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Belly button hill

...the oomphalos, the ombligo, the navel, not, pot belly hill, i.e., Gobekli Tepe, where the first agricultural belly dancing started. when one first comes upon something new, it may present itself in a certain way, e.g., hunter-gatherer, on the cusp of the agricultural age, Eden, but one continues to revise as data comes in. how to refute the detail that 40% of the fire sacrifices were blackbirds= rawend(Arab)=r/tlatla uentli(Nauatl)=flame offerings(E). well, one can't. why so many? because this bird always shows up when agriculture does, meaning Gobekli tepe=Tepetl(N)=Te(m)ple was already the first large scale agricultural experiment, and hunter-gatherer, the first impression of its discoverer. ...raven/rawend(A), crow=cacalotl(N/plural)=Calli(N/3 Tonalamatl)=house/being, in particular, a settlement. Gobekli has no settlement, so far, on site, so it must have been treated as a Milpa=Milli pan(N)=planting(E) place Mountain where people from surrounding villages made early morning treks to work and worship there. the problem of crows, that astute agri-avian, was solved by setting traps for it, nets, or even guards whose job was to bring them to flame sacrifice=raven by Priestly order. after Gobekli, on the Rha/Volga the rawend word was used for rhubarb and the Volga's first name, Rha, was created when the Scythian herders there planted the first tea, rhubarb, along its banks using cow dung for each plant, producing flaming banks. ...i don't think one can any longer say about Gobekli Temple, "...a world of only hunter-gatherers," when one admits the heavy raven/crow presence for what it was: Agriculture. the thot plickens.

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cempoalli(N)=20=twenty(E)=veinte(sp)=w/v/uentli(N)=ofrenda(sp)=offering Cipactli(N/1 Tonalamaterasu)=seppuku(J)=Cipapu(Hopi)=Gossip(E)=one who cuts the umbilical, referring to cutting the hole/ombligo in the Metis, metl(N)=maguey to extract nequatl(N)=agua miel(sp)=honey water. Ecatl/Ehecatl(N/2 Tona)=kaze(J)=wind/breeze,=kazetoshi(J)=vent/air toss=ecatoxaua(N)=ecatl/wind toss/toxaua(N)=toss out ballast. Calli(N/3 Tona), cf., previous Post: Tonal-Amaterasu. Cuetzpallin(N/4 Tona)=kuenal(J)=not good to eat;sly cunning fellow/fox. Cuetz deity=Ueue Coyotl(N)=Old priapic Coyote. Coatl(N/5)=snake, market day, sign of Vanguard merchants/Pochteca,=koakindo(j)=small tradesman,= koan(J)=safety deputy,=CiuaCoatl(N)=Lady Snake=defense/public works officer,= koatari(J)=sniff out,=koatsu(J)=high tension(wire). Miquiztli(N/6)=death,=misso(J)=informal funeral,=mishimishi(J)=creaking floor under one,= misogi(J)=ceremony of purification(in a river), e.g, the river Styx=Chiconauhpan(N)=river of the 9 vados/wadings with boatman who rows one across to Mictlan, michimichi(J)=on one's way, as one goes along, all the way. one walks to Mictlan after the river crossing in company of a brown Xoloitzcuintli/Kelb Tal Fenek(Phoenician),who becomes the devil, after trifling as clown, tobacco deity Macui Xochitl=5 Flower of Amaquemecan. Mazatl(N/7)=deer,=matou(J)=wrap, wear, put on,= matsuru(J)=deify=deer=deor=teotl(N),=mazaru/majiru(J)=mix,= majo/masho(J)=witch/sorceress=chamaua/xamani(N)=shaman(E),=massao(N)=deepblue, color of deer totem(Huichol/Wixarika). Tochtli(N/8)=rabbit,=toshi(J)=toso(J)=toast/roast rabbit,=ocho(sp)=8. Atl(N/9)=water(E)=atae(J)=gift older than the sun=atari(J)= neighborhood, direction, scenery, on every side, all over the place(rain), e.g., atl(N)=water(E)=altia(N/reverential of atl/water)=altar(E)=ue altia(N)= bealté(OE)=beauty(E)=beatitude(E)=alaua/oalauh(N/further reverential of atl/water)= laude(Fr)=praise/bless(E)=blodam(OE)=b/laudam=lau(Basque)=l/nauh(N)= naui(N)=4, as in, uena(N)big4=uentli(N)offering/ofrenda(sp). Tletl blog: Rune tune, 13/02/2012, for Runes vs Sample/Cempoalli= Hagalaz(Viking Rune 19)=hail/elemental power/disruption,= Quiahuitl(N/19 Tonala)=rainstorm. Tlaca tlaza(N)=throw down/tlaza tlaca/body,= Orchard Culture Harvest= 7 Greek Seasons, Opora(Gk)=opportune(E)wind harvesting laden trees, fruit drops Tlaloc Nomads lived on, Upper Stone Age, 45k BCE-10k BCE. within Quiahuitl trecena is Coatl/Snake, 7th day of 7th trecena, once name of Metis, the rope deity, Wisdom, mother of Athena, for Amerind Aztec and Tarot=taroc(Ital)=Tlaloc,= Empress and Star cards=the one goddess of Feast and Famine=7/Chicome Coatl(Quiahuitl= auitl(N)=aunt(E)=harvest(E)= aristo(Gk)=ariston(Gk)=the morning meal,=comoni(N)=daily fire drill,= commotion(2/socket&shaft&flute=fuelle(sp)/fuigo(J)=bellows,=co(s)mo(ni=Cosmos.

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1.toshi(J)=year/begins,=Tochtli(N/8/Tona)=1st year bearer/south/grain quadrant= toso(J)=new year's saki. 2.Acatl(N/13)=2d year bearer. purists say 1st.=east 65 day quad.=tlauizlampa(N)=dawn/lamp. solar red/sun Tona=aka(J)=red,=akabudoshu (J)=wine red,=akachan(J)=new baby,=akagane(J)=copper,=akane(J)=madder dye/red dawn sky,= akaranpu(J)=red lamp,=ranpu/tlanpu/lamp/tlapa,=akari(J)=light/lamp/glow,= akebono=dawn. Acatl=cane=sceptre=Cipactli(N/1)=solar quad. 3.Tecpatl(N/18)=3d year bearer)=arrow/knife/flint,=north/Mictlampa/deathside, black/white,=tekagen(J)= knack/knap,=tekazu(J)=punches in bunches,=tekichu(J)=ipanti(N)=bullseye,= tekidan(J)=grenade/bullets,=tekigi(J)=suit/fit,=tekihyo(J)=to the point,=tekiji(J)=clutch hit,=tekizu(J)=wound,=tekken(J)=fist,=te(J)=hand,=tekki(J)=enemy plane/hardware,= tekko(J)=iron/steel,=teko(J)=lever,=tleco(N). 4.Calli(N/3)=4th year bearer)=being/house,= ciuatlampa=west/ladyside,=yellow,=kara(J)=husk/hull/shell/skin,=kara(J)=blank/hollow,= kara(J/sfx)=by/at/in,=karada(J)=body/health,=karagenki(J)=courage/being,=karakami(J)= slide-paper door,=karakara(J)=dry/parched,=karakau(J)=tease/chafe,=karamete(J)=back gate/door,=karasu(J)=crow=cacalotl(N)=kakanasura(J)/tataka(Skt)=crow demon,= tataca(N)=attack,=calli(N)=small wood pincers to eat corn cooked over coals. 5.karato(J)=drinker,=karatto(J)=jollyfellow,=carajo/caralho/carall(Sp/Pg/Catalan)= calar(sp)=soak/pene/trate=calaqui(N)=penetrate/spill,=c/galaxy/qui.

martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Naui Olin

refuting the Mayan Doom Prophecies, accepted wisdom is the 5th Age, Naui Olin/4 Movements(of solstice&equinox) began on Naui Olin(4th day of 2d trecena Ocelotl on 17th day of the cempoalli/20, e.g., 13th trecena=Olin(N)=Movement. Mayandate chosen for World's end was 6th June 2012=10 Olin, not 4 Olin, 5th Age ending as it began, while uncertain there will be a 6th Age as 6=Miquiztli(N)=skull. oldest Mayan date, 10 March 3309 BCE, the Naui Olin/Ome Tochtli found at Palenque, 1998, signed on bowls after that period as Tonalamatl day/deity Ome Tochtli(N)=2 Rabbit, vicar/ composer of the Metis Pulque Choir. Aztecs married up to the old Nauatlaca line. Ome Tochtli(N/pulque deity) is an Olmec god adopted during ascendency as Maguey Rabbits=Mecitli, mocking title given them by settled tobacco/corn aristocracy of Amaquemecan(N)=where paper suits(burial), near Popo and Iztaccihuatl, where main dish has always been roast=toast(E)= toshi(J)=toso(J)=tochtli(N/8 Tonal)=rabbit=cony=ch/honey(E)=co(mes to honey)-necuhtli(N)= conetl(N)=conejo(Mex)=coniglio(Ital)=konijn(Du)=kanin(Swe). inside the Naui Olin bowl has 4 whorls=4 movements of the year, between whorls are 2 hash marks with 8 slashes per line=2/Ome 8/8/Tochtli=10 March 3309 BCE. rather than start Age Naui Olin on 2d trecena of Ocelotl/4th day Olin, the bowl date for 5th Age=3d trecena of Mazatl/deer on the 28th Tonal day=Ome Tochtli. deities of 9=night gods decide as they divide 28by9=remainder=1=Xiuhtletl(N)=fire deity&Lord of Year.. Ocelotl is priestly 2d trecena, totem animal of Tlatla cave Venus, within=birthday of Quetzalcoatl=9 Ehecatl(N/2 Tona), while 3d trecena Mazatl(N/7 Tona)= totem animal of earlier Tlaloc Nomad Age. 3d trecena, Mazatl(N/7 Tona) ends in Quiahuitl/harvest=Olmeca Quiahuiztecatl(N)=Rain Wizards=Quia/huiz(tec)atl=Wizard/atl(N)=water(E), dwellers of Popocatepetl,=last neotlithic jade culture of China, known as Liangzhu, 3310-2250BCE,= liang=millet/measure,=l/tianguiz(N)=prosperous grain merchants who invented the glutton, Taoite=tlaolli tetl(N)=stone grind rollers, allied to contemporary Zoque=Zoquitl(N)=mud quitters, who made growing fields at mouth of Yangtze for Liangzhu allies. in Amerind Zoque built mounds along the Mississippi/ Cahokia, and mudded on Mexico's tropical gulf. Liangzhu suddenly disappeared from the Yangtze at 2250BCE. flooding given as reason. the Zoque coincide with Olmec/Liangzhu and partner them as earthworks gang both continents.,=ni(Nawa/pers.pronoun)=yo(sp)/I,=nepa/nipa(Nawa)=back&forth,= Neptune/Neptonatiuh. 2.tzotl(N)=mud=zoquitl/Zoqui(N).

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...sima(OE)=sime(OSaxon)=simo(ONorse)=rope, found in Charles Bucks Indo- Euro Roots,=sima(Finnish Bear Ceremony)=mead=mëd(Russile)=miel(sp)= melassa(sp)=melt(E)=metl(Nauatl)=Century Maguey Plant(Amerinda)= meya/omex(N)=flow,=(m)eya=eye(E)=me(Japanese)=eye(E); bud, blossom,= cima(sp)=top, peak, encima de(sp)=on top of,=c(r)in(sp)=mane of horse,= c(r)ime/c(l)ime(E)=lit., the hand/-maon top/ci/chi(N)=chi(J)=earth,= Chi-na=tlalchi(Nauatl)=on earth/land. cima(N)=comb out a penca of maguey/ Metl(N)=Metis(First Deity of Wisdom)for rope=rap=r/tlapa(N). in Japanese, rope=nawa=Nauatl(N)=first language. ...urge, orgy, ogre(E)=u/oc/(r)ge, or, oc/g(r)e(Letra)=Ocelotl(N/14 Tonalamatl)=Totem=To temo(Nauatl)=Our descent, ah, totem animal of the birthing Goddess, Tlatla-tzol-teotl, regent of the birthing calendar, the Tonalamatl. indicating a phallic=palli(N) cult based on the female feline and the mother goddess herself. when Caillech, the Sile, is said to have begun the 7 races in the 7 caves=Chicomoztoc with 7 young men, 7= Mazatl(N/7)= Tlaloc's animal in the Tona, sign of lust/orgy, and Ocelotl is 14, twice the Mazatl number of ce uentli(N)=ce/se-ven/uentli, cf., museum, Ulm, Germany, ivory statuette of cave lioness with 7 hash marks on left arm, the right arm missing(another 7 marks?=14=Ocelotl). remembering Chicomoztoc and Neandertal range from Dordogne to the Altai Mts, and the feline inspired Olmec Japonica Yue of Guangxi, who were not part of China during their Amerind settlement, 1.8k BCE-4c. BCE, one can say cave living =Guangxi and feline totem deities were still a regency then. Zatal Hüyuk founded 7k BCE by cavers, cf., Tletl Blog, Post=slip, 11Mzo2013, e.g., Cappadoccia=Capaxtic(N)=spongy, porous, and, toctia(N)=join the crowd; hide in dark corners; sustain/fortify with stone and stick.

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...=the Japanese for year=Tochtli(N/8 Tonalamatl)=Rabbit, the first year bearer, or, Xiuhmopilli(N)=Sheaf of 13 years. the Tonalamatl was said to have begun in Acatl(N), the direction East, the Sun's arrival point, but is said to have been changed by the Aztecs to Tochtli(N) since they were the Mecitli(N)=Maguey Rabbits, which is also the drinking symbol for the Japanese, cf., saki cups with conys=conejo(Mex)=conetl(N)= co-necuhtli(N)=comes(to the)honey=choney(Letra)=coney/cony(E). ...Aztecatl=Aztatl(N)=garza/garceta(sp)=g/a(r)z(t)a/tl(Letra)=crane, a Japanese symbol also, e.g., Aztlan(N)=homeland of Aztecs, said to be on the west coast of Mexico, on an island near Mazatlan called, Mixicaltitlan. there are many white cranes on the swamp shore preserve there. we can say that the transfer from Xiuhmolpilli Acatl to Xiuhmolpilli Tochtli happened under the Olmec Japanese Yue, 1.8k BCE. ...Toso(Japanese)=New Year's spiced saki,=Toast(E)=To(a)ch/c/s t/li= Tochtli(N/8 Tonalamatl). in Onions, toast2=favorite lady who health is drunk to, xvii, so named as supposed to flavor the bumper like spiced toast in drink. spiced toso(J)/toshi(J)/to(a)st(E)/Tochtli(N), which is the root of the word, t/roast(E).

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=sheevra(Ulster)=Sheela na gig=Sila=Síle(Irish)=xilé(N)=3-legged birth stool,= sillín/silla(sp)=xillantli(N)=womb,=Xilonen(N)=Corn Dolly,=Cailleach Beira, white goddess of winter, the veiled one, who began the 7 races, growing younger at each consort,=Venus Willendorf, Mother goddess of veiled face, 35k BCE.

martes, 7 de mayo de 2013


...=the Irish/Scot hag, older sister of the sun, the Caillech=Chair Leg, the Carlin=Sh/Xilé(Nauatl)=sillín/silla(sp)=stool, first piece of furniture, use by the Sile, Neandra Promethea to sit around her fire= f/piloa(Nauatl)=spilla(ONorse)=spill(E), and, f/sh/xilé(Nauatl)=fire= tletl(Nauatl)=t/l/red/tl=t/let/l=letra(sp)=letter(E)=t/ler/tl= lernia(OFris)=leornian(OE)=learning(E). this reckoning, language is more than 15k BCE old, as fire/tletl(N), and stool=toloa(N)=xilé(N)=sillín/silla(sp) are some of the oldest words in language, e.g., tletl(N)=atleti/atletia(N)=burn/consume,=athlete(Gk/E)= atle(N)=negative, tle(N)=something, what thing?,=tl/t/the(E)=definite article. the athlete was Neanderthal.

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...=sh/xalli(Nauatl)=sand(E)=Xalapan(N)=sandy apan/river=Jalapa(Vercruz)= Xalisco(N)=arenales(sp)/sand pits=Jalisco(Mex)=sh/xal-ome(N)=2 sands/shores =Shalom(Hebrew)=Peace, shore to shore, where hellos and good-byes are said, sailors paid off. a word with as many meanings as the sparkling sand. from the Hebrew root, salam, we get the Nauatl root, tzalan(N/adv)=between= tzallantli(N)=canyon, where one used to feel safe, but not from ambush or either rim. both sh/xal/tzal prefixes establish boundaries, entry and salida, yet the x/sh of shalom is only explained by, sh/xalli(N), the pulverized shallows of fine feelings, departure and return. ...xallo(N/adj)/xaloa(N/verb)=fill/cover with sand.


1.leech=physician(Archaic)=laece(OE)=letza/leischa(OFrisian)=laki(OSaxon)=lahhi(OHG)= lakir(OSwede)=lekeis(Goth)=tleco(N)=arise. note laki/lahhi/lakir=tlaca(N)/take. 2.leech=wound cleanser. laece(OE)=lyce(Kent)=lake/lieke/leke(MDu)=tleco/tlaca. 3.leech=sloped side of sail,=liche/leche/lyche(E,xiv/xv)=lek(Scand/xv)=lik(ON)=tleco. 4.leek=leac(OE)=louh(OHG)=laukr(ON)=laukka(Kven)=luku(OSlv)=l/t/tzocatl=leek(muddy).

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...blow it out...your YouTube. Manila, Philippines video, Toughest Cops. gleaned the word for crystal meth, proving once again Nauatl's planetary radius,=shabu=sh/xapotla(N)=seduce a girl, deflower; perforate, hole, demolish. the drug that is overthrowing the Philippines and every other country/people it reaches, an Al Qaeda tool. also the word, sabbath, but a black one.