sábado, 31 de mayo de 2014


(E)=tvige(ODa)=dvika(Skrt)=of 2,=t/uic(N)=wick/vicar=dva(Russile)=2. two(E)=2,=t/wo=owa(Bret)=wo/ow/owa/ua(N)mana(N)=own flow/woman. woad(E)=dye,=ua/wo-ad/atl(N)=water. twin(E)=t/win=wind=uena(N)=Venus/Uei citlali.

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014


...(Irish)=sail éille(Irish)=Cailleach(Irish/Scotch)=old chair/leg=tleco(N)=rise/raise/trek(E)= Silé(Irish)=the hag/lagh/tlaca(N)=wind body, although, éille=elli(N)=belly, referring to knob on shillé/xilé tlaca/lagh=little seat/stool's body. thus, the shillé began as our first piece of furniture around the fire(E)=piloa/xilé=shire, turned into uipana/weapon. later in the 17th c., candle=Ecatl=Cailleach sticks hollow-filled with pitch, for solid silver ones were too cosh to light Irish dinners, as tempers lit too.

lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014


...(USA/card game in which modern deck fool first appeared)=euker/uker/yuker, of unkn.origin,= joker(E)=joque(Dr.Eachard, d.1697)=jocus(Lat)=word-play/jest,= jucks/jux(G)=jok(Du)=joker(USA)= euchre(USA/1860)=begins with bower/bauer(G)= farmer,=poa/opouh(N)=count,=power,=denoting the jack, related to Écarté popularized by Cornish and Pennsy Dutch(German)in USA, and to 17th c. game of bad repute, Loo. referred to as Knock Euchre as distinct from Bid Euchre=joker(E)=j/yocatl(N)=riches, =yoke(E)=jock/jockey(E)=yoga(Skrt)=union,=yugi(J)=jugar(sp).

sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014


...(E/Awdelay xvi)=steal(E)=s/te/tle(a)l/tl=tletl(N)=fire(first stolen), orig. thieves slang of unkn. origin?=pilichtli(N)=fold/wrinkle(E)=w(r)inkle=winkle(E)=wick(E)=uic(N/adv)=back and forth, so, winkle(E)=pry a secret, i.e., steal is old as fire, but f/pil(i)ch/aui=pilichaui(N)= wrinkle/stink/get old, is not as old as fire, younger than birch(E)=filch(Fraternitye of Vacabondes/July 1561).


...(E)=northern tree,=ilitl(N)=b/pil(i)ch/rch(Letra)=pilichaui/opilchauh(N)=wrinkle up/be past it/ become musty; get old/fall into old age/become ancient,=pilch(OE)=skin garment dressed with wool, =saddle pad xvi,=baby's wrapper xvii,=pelliz(OHG)=pelz(G)=fur coat,= pellicea(Lat)=pelisse(E)=pelisa(Pr),=surplice(E)=surplis(ANorman)=pellis(Lat)=skin, =pilchard(E)=allied to herring,=pilcher(E/xvi)=pilseir(Irish/fm E)=pilichauini(N/v.adj)=what dries/gets musty/wrinkles,=Pilsner(Bavarian city beer=bir/ch)=pilchauhqui(N/v.adj)= musty/aged.


1.messuage(E)=basic unit Euro-feudal system,=yeccaqui(N)=approve something. 2.mesne(Fr/law)=intermediate/mean,=yecnemiliztli(N)=rectitude. 3.mesnalty=state of mesne Lord hold,=yecmaitl(N)=rt.hand,=toyecma=dexterity. 4.message=yeccaqui(N)=approve,=yectli/yes hear,hear/caqui.

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014


...(E)=region behind that lying along a sea or watercourse xix,=hinter(G)=behind(E), cf., hind/hint (E)=h/th/ti(n)t/la=titla/titlani(N)=between/messenger,=litany, e.g., lithe(E2/archaic)=listen(E)= lithe(E1/xv)=pliant,=lithi(OSax)=l/titl/t/thi=titla(N/particle).


...(E)=jerk/pull/drag=dr/tlac/g=tlaca(N) xviii,=move away or off, tramp(E/verb), esp. for pleasure xix. of dial.origin(Onions)=of unkn.origin?=h/th/t/tlec/ik/e(Letra)=tleco(Naua)= leg/trek(E), Reggy.

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

deep frieze

(Parthenon/April 14 2014/NYer)=peplos(Gk)=woman's wool robe, largest being Minerva's carried in procession, Mi(n)e(r)va=Mitl eua(N)=the spear transmits(E),=Athena(Gk)=Atentli(N)= by the lip, refering to her parthen/teno/ten/tli(N)/genic birth by Zeus's first word after his sip of Madre Metis, bibulous wisdom deity and rope/mead plant,=pepainoo(Gk)=ripen. Athena's peplos, from sheep=xipeua(N)=flay,=Xipe Totec=our Lord, flayed one, God of Spring, Earth dons another coat of crops. frieze of 243cattle=243days Tonalamatl=9 Calli/house within trecena, Eagle/Cuauhtli,=ideal maiden=Xochi=Parthenon=maiden chamber. dayEagle deos= Xipe(N). night/nature god selected by dividing 9Calli's day number, 243by9=dividend 0=full 9 Tlaloc=rain god=last&9th diety, to whom sacrifice made,=9Atl=altia(N/rev)= wash/wasser(G)=tealtia(N)=theatre=t/reality=ue altia(N)=bealté(OE)=beauty/beatitude(E). peplos(Gk)=pepena/pepenilia(N/rev)=elect/choose someone,=pepeyoca(N)=sparkling water and field= pepechoa(N)=fill a hole/plant,=pepeyaua(N)=tamp down,=pepechotl(N)=seedbed= pepexonia(N)=top off=top=toptli(N)=idol/wrap,=tohopa(OE)=hope(E).

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014


...(Nauatl)=challenge(E)=the sound of breaking glass,=Konovalyuk(Yocatl=Yukra/ina=the owner)= kon(R)=ehco/eco(N)=ecus(Lat)=equus(Lat)/ovalR/particle)= owal/ual(N)=wall/war(E)=towards(E)/ yuk(R)=yocatl(N)=owner. arrives/ual(N) the horse owner. .....Putin(R)=reversal=in Potli(N)=the Punter. .....Jiu-jitsu/Jujitsu(J/China), e.g., yue(Cantonese)=jyu/jyut=yuhti(Nauatl)=from the beginning, referring to Nauatl/Cantonese,=yuh(N/adv)=thus/such,=yuhqui(N/adv/adj)=thus/in this way,= yuhcatla(N)=desert. wrestling/atleti(N)=burn consume, a fire drill Neander sport=potli(N)=both. .....If Vlad accepts the chalani/challenge he will set the gladiatorial framework for internal and external disputes, especially in foreign affairs. rather than amass men and equipment for slaughter, dexterity will rule as winner take all. if he loses to the emerging Horse Owner, he will win much more than Russia has lost to Glasnost, i.e., the undying respect of his enemies as a man who has crossed the bridge=pont(Lat)=potli(N) from pontificater to combatant, so others may live.