know who would dare liken a female to a monkey are the Japanese, e.g., zo/zou(J)=elephant, nino-zo(N)=bleed oneself,=nitla-zoua (N)=unfold, open, hole, widen something,=zoatl/zouatl(N)=blood(own)water, =ciuatl(N)=woman/hembra. ...when Amaterasu(J/solar deity)=Amatl tlaza(N)=Paper-t/race becomes disgusted by her brother, Susanoo, susamu(J)=growing wild and debauched because he didn't get the realm he wanted,=shoshanna/hosanna(H)=xochi- ana(N)=flowers increase/to the 4, she hides in a cave. without her the earth fills with dark and malevolent shades, so Omoikane(J)=umnij(R)= intelligence,=ome(N)=2 Kami(J)=God=ka/ca(N)=being, puts a mirror in front of the cave, and the other Kami call on the Megame(J)=female deity, Ama-no-Uzume, to dance. Ama-no Usuzumi(J)=thin(Indian)ink,= Usumono(J)=flimsy dress, turns a wash tub upside down and begins to beat her feet outside the cave to an appreciative audience of Kami-Megame. Ama drums loudly with her toes, lifts her dress and bares her breasts. finally Amaterasu peeks out, sees herself in the mirror, utters, Omo-shiroi(J)=what a fascinating white complexion! and leaves the cave so her grandson, Jinmu, can become Emperor of Japan. ...Ozomatli(N/11)=becomes monkey, was it once, oso(sp)=bear? it's calendrics suggest so. in the Tonalamatl, it's day 11, the death Kami, Miquiztli(N/day 6 Tona), it's night 9 deity=2=curved flint knife= itzlacoliuhqui(N)=itzlac(oliuh)qui=oliuh(N/particle)=ulu(Inuit),= Deity of cold. the Eleventh trecena&day, Ozomatli is the western post of the universe, in the quadrilateral Tonalamatl, which begins with house/being=Calli(N/3 Tona). west being the direction where the sun sets and the location for the heaven of Tlaloc, deity of deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tona)and the Nomad Upperstone Age, 45k BCE-10k BCE. ...zou(J)=slon(Russile)=elephant/iuelipantli(N)=powerful banner(E)= iueli(N/adj)=poder-oso=the Nauatl adjective where the word, Bear= Llewelyn/Iberia/Hibernia/Bern/Berlin/Inverness comes from, and also, iueli(N)=ivery/ivory. this mixture of Bear/Ivory/Iuelipant pegs those 2 powerful animals together, and, by adding monkey/Ozomatli(N), the Nauatl being a generic word, meaning bleeds, is a zoon, i.e., looks like us, even down to the Elephant/Oliphant, we take its name for family, gives us the clue as to where the Tonalamatl got its final touches, not in Europe, where language began, where Bear worship was Neandertal, older than our race, and handed down to us, nor during the spring of the Gravettian because mammoths were hunted early also, e.g., zou(J)=s(l)on(R)=tzontli(N/the adjacent root)=hairy(mammoth). by this etymology it appears the Russiles were first to hunt, as a people of mixed Neander-AMHuman, the wooly Mamút(sp), and the Japanese zou(J)=elephant is the transition coinage between slon(R)and Ozomatli (N/11 Tona)where tzontli(N)/slon(R)becomes zoua(N)/zou(J)/Ozomatli. ...so the Tonalamtl finalizes with the Japanese of the Altai, but while they were on their way to the sea, already there, in a tropic where there were monkeys: Guangxi, where the Hundred Yue=yuhti(N)=from the beginning, just/justice, a synonym for Nauatl/Cantonese=Canton=Ca Tona(N)=solar being(Bear worship)=Katonah(Amerind Chief/township NY). ...the Tocharian Uighurs of Tarim Basin and Taklamakán=tlaca maca(N)=gives/makes bodies, referring to old bones that keep popping out of Taklamakán desert,=the Yuezhi, Tocharian=Hungarian=Zungarian, are far from Guangxi locus, being part of Kurgan culture earlier, e.g.,Sredny Stog horse culture, 5k BCE, to 3k BCE, e.g., Tochtli(N/8 Tonalamatl)= rabbit,=T/th/ho(r)s/c/chtli=horse(E)=Tocharian=t/th/Hongarian/Zongarian, or, Xochitl(N/20 Tonalamatl)=X/sh/ho(r)s/c/chitl=horse(E)=ross= rose(E) =Xochitl(N). ...what is hidden is the transfer from horse/camel, ship of the desert, to sail, maritime exploration, trade, but where else would it be found except in the SE provinces of China, SE Asia, India? ...the Yuezhi Uigurs satisfy the Tonalamatl/Nauatl language requirement, e.g., Tochtli(N/8 Tonalamatl)=Tocharian=Horse, and, Taklamák=Tlaca maca(N)/Tarim=in Tlalli(N)=the land, but not location, unless they mobbed up with seafaring early Arabs from Arabia Feliz, whose horse horizon=7k BCE at El Maqar, defeats the tloc(N)/local difficulty, and went caboting East. Uighur=Huichol=uic coloa(N)=curl being,=uicollotl(N)=jug ears.

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True Beauty

...truth=u/o=troth=trow(E)=believe/suppose,=treow(OE)=truce, hmmm,= tregua(sp)=tr/tlec ua(N)=own leg/lex/rex/regla(sp)=rule(E)=intellect, hmmm, sensible=ce(N)=one,=treow(OE)=teotl(N)=Teo/Theo/Deo, also treow(OE) =tree/teotl, the tree of truth and troth. pick a pine=pinaua(N/verb)= redden, the first Cross=Cozcatl(N)=necklace/jewel, as Iueli Llewelyn Bear descends and ascends to the heavens after a mock wedding meal in his honor and of which he is main entry/p(l)ato fuerte, his sin/ raka(Fennec)being constructed such translates, r/t/laka=tlaca(N)= body(E), thus, embodiment is the basic condition for sin, e.g., rakka(Ainu)=otter=otli(N)=odol(Basque)=idol/(b)lood(E)=(r)otter(E). ...otter is named in the Tonalamatl Calendar as 7 Cipactli, as Tlatla-tzol-teotl's animal among the 9 night deities of Mictlan, as one offering for Xochipilli, the flowerprince, who is in charge of mad dance and madder musicians, patron of tattoos/skin flowers, whose wife, Xochiquetzal, the rose and beauty of Amerind Namiqui(N)=marriage/name(E)is deity of Otter/Cipactli's trecena 19, Cuauhtli(N/15)=the up quaffer/cua(N)eater, Eagle(E)=aquilia(N/verb)=double the punishment, e.g., aquiliztli(N/noun)=action of putting, sinking, intervention, mediation(eagle's interception as predator), aquila(sp)=eagle(E). ...otter is given to frivolity, as is Xochipilli, the music man, as in 7 Xochitl in the first cempoalli/20/sample, 2d trecena of Ocelotl, Totem animal/our descent=to-temo(N)of Tlatla, otter's night deity, meaning brutish/insensate, not quite human, otter/Cipactli is considered slightly mad, people born under that sign. according to the Ainu, it was otter who is responsible for our sexual organs where they are, as Creator=C(r)e ator/atl=Ce Atl(N)=one water= Seattle(Amerind Chief/city)wanted the organs as part of our facial makeup, but left in charge at a critical point in our making, otter botched the message and the rest is haberdashery. ...Beauty=beatitude=bealté(OE)=beauty=ue altia(N)=reverential of water/ atl(N/9 Tonalamatl)=way/big altar(E), or wash/wasser/water/atl. as troth is talk is tlatolli(N)=in tlat/olli=t/Lat-in=Latin=tlatoani(N)=talker/ the emperor,=itoa/oito(N)=oido(sp)=ear/hear(E), beauty=atl/water(E), as in, alaua/oahlauh(N)=annoint(E)=Allah/Praise,=lau(Basque)=l/naui(N)= 4=Nao(Gk)=highest Temple known to Greeks,=laude(Fr)=laudo(Latin)=i praise. beauty does not invite supposition, nor trust, it demands/ requires praise for its annointed state by the believer, who is already convinced of his/her belief in the moment of annointment, e.g., Mohammad=Mo-/your mouth/ h/ch/cammatl=c/g(r)ammar/tl=camatl(N)=mouth. ...truth questions belief, beauty answers belief with beatitude. the famous fish pond where Abraham was born in Sanliurfa was created, according to legend, when Nimrod had Abraham immolated and the Lord turned the coals into fish. the fish are still there opening and shutting their mouths in praise. Sanli/Saintly Urfa is also known as the birthplace of Job. the Carp strike a beautiful balance to Job's formulated complaints. ...mercy(E)=Merced(sp)=grace/Market in Mexico City)=mercer(E)=merchant= mecate(Mex)=mecatl(N)=string,=mecania(N)=hang,=mechanic(E). ...aya/ayat(Arab)=Lord/sign of God=ayate(Mex)=ayatl(N)=manta, vestidura, tela fina/fine cloth of cotton or maguey,=ayatia/oayati(N/verb)= nin/nino-ayatia(N)=be Lord, honored, esteemed, lit., have/wear the tilmatli(N)=til-/ma(n)tli=mantle/mantel(E)=manta(sp).

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...1963, as a swabby=swap=patla(N/root)=paddle/battle(E)=patlani(N)=fly i was taking Russian at the Navy Band School ground in Anacostia, later to be glorified as DLI-ECB. you'll have to figure out the alphabet soup yourself, as you don't have the need to know. as Zubov, all teachers were Imperial Russians, but Kove was special, everybody else kow-towed to him, even Arch-Duke "Stinky" Galitzin, the Lithuanian, who was embalming himself slowly with tobacco, chai=chalani(N/root)=not give the tone, tinkle of glass shattering, talk, not sing, and looked like an elegant Choctaw warrior preparing to black his front teeth by rotting them with a sugar cube and draining samovars entire through their posts, all the while chatting in English about his love for the sport cars of his youth, leaving us to wonder, even if he had one in his day where he would drive it. along the log roads of Russia during spring thaw, or would it have skiis and be drawn by troikas while he sat warming himself on the hood? in any case the cynicism and superiority oozed out of him like loose snuff from the many pockets of history his illustrious line had filled since Peter/Pëtr Velykij/the Great. ...Petrov was the tallest of the Instructors. his way out of Russia, he looked like Nobel Prize Winner, was through China, where he found work as bodyguard for a Chinese Billionare, but when the Chinese found out he wouldn't hurt a fly, they let him go find his way to Hong Kong where he opened a camera shop, but that didn't work either. somehow he found his way to California, managed to have time to write a book about Sutter's Mill and the Gold Rush, then settled into DFL-ECB, as the only teacher there whose past glories mattered nothing. of course all were commuting from NYC where they could speak Russian on weekends. ...the only instructor who looked lupine enough to be working for the CIA we called by code-name, Wolf, graying military trimmed hair, with the rangy build of a concert pianist=pia(N)=guard and abstain, therefore, soft, in Italian, but there was nothing soft about Wolf as he scanned us with distant steppe eyes cold as coming winter. his father had been victim of his own country's power struggles. ...but Kovalevskij, a cherub, healthy flush to his round civilized face, small, delicate, immaculate, calm voice, dressed by his doting wife every morning, or so it seemed, a good boy who went on to be a marvelous husband, in the pink and peak of prime old age. yes, rumor had it he deposed Rasputin, being close to the Tzar=tzallantli(N)=sala(sp).

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Art languages

...art=altia(N/reverential of atl)=wash(E)=wasser(Ger)=water(E)=atl(N)= altar. but lang-ua-ge=ua(N)=own=wa(J)=circle, unity, hoop, link, ah yes, link/lingo(E)=t/leco(N)=leg/trek. lang=t/la(n)c/g=tlaca(N)=tlatlaca(N)= flame being/body=rakka(Ainu)=otter,=raka(Fennec)=sin, ah so, sin is inevitable for those cursed with body, even wine=oinos(Gk)=o/ctl/i-nos= octli(N/root)=vino(sp)=nose(E)=nez(Fr)=onez/neci(N/root)=appear,=necio (sp)=ceniza(sp)=nextli(N)=aesche(OE)=ash(E)=poa nextli(N/root)=power ash(E)= Phoenix/Sphinx(Mythic Bird, symbol of Time's cancerous condition). ...time(E)=temi/oten(N/root)=demi/hemi/semi(E/prefixes)=t/th/He(r)me/s= Hermes(Gk)=Messenger=titlani(N)=Litany=Titan(Gk), meaning(temi)=fill and empty, as a ship of fools(E)=chipeua Xolotl(N)=purifying the clown/Xolo, the Evening star. ...artifacial langwages are incapable of metaphor=mettle(E)=ProMethean. they don't have the filling and emptying of time, the aging that makes a cask water tight, e.g., cauitl(N)=flow of being/history/mimic=mimati(N) =a subtle thing, prudent, perspicaz(sp), to be better, in convalescence, e.g., nitla o niqu-imati(N)=prepare, dispose of what must be done, carry a subject with ability,=mati(N)=to know,=mati mati ca(N)=a know know being =mathematics. Art langwiches must have an element of math to begin with, e.g., lau(Basque)=4=oalauh/alaua(N)=annoint/Allah=lau/naui(N)=4=nawa(J)= rope, Nauatl=4 Atl in the trecena of Skull/Miquiztli, but Art Langs are not made for the head=h/th/tetl(N)=tletl(N)=Tlatla(N)=T/l/Ra(Egypt). they are not even body, being desarticulated impossibilities designed not for Memory, and Metaphor, Memory's servant, married to the butler, Mnemonics, they are fugments of the imagination designed by the will/ ilhuia(N)=concentrate/will working alone in a vacuum of neurons that haven't had the fortune of being introduced to each other before or after birth.

domingo, 6 de enero de 2013


Krupp(Name)=Krypel(OE/Northumberland), also eorthcrypel(OE)= paralyticus,=crupel(ME)=krupil(OLG)=creopel(OE)=crepel(ME)=krepel(MLG/MDu)= hump/humble/crump(E). when combined(E)with copilli(N)=crown, krupil(OLG)=copichtic-pilli(N)= (copichoa(N)=rolled as rug/paper)=cupped, channeled, fissured child. one remembers Richard 2d, the last English King, and the treatment that anciently awaited kings: to be ritually lamed/made captive to their audiences. royals who get that maiming today are actors given a psychic limp by their audience. cri(s)pin(E)=shoemaker,=St. Crispin, patron Saint of shoemakers,=lance of saint Crispin=awl=atl(N)=atlatl(N)=a/d/tl art/l=dart, related to cusp(E)=cuspis(L)= sharp pointed weapon. goblin=related to kobold=cobalus/ kobalos(Gk)=cobbler=mountain sprite/leprechaun(Irish)=lepre/tepetl chauhnecocoya/ chauhn=mountain possessed by demon.

jueves, 3 de enero de 2013


...one of the great things, and there are many, about being in a Mexican jail, is you get to hear phrases such as, "no te ahuites"(Spamex SpaNauatl)=don't get teary/rainy. a Calendric saying, from day 19, Rain=Tlaini(N)Storm=Qui-ahuitl(N/19 Tonalamatl)=-ahuitl(N/particle)= a(r)i(s)to(Gk)=aristo(Gk)=h/a(r)ui(s)t=harvest(E)=who/Qui ahuitl/waters= auitl/ahuitl(N)=au(n)t=aunt, e.g., no-aui/naui(N)=my aunt, note the harvest/aristo aunt=4=naui(N). in Tarocco/Tarot=Tlaloc, the Empress and the Star are paired to make the one Harvest Deity, Chicome Coatl=7 Snake, the feast and famine dual aspect of the Mesoamerind Deity, the Star, naked, pouring water on rock, earlier, 7 Snake/Chicome Coatl assigned to Metis Meyauel, the nawa(J)=rope/pulque plant, mother of Athena, and first deity of Wisdom. Chicome Coatl being the 7th day of the 7th trecena of Quiahuitl, being ruled by Tlaloc, who rules 7th day=Mazatl(N/7)=deer/ deor(OE)=Teotl(N), also Chico/me-nolhuia(N)=-menora(H)=7 nourishers for the deer-struck Hebrews, whose other candelabra=9=atl(N)=water. of the 9 Deities of the night, aunt/ahuitl/naui/4=Cinteotl, corn harvest deity and bachelor, who can be seen on some tarot cards of the Empress as a necklace with 4 rubies, and is on the day 7 Snake of Quiahuitl trecena. ...Himiko/Pimiko(J)=Shaman/Xamani(N) Queen of Japan, b.175-d.248, 73yrs old, buried Hashihaku(J)=Hashi(J)=cover to cover/end to end,=h/ch/caxaua (N)=disappear/rendered, referring to her age, 73, the number of times the Tonalamatl Birth Calendar goes into a 52yr period, a cover to cover, end to end span which begins the Tonalamatl(N)again on the same day it started, a perfection of time/cauitl(N)=flowing of being,=h/ch/caxaua/ caxauilia(N)=lighten someone's burden, charge,=-h/th/t/tlaka(N)=body. ...Cawen(OE)=Queen of Yama tai koku(J)=Yama(J)=mountain,=Yamamoto(J)= mine/mining(metal)=yamaimo(J)=yam=Darug(Darug/Sydney/Austo-Aborig)= d/T/Rarog(Baltic-Russile)=Tlaloc(Nauatl/Teotihuacan),=yamania(N)=hammer/ tai=t/tlaini(N)=t/l/rain(E)=Tlaloc(N)=Lalin(summer season NW Australia Aboriginal)=Tokoloshe(Zulu/water sprite)=Tlaloque(N)/Rarogue(Balt/R)/ koku(J)=air/mine, mining/thresh(E)=uitequi(N)=white/wi(n)ter/wheat. ...so, Himiko/Pimiko is a t/l/rain/i(N/E)Xamani(N)=Shaman from the Mountain mines and rainy mining air of Yamataikoku where she is/was Queen. ...to Amerinda for Wizard=(Qui)a-uiz(tec)atl=the Olmeca Qui-auiz-tecatl, 1.8k BCE, settled Popocatepetl/Iztaccihuatl, Mexico, e.g., fujin(J)=female, fuigo(J)=bellows, a commemoration of Popo/smoke bellows and Itztac/White Lady in the one word, Fuji(J):=uiz/Wiz-a(r)d/atl(N)= water bringers/uitz(N)=come/wits(E)=Waterwits. Olmec=Japanese, before they settled Japan. their first feat of arms occured when Olmec Lords were being marched upon by Arab Quetzalcoatl Mayans. the Lords were too drunk to give battle, so their Calpixque(N)=Majordomos gave battle and won, sending the Mayans back to the Cuexteca/Huaxteca/Rio Verde/ Chalchiuitlicue(N)=Chalch/Halch=Halcón/Falcon, bird of the Deity of waters, Jade Skirt=Chalchiuitlicue(N)=cueitl(N)=skirt, supposed wife of Tlaloc, but for the Arab-Mayan, a sea deity also. one planet, one language, one mythology. ...taifu(J)=tlaini popotl(N)=rain broom(E)=typhoon(E). ...when Japan is referred to in relation to their Olmecan Amerindian identity, the area in mind are the Islands south of present Japanese Island, e.g., Okinawa=Oquichtli naua(N)=sailor/sea men/oquich/quechnaua (Incan), and Taiwan=Tlaimatqui uan(N)=Able/Dextrous/Ingenious/Know what to do Community, extending as far as the Islands in dispute today between Japan and China. ...lastly, copina(N)=co(m)b/cope/copy/co(m)bine/corpulent/cup, e.g., in one's cups, drunk,=copilli(N)=crown,=copitl(N)=firefly/luciérnaga, cobweb, crop.

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013


dwa/tza(r)p/f=tzapa/tzapatl(N)=dwarf,=zapato=shoe,and Nike zaps of lightning, and sapo(sp)=toad=apo/zapo(sp/B))=epo(B)=dwarf=tzapotl(N)=rubber tree. tlallo/tlalloque(N)=subject to earth/tlalli,=Tlaloc(N)=tl/t/th/halo(E)= alux/aluxo'ob(Mayan)=?alush(Tzotzil Mayan)=soft metal/copper. Quetzalcoatl Expedition, 3309 BCE set out for Tamoanchan=Chaunis Temoan(Haklyut's Voyages)=Chauhnecocoya Temoayan(N)=Devil's Cliffs(possessed by that Demon), Georgia, USA,=Tezcatlipoca(N)=chief deity of Nauatl tribes and Tezcoco, founded by Xolotl, 1115 AD,=Necoc Yaotl(N)=enemy of both sides,=Moyocoyani(N)= who created himself. dwarfs/tzapa/tzaptic(N)=sharp/pointed, first miners/cobblers/kobolds. Tzapa/Japanese have early history with iron in Altai Mts where copper/tepuztli(N)=metal/lit. boiled rock=te-pozoni=te(J)=hand,=tatara(J)=furnace, =tlatlatla(N)=flame. tlallo/aluxo'ob(Mayan)dwarfs live in the earth/wear mud hats to keep sun off. when alux balance their sack on a rabbit's back we will trade places with them.