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Seth=aboriginal settler deity of Egypt,=S/ceti/cetia/cetilia(N)=sit/set/settle. hunter/warrior/god of storms/winds, similar to Baxajaun,original of Basque country, or shepherd cave-dweller, Cyclops of the Odyssey, early Neanderthal presences in Iberia, Nile, Med-Islands. Seth belongs to earlier Tlaloc Nomad Age, 45kBCE to Gobekli Tepe/11k. himself embodying desert=yucahtla=yuhti(N)=from the beginning, is another way of saying Seth was dawn man, tlauitl/ochre red man of Older Venus worship. he fathered Anubis/Xolotl(evening star,later the devil), and himself shape shifter/naualli to dog, snake=snaca(OE)=nacatl=Anakim/Nephillim=fallen angel(Enoch). arctic-bodied Neanderthals had brown to reddish hair as Seth, who after a desert millenium would have lost most body hair and leaned out to heat-dissipating body.

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012


rimm(Heb)=r/timalli(Nawa)=pus,=ua tinalli(N)=wa rimm(Heb)=waurms(Goth)= ormr(ON)=Ormer(name)=hrim(OE/OSw/ON)=hoar(E)=hador(OE)=Hathor(Egypt)=Lady of all primeval,=auauh/auilia/ahuitl(N)=water harvest aunt,=older sister of Sun,= khoira(IE)=xairaz(CGerm)=x/kh/k/coat/l/raz=coatl(N)=co(mes to w)atl/er(E)=snake. dew(E)=daw(OE)=dawn(E)=tlauizcalli(N)=aurora=Quetzalcoatl/Lord Dawn house. frost(E)=frost/forst(OE/OFris)=fr/potli(N)=both(water/ice).

martes, 21 de agosto de 2012


=hrim(OE/ON)=hrimfrost(Swe)=hr/timaloa(N)=suppurate, =Himalaya/Malaya,=rimma(H)=waurms(Goth)=ormr(ON)=rhomos(Gk) varmas(Lith)=varmint(E). Polynesian timaloa/timallo/timalli/rimma/rime=running snake=number 5=Coatl(N/5Tona)=head level and curled tread coil underneath(5)=lima(Fijian)/rima(Maori)/nima(Tongan)/dimy(Malagasy). karima(RapaNui/Easter Island)=cardinal 5=rima/e-rima//ri-rima,=ordinal 5=te-rima(RapaNui=Tlapa Nolhuia=Rope wrap/nurse). twist lima/rima one sees entry of Rr into Europe, worming its way west from the heart of the Sea Age, Micro-Oceania, naming Himalayas, settling into Wailing Wall as equivalent, rimma(Hebrew)=worm=timalli(N)=rime(E)=hrim(OE/OSw/ON)=hoar frost from Himalayan contact=H/th/timaloa(N)=be happy,=nite-timaloa(N/verb)=honor las montañas. suppurate to eulogy turns on, swell=(s)uel(N)=rev.of ue(N)=way(E). hoar(E)=h/ch/Coar/tl=Coatl(N/5)=frost/prost/potli=both(water/ice)=sorbete/sherbert.

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Ocho Cinco

...oct/ocho/tocho/tochtli(N/8 Tona)=rabbit, verb=toca(N)=to sow and bury. 8: huit(Fr)=h/th/tu/to(ch)t/l/i,=octo(Latin)=otto(Ital)=acht(G)=okto(Gk)= oito(Port)= oito(N/preterit of itoa/talk)= hachi(Japanese)=aaathi(Hindi)=ashti(Skrt)=acht(G)=tochtli, note, German/J/Swede/Lith/Latvian has shifted o/a as has, Hindi/Skrt. ...the Lithuanian?/Latvian=astoni(Latv)= as/toni, solar,=nyoic(Hung)=n=Nauatl=(Ny)o(i)c=(N)=oc=och/tli. astuoneri (Lithuanian)=a/os/sh/ch=tochtli in ast(uoner)i. Lithuanian has more sanskrit than any other euro-lang. tochtli is euro-centric, except for the Hindi/Skrt due to its Baltic connexion and the early Al Maqar forays by horse into India, 7K BCE. those who don't have a variant of tochtli have been in the orient ranging, e.g., shemon(Hebrew)=thamaneya(Arab)= she/tha man/mon=same word, but Arab is clearer in Nauatl=th/t/tlalli mana meya(N)=Earth's flow, e.g., toca(N)=sow and bury,=to-/our being/-ca= tocar(sp)=play music,=touch(E). ...atta(Swede)=otto(Ital)=agt(Afrikaans/Boer/Belgian?Germanoid)=ag/c/chtli =tochtli(N). ...lapan(Bahasa Malay)=tlapanqui(N)=broken in 2 parts, e.g., tlapana(N)= tlap/laf/loaf(E)/xleb(R)=bread=-pana(N/2d particle of tlapana)=pan(spLat) =bread, i.e., pan de cada día=toca(N)=our being. also, nearby, tlalpan/ tlalpilli(N)=earth place/earth prince=t/lapin(Fr)=rabbit. ...now for the slavs: v/bocem(R)=8=(v/b)/och/c-em=m/n=Nauatl= tochem/tli(N),=osam(Serb)=os(u)m(Czech)=osem(Bulg)=visim(Ukraina)= opt(Rom). except for the Romanian, all rabbits, but the Rom is also, had an oc/ch word given priority, so used, opt(R). ...hocht(Irish)=ochd/t/li(Scot Gaelic/celtic)=aucht(Aberdeen Pikitilum). interesting the a-tochtli's, e.g., the japanese, hachi, to the Sanskrit, ashti, to the german, acht, to the swedish, atta, the Lith, astuon-. all indicate the early sea age of the Baltic connected to India, Japan Cantonese, and Teotihuacan Amerinda. ...cinco(sp)=5,=chico(N)=reverse/perverse,=chi/on top, over,-co(N)=come= come over/on top=switch hand.counting, e.g., ce=one chicuace=6=reverse one/-ce. we've always had the computor. ...the russian use the same formula, but a different set of words, e.g., opyat(R)=again,=opatlac(N/preterit)=swap(E)=alternate(hands), which becomes the number, five, in russian, from, patla/opatlac(N)=pyat(R).

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Pozole Riot

...pozoni(N)=boil, bubble, agitate, be pissed off,=poz-/pox upon Razputin/p/fox, known for rabies. cenca pozoni(N)=es hosco, colérico, duro, desagradable en sus palabras. pozo-nini(N)=full of rage, fury. ...pussy=posole(Mex dish)=pozo(sp)=well,=potli(N)=Putin=pontificate. ...Ruido(sp)=noise,=r/to/u it/doa=to itoa(N)=our noise?=Riot=Ruihoter(OFr) =R/tu ih(i)oter/tl=To ihiotl(N)=our breath, our air, our spit, our saliva, our spume. yes, To ih/R iot/l=ih(i)ot/l=hot(E), cf., Tlatlatzolteotl Blog, post: Hot, 15/07/2012. ...the next move for the great Poot is to decorate them with the Order of Leni(e)n-see, and pardon them so they can get back to their pozole. when his priapism has eased is a good time, and in that regard, Rinse Prepuce, chairman of the Re-pubic party could be a great help to him. as they say, hands across the waters.

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012


1.hin(J)=hin(Sp)=whinny(E)=jinete(sp)=rider. 2.hin(J)=poverty. 3.hin(J)=a)dignity,b)dinner/dine. 4.hinoki(J)=sun tree,=hinoko(J)=sparkles,= relinchar(Sp)=hin=tletica(N/adv)=red,=tletl ca=t/l/red/t/l=t/l/rel/tin/thin/hincar(Sp)= hincapié(Sp)=dig in one's toes/hooves.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012


...the Egyptian word for the Inhabitants of North Africa, used in 1175BCE when Ramesis 3, 1186BCE-1155BCE, 2d ruler of the 20th Dynasty, fought the Sea Peoples, who might well have been his opponents as Deer Peoples evolve to ship building, e.g., calli/acalli(N)=house/waterhouse/ ship. original spellings dug out by D. Messaoudi. Nauatl connexions by author of this blog. Nauatl=4Water=Navy=Naui(N)=4. ...6th c. AC=Mazyes, mentioned by historian, Hécateé. ...5th c. AC=Maxyes, mentioned by historian, Hérodote. ...956AC, Latin Dictionary, Mazax/Mazaces. ...the Mazyes=Mazyectli(N)=Excellent/Yes=yectli(Nauatl)/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl Calendar)=Mazyectlalli(N)=the Excellent/YesLand(good land) Deer/Mazatl people=Maz/Yectlalli(N)=Yiz-r/l/tlalli(N)=land=Isralli= Israel=Mazel-tov(H)=Deer/Mazatl toptli/idol=Mazat/l-top. ...here we have the lost tribe of Israel, in North Africa. and who are they? well, Berber(Gk)=Barbar(Russile)=Varvar/Ualual(N)=towardstowards= Barbarian, but the Berber name for themselves=Mazyes=Mazyectli(N)of Mazyectlalli(N)=excellant Deer-land peoples. ...Mazyec have the oldest mtDna, sister Haplo group U/U5, in Europe at 50KYA, the common ancestry of maternal lineage. Haplo is a way of tracing migrations, e.g., 9K miles apart are the Yakut=Yacatecuhtli(N)=Deity of Merchants,=Yacatl(N)=nose=nez=onez/neci(N)=appear, and the Fulbe of Senegal, but in Haplo differ only at 2 coding-region nucleotide positions on DNA, a sweeping migration pattern spanning 2/3 continents. ...at 9KYA in mtDNA of Berber/Mazyes there is a maternal link between Saami and Berber/Mazyes, yectel(N)=(only)yectel=yester-day: both are Deer Peoples, Lapp/Tlapa(N)and Mazyectli(N)/Mazyes. this link reinforces repopulation of N.Europe by Hunter-Gatherers after the late Glacial Maximum=13KYA-10KYA=11K BCE-8K BCE=Gobekli Tepe dates, and validates Hunter-Gatherer Expansion into the Franco-Cantabrian refuge area as Europe became arboreal once again, welcoming its wild game and hunter/gatherer populations back home. ...at 30KYA, the Berber/Mazyes mtDNA has Berber returning to North Africa after being in the Caucasus=Cauh-tiquiza(N)=make a stop on the journey, =cash/xitl(N)=shields/cups/plates=Cauh-cax/sh(N)=Kafkaz(Russile). ...Taforalt people are similar to Berbers, earliest cave date, 20K BCE. since the Holocene, 12KYA, Berber lineage has been constant. ...at 12KYA there is a sub-saharan expansion from a North Africa drying out during the Late Glacial Acceleration, resulting in Cameroon having today 40% North African Y chromosomes. ...this is the frame in which the Tlaloc, Deity of Deer/Mazatl(N)Age was played out. Berber/Mazyes and their lost tribe, the Mazyectlalli(N) Israelis wandering across the stage of EurAsia during Euro-Glaciations beginning as long age as 40K BCE following the Maz(OHG)=Meat(E)=matso(H)trail, flowing east at 30KYA and back again. at 26K-20K BCE, the Last Glacial Max. Framing the Gobekli Tepe dates is the Late Glacial Max., which is a period of warming, a return to boreal Deer Land=Mazatlan(N)=Tsaatan(Mongolia)=Dukha=D/Toca(N)=sow and bury. drying of the Mideast and Sahara Sleeve, return to Europe, and final good-bye to the Last Glacial Max. of 26-20K BCE, which saw jungle in Morocco, wetlands, boreal climate in the Sahara, whose aquifers were full up. ...who else but the Mazyectli(N)will be the Sea Peoples Ramesis3 fights at 1175BCE in the eastern Mediterranean, having exchanged their deer and nomad ways for horse, their yurts/tents for boat and sail? ...making the case for Nomad Deer Tribes lends a depth to the background for Border Cave, South Africa, where new Technology is underway along with the tribes=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=miembro viril. the later Sea People connexion as natural evolution of the Mazyectli/Mazyes peoples makes transfer of new tech much easier through maritime coasting with shallow draft boats of hunting parties. ...at the time of Border Cave, 44K BCE, we already have connexions with Kostenkij Mammoth Area, Russia, the Dordogne, France, and South Africa for Fire Drill Technologies such as drilled shell Ornaments and Needles at Kostenkij=kost(R)=bone=omitl/N=k/co(s)t=cotoni/N=cut/E. the bow and arrow and poison=tlapatl(N)=the castor bean tree,=tlapa(N)=la(m)p= Lapp=Saami, enables industrial capability for pierced shells which means trade export early on, probably shell currency. we're off!