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...=Shawl. here's a lesson in how to get completely fluxed even if you have the IndoEuro/PIE/Nauatl root book, isbn 968-23-0573-x, in front of you, and a good example that the final arbiter of any rooting string= common sense blended with utility. for a long time i had taken the easy way out and said, chalani(N)=tinkle, the breaking of glass, not give the tone, discordant, talk not singing. but it turns out shawl/chal=challenge, chalania(N/verb)=fight one another, attack, revolt=ualtzaqua(N)=waltz, nitla-chalania(N)=clash together(cymbals/people/animals/rocks/ideas), doesn't fit, simply because the Japanese, chaya(J)=teashop/restaurant/rest house, coming from the generic word for tea=chay(Turk)=cha(J)=chaikhana(Silk road central asian tea house/guest house/inn, using only a prepostion in E, did not mean chalani was root of chal. well, surely, the tinkle, break, and clink of glasses, talking not singing, gives chalani(N)root priority, from the subsequent, chat, but that word from the longer chatter, which roots in Ecatl(N/2 Tona)=c(l)atter, noise and root by the wind/weaver, Hecate Shuttle Star. keep her in mind as we will mention her last in this post. yes, chalani(N)=is root for chhá(Mandarin)/tsái(Gk)/Thailand(supposedly not related to tea, but meaning, tie/unity, but what is tea but tie/unity?/te(Min/simplified/ Chinese/Tai-wan/Guangdong)/chay/chai(Persia)/tsai(Mongol). ...shawl, earliest forms from Urdu, language of Pakistan and the Muslims of SE Asia: schal/sc(i)al/shaul/chal. note the idiom connexion between a difficult ally, who has India bracketed by common language. chal(sp)/chale(Fr)/shal(Persia)/ Shaliatl(town/India), where first manufactured? what does Shaliat mean? Sh/Xalliatl(N)=sand/water, seems to be on the NW coast of India...let's look at Xalli(N)=X/Shallow/sand(E), wait, we forgot the wind/Ecatl(N). Shawls are called throws=echar(sp)=Ech/car/l/t/l=Ecatl(N), just as beds are bett(G)=b/petla(N/verb)=throw,=petlatl(N)=petate(Mex)=sleeping mat, the verb, petla(N)making the spLat nouns, piedra/petra, and, xalli (N)=fine piedra/petra/petla(N). ...i would give precedence to function, that shawl=chal/Ecatl(N)by being a throw and a protection from sand/wind, wind/Ecatl(N/2 Tona)being the operative element in shawl, just as Tona-tiuh/solar deity is the operative element in, t/dune(E). the fact that Shaliatl town made shawls is the additional etymology/root of chal=ch/cat/l=Ecatl(N), but one remembers, Hecate was Windweaver, and Goddess since 7k BCE at Belgrade on the Tonatiuh(N) Donava Danube. she had her shawl, which is an early, primitive piece of Katherine=Ekatheron(Gk)=throw of shuttle/xiotl(N). ...shawl=cowl(E)=cule(OE)=cuculla(OHG/Latin), hmmm, looks like, coloa (N)=co(i)l/cu(r)l, but can still be, Coatl(N/5 Tonalamatl)=snake, which gives us,=coat(E)=cotoni(N). the fact harmonic roots are all over the garment called chal, strengthens its provenance from Nauatl rather than Shal(i)atl Town.

domingo, 22 de julio de 2012


=today=naui calli=4 house=4th trecena/Flower/Xochitl(20)=4 Calli(3)=43rd day by 9= =7=Tlatzolteotl=flame-hole Thea, regent Tonalamatl=ce/se-ven/uen/tli(N)=one render.

viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Freya's Necklace

Freya=Fr/peyaua(N/)=overflow,=peua(N)=pe/be-gin/tzintli=peyotl(N)=cactus/cactli/shoe. Brisin=Br/pitz/sin/i=Pitzini(N)=pith 4 dwarves for jewel/gamen=stone=kamen(R),= ca meya/omex(N)=flow/be.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

tooth of land

1.ishi(J)=stone/jewel/Med.Assoc./will/wish/purpose, as verb,=hang oneself,=ixtli(Nauatl)=faz(sp)/facet/face,=itztli(N)=obsidian/flakes. 2.Japan=hapan=zapato/zapatero(sp)=tzapa/tzapatl(N)=dwarf(E)= d/z/tz(w)a(r)p/f=tzapa(N),=wo(China)=dwarf, =chibi(Japonica)=dwarf,=chibo(J)=resourceful,=cüce(Turkish)= dwarf,=Cozcatl(N)=necklace/jewel/yellow,=kosai(J)=luster, brilliance, koseki(J)=ore/crystal=cetl(N)=ice(E),=kosen(J)=an arc/ray of light, kosen(J)=Hades,=kosetsu(J)=intercourse/skill/workmanship. 3.Freya(G)=peyaua(N)=overflowing, x 4 dwarves for sake of Brisingamen=Br/pitzini/split stone=g/kamen(R)= ka/ca meya/men(N/R)=being flow. 4.epotx/epo(Basque)=dwarf,=hipo(sp)=hiccup(E)=ipotza(N). 5.ame(J)=rain,=ameyalatl(N)=ameyalla(N)=fountain. 6.yuki(J)=snow,=yuhqui(N)=natural,=yuhquiyotl=natural form. ice=ce/cetl(N)=oneness of water. 7.tane(J)=seed/stone/pit/pip/kernel/origin/cause/theme,=t/tlane(N)=what has teeth=tlantli(N)=t/land/tli,=chinese pictograph for teeth=chi(Chi)=chi(J)=earth/land/tlantli=tooth of land=Han(Chi majority). 8.theme(E)=tema(sp)=thema(Latin/Gk)=teme(ME/OFr)=te(s)me(OFr)=teme(N/pl) stone/tetl(N). e.g., tetica(N)=ética(sp)/ethic.

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012


yamactic/yamania(N)=yammer/hammer/jam/yam=tuber/toptli/idol=dharog(WAussie)=yam= Dharog=tribe/language,=Dh/Tlaloc/rog(WAus/N)=Tlaloque(N)=Halos(E)=mountain dwarves of Tlaloc= Tl/T/Thol/r=Thor(ON)=mjollnor(ON)=hammer Thor,=molli nolhuia(N)=pottage nurse.

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

whereby elfs

...Elphinstone(Scotch Peer)=El-phin=-ph/piqui/opic(N)=(pick)=form oneself, approach, group, unite,=pixie(folklore/E)=nixen(Germany)=piquant/feign/ finger(who picks=piqui)=invented, excessive, extravagant, imagine; lie consciously, surround, wrap tamales in leaves to cook them, form a new creature(speaking of God). the El-phin=Alvin(Name)=tlal-phin=-piqui(N)= earth finger/pixie, well, chitoni(N)=spark,=chthonic(Gk/E)=sparky(fire drill)=on top/chi toni/tone/tune. ...Elfdalian(Swedish minority language)=dalian=d/tlalli(N)=land/earth= Elfland,=Älf-dal(s)ka(3k speakers/Elfland)=Tlalpiqui-Tlalca(N)=Earth Formed Earth Being,=Älf-dal(s)mal(linguistic variation of Scandinavian language spoken in the old parish of Ovdain=Ov/Alf/Tlalpiqui-Tlaini/N= Earth Group/United-T/l/Rain/Earth Drinkers, the southeast part of Alf-dalen Municipality in Northern Dalarna, Sweden, a Dalecarlian Vernacular)= Earth Finger/Feint/Pixie Earth/-dal-(s)/Malinalli(N/12 Tonalamatl)=wreath, Earth's finger garland of herbs/Mal-inalli, e.g., wa(japonica)=unity, circle, hoop, peace,=waa(Chi-na)=lang-ua-ge=-ua-(N)=own(E). ...Fink-el-stein=F/Ph/pink/qui-el/al/tlal-tetl(N)=earth stone/stein= El-phin-stone(E)=Tlal-piqui-tetl(N)=Earth/Land's Finger Stone. ...Elvin(Bishop/Paul Butterfield Blues Band)=guitar player/picker=piqui/N.