domingo, 29 de abril de 2012


Khnum, potter's wheel/uilana crock,=nomauia/nomauilia(rev.)= works by his will only,=creator god, gives women clay babes. Heqet=frog,=ehecatl(N/2)=Hecate=goddess wind/air/breathes air into womb= uapaua/swell. Khnum/Nomauilia aka Min=mitl/spear=ami/oan(N)=aim(E).

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


...=cloak=Gabon=Ga(r)be(Fr.)=Garawi(OHG)=Garbo(Actress)=Garb=elegance/ adornment,=g/cap/b(letra)=cape(E)=capani/capania(Nauatl)=snap one's fingers/tirar los dedos(sp),=caper(E/verb)=caper(E/berry)=ca(m)pana(sp)= bell,=c(l)apper(E)=badajo(sp)=campaign(E)=capa-city(E)=capani ciuia(N)= to snap one's fingers, to stimulate. and it seems this is so in Gabon. the Karst caves are Neander habitat. wise leaders, don't cut down your trees=treow(OE)=teotl(N)=teo/theo/deo.

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012


elephant=iueli pantli(N)=powerful flag=elifant(Latin)=éléphant(Fr), or, olfend(OE)=camel(E)=camileua/camiliui(N)=yellow,=olin petla(N)=throw/lurch,= eléphas(Gk)=iuelephas(Gk/N)=ivery=iueli(N)=ivory flag.


iueli(N/adj)=powerful/poder-oso(sp)=i/v/ber/li=Bern/Berlin, note (n)=Nawa label for Ber(n), the r/l of Ber/lin=i/uv/Ber/li, burly(E),=Biel, district Bern, lake, Bel(Celtic/Sungod)=iueli/bear/bella(sp)/bellicose(E)=bién(sp)=well(E)=uel(N)=rev. of ue(N). Roman Bel/Belenus=Vindonnus=Uentli/wind dona/Tonatiuh/offer(N)=Sun/Wind. Iueli(N)=Llywelyn(W)=Belenus=Ellen/Elyn of Llewelyn. Lewis/Lawis/Tlauiz(N)=daw(OE)=dew(E)=dawn(E). bile=bilis(L)=bestle(Breton)=petla(N)=p/ber/tla=bear,=piloa(N)=spill.

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

see saw

...sea=ce atl(N)=Seattle(Amerind Chief/City)=Oc/sea/n=see(E/verb)= ce(N)=one, say(E/verb)=cea(N)=not alone/one=de-sea-r(sp)=desire(E)= decir(sp)=to say. ...saw(E/sew)=tzaua(N)=tzoma(N)=sew=hole/hand,=soul(E)=saol(OE)= s/z/tzaua ollin(N)=tzaol(N)=t/z/saol(OE)=soul. the sewing/sawing hole of a soul, thread/hilo=th/tr/tletl(N)=t/let/l=let(E)=allow/hallow= alaua/oalauh(N)=annoint=alabar(sp)=laude(Fr)=lau(Basque)=4=l/nauh/ naui(N)=4=no atl(N)=my water=nous(Gk)=b/rain=drain=d/t/laini(N)= train(E/verb). ...Strelets(Russile)=Russian infantry first raised by Ivan the Terrible, 1533-1584,=(S)tr/tle(l)et(s)l(letra)=tletl(N)=fire, meaning, shooters in Russile. in Pyëtr Velikij's time, they trained for torture! with good reason, as Peter didn't trust them. ...stripe(E/verb)=stroke with staff/scourge,=(s)t(r)oc/ke(letra)=toca(N)= tocar(sp)=touch. (s)t/lap/ffa(N),=scourge(E)=escorge(OFr)=(es)co(r)q/ge= acoquetza(N)=get on top, speaking of waves,=nitla-acoquetza(N)=increase the price,=coquette/co(n)quer. stripe=(s)t(r)ipe(letra)=tepetl(N), hmm, tripod/trip/tripe=trifle?=truffle=toptli(N)=idol(the guts?), the wrap, yes, stripe might come from tripe/toptli(N)=the wrappings, a strip of ribbon/reb/rep/r/tepotztli(N)=back/dorso, aha, stripe/strip/tripe are from the root of rip/rib=tepotztli(N), as is trifle=menudeo/menudo(sp)= trifle/trifling, from, menos(sp)=less. more: ripe/rippled ribs. the back.

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Norse thread know the Norwegians are a great people. what they are going to do with Brevik is to build a jail for him, manned, and one hopes, womaned by people who know him. i was astounded. but the more i thought about it, such a horrendous crime can't simply be punished, it has to be rooted out of the individual himself, the devil not punished, but changed at his core so he is no longer malevolent, so he becomes grateful, discards hate for love and understanding which mollify. from a twisted plant grow by the light of forgiveness past understanding and bring a tear to that dry cheek on which no water falls. it is an extraordinary punishment for an extraordinary slaughter of their own, by their own. they have decided to fight for his soul rather than dismiss him the way we would in America because we're so busy with gadjet/catch(E)=caqui(N)=approve, listen, obey, notify, comment, explain. it rings a bell we believe in human quotient, and in mankind, that we don't take an eye for an eye, but make it see.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Neander/Cromag sow/breed and bury,=to-/our being/ -ca(N)=tocar(sp)=play instrument,=touch, lots of that with canine=canin? (N)=where, from where, whereabouts?,=cantetetic(N)=cantli tetic(N)= who has tough jowels/cheeks=nocan(N)=my cheeks, good name for a dog, ah, notice, tetic(N)=tetl(N)=stone,=ethic/ethical(E), as dogs certainly are, our locator=tloc(N/adv)=location(beside),=tl/t/dog/c(letra), also, dog roots in t/loc/a(N/2 roots), not unusual as binary is a condition of language and computers and dogs, e.g., one command/one action is the only way one can train a cantetetic/canin(N). ...the language record at the headwater of history, Nauatl, associates Fire Drill Promethean Neandra Titlani/Titan Tlatlatzolteotl(N)with the feline, Ocelotl(N/14 Tona)=lotus(fertility flower)=Ocelome(N/plural)= celOim(Liber Linteus/Etruscan)=Elohim(Torah=To r/l/Tlatla=our Flame), and Flame/Tlatla herself is the cave Venus birthing Deity, regent of the Tonalamatl Birthing Calender. recent research has shown Cromag was aided by alliance with dogs in hunting out Neander/Neandra, provoking their extinction, combined with Neandra's dismal birthrate and being nailed to her mountain herb=h/th/tep/(r)b(letra)=Tepetl(N)= mountain/tepe(Mideast)=te(m)ple garden for her ma/mati/imati(N/verbs)= convalescing, while Cromag population explodes around them and dog helps them 2 ways: in the hunt for game, and Neander. ...if one Googles, Almas/Russia, one runs across Alma/Neander storys. one of them has captive Neandra killing a dog and eating part of it out of animosity to the creature, the dog, who could nose her out of her purlieus and betray her and her family. which sets one to thinking the relationship between dog and Neander was competitive from early on as scavengers before either learned to hunt, or by necessity, plus, dogs are good to eat while felines are not. it may have been as simple as that, altho nothing is. yet when one looks at the prejudices in the world, the one against dogs is not unusual for a high-minded species who started with nothing as a fallen Angel in the animal world. ...the Neander choice for totem=totemo(N)=to-/our descent/-temo animal was Ocelotl(N/14 Tona), as all the archaic Eurasian Feline Deitys can testify, and all, by the way, copys of Tlatla(N)=Flame, who is the original by dint of detail, calendric parphernalia. hers is the most complete picture of the cave mother goddess we have. her locations are various, e.g., Turkey/Kupapa, Tlat/l/Ra(Egypt), Chauvet Pont d'Arc/ Dorgogne, everywhere there is Bear/LLewellyn/Iueli(N)cult=Iberia/ Hibernia/Bern/Berlin/Inverness, powerful=Iueli Bear. as late as 7k bce, Zatal Hüyuk, Tlatla is hunting with her Ocelo-cheetah=chitlatla(N)= on top flame, or sitting on her Mother Goddess throne=th(r)/tone= Tonalamatl(N)=calendar, flanked by her totem animals/Ocelome, and, if one goes to the Zatal cybersite, they have found a bear figure also. ...the Tonalamatl itself, ah, herself, has dog/Itzcuintli(N/10 Tona) right in the middle of the sample=cempoalli(N)=20(digits), obviously taken over by Cromag deer tribes, and deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tona)in 7th= ce uentli(N)=one offering=c/se-ven/uen/tli, and, Ehecatl(N/2 Tona)= 2d Venus shuttle/xiotl(N)star, weaving at about 7k bce also, as Tlatla and Lady Birdsnake/Hecate were trading then. language/Nauatl is put on the loom, the first sky goddess is Hecate. she gives birth to Quetzalcoatl Feathersnake, Aryan sky god, and Zeus, somewhere in her windy folds, who is first known to the greeks as an Aryan sky god who is a snake phallic. also the Evening star and clown, Xolotl, mesoamerind Tobacco deity as 5 Flower/Macuo Xigil(Maine Woods/Thoreau)= Macui Xochitl(N/Cozcacuauhtli trecena)=Dogwood tree(Amerinda)used for tobacco=to-/our wash/_paca(N)=bach(Germ)=b(r)ach(OE)=b(r)ook(E)=Bacco, and when Jesus ascended with Mary on the San Apollinari Mozaic, taking Hecate/Quetzalcoatl's powers, Xolotl=xotl(N)=foot -olo-(N/particle)= mover, and clown, became the Devil=Teuilotl(N)=glass.

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Onicma/Enigma land/sea with net,=mati/omat/oma(N)=to know,=O-nic-ma(N)= i knew it, i found it, i learned it,=Enigma(Gk/E). note, the preterit, Oma(N)is split by -nic-, the first person singular.

martes, 17 de abril de 2012


hua(Thai)=haha/laugh(E)=na(hua)(lau)a=naualaua(N)=uarai/warai(J). len(Thai)=play,=ten/tli(N)=edge/boundary/lip,=tent/tennis. mak(Thai)=love(=l/top/b/ve=toptli/N/=idol),=maca(N)=give/hand-be rak(Thai)=love,=r/l/tlaca(N)=take,=raka(Kven)=sin,=rakka(Ainu)=otter. cuup(Thai)=kiss&cup,=cumb(Skrt)=comb/combine=copina(N)=copulate. suk(Thai)=happy,=tzocatl(N)=socket/suck/sugar=zoka(Nihon)=creation.

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

tai/taini and chai/tsai/tai/thai

...are on tlatlatzolteotl.blogspot, if you are interested in the Nauatl/Thai connexion.

viernes, 13 de abril de 2012


Tsaatan=Mazatlan(N)=Dukha, southernmost reindeer/Tonakai people=Tonacatecuhtli(N)= deity of Cipactli(N/1/Tonalamatl). Mongolian taiga=tlaica(N)=rain being, between Siberian Boreal forest to North and the Steppes of inner-Asia to South. Dukha=toca(N)=sow/bury,=to/our being/ca depend on Tonakkay(Ainu)for milk/cheese/clothing/shelter, but not for meat which they hunt/tlami(N), their livlihood threatened, as all taiga=tlaini ca (N)=rain beings, by climate disruption of food chain.

cash crop

copina=c(r)op=copa(sp)=cornucopia, una copa de, cosecha(sp) =cozca ecatl(N)=joya del viento=la tía Ahuitl=h/a(r)ui(s)t= aristo=quiahuitl(N/19). caxaua(N)=cash(E)=crassus(L)=grasa(sp)=grease(E)= adel/gazar(sp)=gazar(sp)=gazapón=casino=caxaua(N)=hacerse flaco. caxaua,=g(r)ass(E)=gr/cax/shaua(N), pues, grass es semilla= cemitta(N)=mirada céntral desde la semilla de una vida. cemitta&semilla, hay tt/ll. llegó semilla extraerse de cemitta después de Gobekli/Kopeck/peck(E)=medida de granos/ capollotl, 11k bce-8k bce, einkorn wheat/uitequi(N)=white/ winter=trigo/ticitl(N)=partera. fué tamaño=tamaloa para tamales. primeros los Semitas de Kopeck/Gobeck muy antes de que nació Abrahm, ancestro de Yuhti/Yu'dhi&Tlapa/Arabe. hacía Rúsia,=cemithualli/cemitta=un patio,=cemya(R)=famille= pamitl/bandera/pantli, y thualli/toalla. grain no parece caxaua,=p.67, isbn 968-23-0573-x, capolla(N)=cerezal, ni capolin/capulin=cherry Virginia,=capollotl(N)=grano=c/g(r)ap=grape.

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Tet(Viet)=Tletl(N)=t/l/red fire in the lake/lac(Fr)/tlaca(N).

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


...Lobster, topotli(N)=tank fish,=t/lopotli, tope(Cornwall)=sandshark. turbot=t/lopo(s)tl/re, for those with name thus, mostly med. types? ...comb=copina(N)=cup/copete(qué peine Nieto!)=co(m)b-inar, pues, comb=cup/copa de mano y dedos es primer peine=pepetla(N)=arrojar frequentivo de petla(N)cabello=capani(N)=tirar los dedos(al cabello)= comb/cepillo=ce piloa(N)=c/ke(m)pe(letra/name alemán)=unkempt(E)= kemb(ON)=cemban(OE)=comb(E)=kembian(OS)=kemben/chemben(OHG)=chipaua(N)= clean/tidy(verb). ...ocotochin(N)=bobcat, note, Tochtli(N/8 Tona)used for other animals beside horse=h/th/To(r)ch/c/s(letra)=Tochtli. Okhotsk=Ocotl Tochin(N)= Pine(forest)Conejo/Cony=Bobcat, hmmm, don't need turpentine that badly. ...Onen(N)=he lived,=Onan(Bible)=too busy to have progeny. ...onmo-tepehua(N)=they hurled themselves? don't. ...onne-tepehualo(N)=they scatter, there is scattering. not another Diaspora. ...onicma(N)=i knew it, i found it out; i learned it,=aenigma(Lat), -mat-=mati(N)=know,=ainigma(Gk)=enigma(E)=riddle in verse=uta(Japonica)= otli(N)=route/order/vein=in uentli(N)=the offering,=odol(Basque)=(b)lood (E)=idol(E)=Odin/Wodin/Wo(r)ding. ...oquiz(N)=he came forth,=de oquis((Spamex caló)=gratis(sp)/for free, oquichtli(N)=Quechua(Incan)=man owners,=O(r)quid(Flower). ...oztotl(N)=cave/spring,=(gr)ot/(gr)otto(E)=(gr)o(z)tot/l(letra).

viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

cici sigh

ciciaui(N/freq)=cici/sigh(E)=sican(OE)=ciciaui(N/freq)=ciaui/ciyaui/ociauh(N)= tired=ociar(sp)=idle,=qui-ciahui(N)=tire of work,=ciauiztli/ciyauiztli(N)=fatigue.

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012


(E)=crake(ME/xiv)=obsolete,=cacalotl(N)=crow/candle snuffer,=plural of calli=ca(N)=be.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

eagle vicar

eagle=quauhtli(N/15/Tona)=wisdom=next day=CozcaCuauhtli(N/16)=old age,= 16.kib/cib(Tzolk'in)=Cipactli(Tona)=scribe,=aguila(Sp)=aqui=enter=aquia=gird one's suit,= plow/seed/stock grafting deity of quauhtli=Xipe Totec,=xipeua/flay/sheep/springtime,= aquili=repair/paint walls,=aquilia=double the sentence(Prometheus&eagle). aquiliztli(N)=pounce/swoop/mediate. uica(N)=wick/vicar/victory/Nike= uiquilia(N/rev)=uiquilia aquilia,=aguila Achilles.


...Que(r)cus=Quech/c-ua(Inca)=Oquichtli(N)=O(r)chid. Onions goes all around the forest on this one, avoiding the O, but putting in every other combination of vowel making O, e.g., ac/aec(OE)=eiche(Ger)/ eik(ON)=aiks(CGerm), on the linguistic merry-go-round, even mistaking the name Acton for Oak related, but, Algodon(sp)=Cotton=A(l)c(o)ton, the cotton armor padding in fashion before metals, the cheap version after. in fact all names thought to be Oak, save Oakley and Noke, which could be, Noquia/Noquilia(N)=verter/spill//purge, have other antecedents, e.g., Agden, cf., Acton. ...Eagle=aguila(sp)=aquila(Lat/Ital)=aquilia(N)=double the punishment,= aquiliztli(N)=action of placing/putting, plunging in, intervention, mediation, from, aquia(N)=dress in a tight, closed suit; favor, sustain; put something in a hole, dunk something in water, keep adding. Aqui(N)= enter=aquí(sp)=here,=aq(Egypt)=enter,=Aqhet(Egypt)=spring,=Aqriculture(E). here we see actions of Eagel/aquila(sp)described, building nests(keep adding), flying with talons over water(dunk/plunging in/swooping), etc. ...pieces of eight:ehta(OE)=achta(OFrisian)=atta(ONorse)=ahtotian(OSaxon)= tochtli(N)=ocho(sp)=octo(Latin)=ocht(OIrish), the root=Tochtli(N/8 Tonalamatl). compare with Oak versions.