martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Promethean response to Mathilda's Gobekli blog, post on RH negative, possibly the only Neander/Neandra negative contribution to our allied species, valid reason for the absorbtion/evanish into our gene pool, i came upon a verbal portrait of Prometheus in Nauatl, prefiguring the latter Promethean which paints the Fallen Angel into the larger canvas of Myth: from piloa(N)=spilla(ONorse)=spill(E)from on high,= Nepiloliztli(N)=Neph/pil/oliztli(letra)=Nephillim(Book of Enoch/Fallen Angels). the -im is an attempt at the Nauatl plural for nouns, e.g., Ocelome(N)=celOim(Etruscan)=Elohim(dual deity). Nepiloliztli(N/noun)=to be suspended, hung, as Prometheus was after his gift of fire to mankind/the next species. during the Mousterian, in the Dordogne, France, we have the first use of fire and burial by Neander. Te-nacaz-titech nepiloliztli(N)=punishment, correction, reprimand. Tenacaz(N)=messenger,=t(h)e ear/nacaztli(N)-titech(N/postposition)= over the ear(the punishment)hung? well, so much for the liver and the eagle. in the Tenacaz wordstring are 2 words to cut ears, e.g., Tenacazcotonani/Tenacaztequini(N), and 2 words to deafen someone, Tenacaztapaloliztli(N/tap)/Tenacaztapaltiliztli(N/tap). the implication of this new form of punishment is that both species, Promethean and Homo Sapiens understood and talked to each other: one as messenger=Titlani(N)=Titan(Gk), the other as recipient Sapiens. since we are talking of realtime and not myth in the Dordogne, and my belief myth spring from the inevitable reality, this tranference of fire/Tletl Tech happened, and the punishment was deafening= Te-nacaz-titizani(N)=shouter, thunderer. yet another proof Neander could express himself.


=ostro=oztotl(N)=cave(s) united=potia(N)=bothian. not classic Mousterian or Levallois tools, but pebble-flaked Clacton/Bilzingsleben/Memleben/Vertesöllös/ Wallendorf/Wangen tools, during Holstein Interglacial, 340k bce-300k bce, at Osterbotten, Finland. Kven=Scand.lang.=king=cawen(OE)offering being,=queen(E). Heimo(Kven)=h/th/te(i)mo=temo(N)=descend,=totemo(N)=our descent= totem(Alconquin). the date of Susi(Kven)=otso(Basque)=wolf cave fixed by pollen at level 4/5 taken fm copper beech(Brukenthalia spiculifolia)heather, last seen in Kvenland 340/300kya. central Euro-Neander=260k bce,=260k BCE pebble tooling at Diring Yurikiah creek, confluent to Riohena, in NE Siberia/iueli, an Olodowan-like pebble tool assemblage dates to 300k-500kya

lunes, 30 de enero de 2012


71 pieces of ochre, Qafzeh/92k bpe. 71 Ocelome, Chauvet Pont d'Arc/35k bce. 71=holed number, number for burial/offering. killed number, as in killed pot/ceramic to pass with dead on Journey to Mictlan. the live number=72=tun(Mayan)=solar year of 360days. 5 unlucky days/Nemontemi(N)=5x52=260day Tonalamatl, birthing calendar=span of human gestation, revolves 72 times in one 52 yr cycle (tuns)&73 with Nemontemi(N). Ocelotl is totem animal of Tlatla/Flame, birthing firedrill cave promethea, titled Venus Willendorf, regent of Tonalamatl 260, feline mother goddess. Ocelotl=oceliz/celia(N=revivir(sp)=Oc(r)e=Ocre(sp)/ochre(E)=rebirth. Ocelome(N/2=ome/pl.)=Elohim(H/dual deity)=celOim(Etruscan Tuscany)=ati cathe/caO luthe cel/celOim(Etruscan)=atl ecatl -lotl Ocel-(Nauatl)=cel/celtin(N)=only. water wind/chaos lotus/luz cell. felid mother goddess is a plurality= 1.Tlatla/Flame=T/l/Ra=Neandra Promethea Cailleach. 2.Kupapa(Anatolia)=Cybele. 3.Taoist Xiwangmu, Feline Gramma of west= cave deitys/fire(drill)deitys, but first language= blue planet=Nawa=Tlatla-tzol-teotl Promethea= 4.Ca Nantli=being mother,=Canaan(Mideast). Feline mother deity has been found at Gobekli Tepe/11k bce, Zatal Hüyuk/7k bce, with the Hittites, which really points to one deity/Goddess in ancestral memory: Tlatla/Flame, regent of the Tone= Ca Nantli(N)=mother being,=Canaan. domestic cats originate in Mideast, 100k BCE, about the time Turtle Neander arrived at Mt.Carmel=camileua/camilui(N)=ripen fruit,= camatl(N)=mouth. turtle=ayotl(N)=yod(H/10th letter)=y'hudi(H)=yodo(sp)=iodine(E).

jueves, 26 de enero de 2012


Tomyris=Tahm-Rayiz/s=tomashaw/tomasia/tamacha(Urdu/Arab)=tamasa(Pers)=walking about for amusement,=masa(Pers)=Massagetae=ceti/cetilia(N)=settled walk-abouts,= getae/Gauta=Goth=cauteua(N)=abandon,=cauhtica(N)=be separated,= Kavkas(R)=Kaukasoz(Gk)=Caucasus=cauh/tica cax/itl(N)=stop journey to make bowls/shields,=Kaukasa(Gk)=Chios(round shield)harbor,=caucus(E)=meeting, chiefs of party,=Tamati tlayectiani(N)=tla/Ra-yiz/yec/tiani=Tamara/tamer(who)cleans.

miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012


...hanter(OFr/Fr)=h/chanter(Bagpipe=gaita=eca-itoa=Hecate talks)= ca(n)ter(E/go like the wind)=ca(s)t(E)=c/ga(s)t(Scot)=ghost(E)= cat(E)=Ecatl(N/2 Tonalamatl)=Ehecatl(N/2)=Hecate, windweaver Lady Birdsnake, mother of Quetzalcoatl/birdsnake, etc.


...meoc/mec(OE)=meoctli(N)=maguey Metis wine=oino(Gk)=o(i)(no)= the (i)drops, -no=Nauatl label with repeat of root, octli(N)= first letter,=wine(E). octli from, (x)ocotl(N)=fruit,= (x)o(r)ch/cotl(letra)=orchard(E), the culture allied to nomad deer epoch of Tlaloc when booze, xotla(N/verb)=shoot/shots were from shoot, vegetable and fruit. check anterior post, cf., sima(OE)/cima(N)=c(l)ime/c(r)ime(E)= the hand/-ma on top/chi(N)=cima/encima de(sp). sima(Finn/bear cult)= mead=metl(N)=Metis(rope deity and first goddess of wisdom/7 snake). the OE/OSaxon/ONorse sima/cima(N) meant, rope=tlapa(N)=t/l/(w)rap(E). octli(N), metl(N)=m(i)el(sp)=mëd(Russian)=mead(E)=methe(Gk/Hindi)= drink/verb)/strength, was not a strong drink, in fact rather meek/ meoc(OE)compared to other distills, until one was saturated in poliuhqui(N)=who pollutes=pulque(Mex), which continues fermenting in one's stomach until its slow hand knocks you on your keester for the count. yeah, meek, ha ha. i've found the best way to drink poliuhqui is to be hiking and sweating it out at the same time, but only if you're good at walking balancing on one foot then another for extended periods of times, know how to fall, and don't let big boulders bother your slow motion staggerly.


jock/juggle/jugar/yugi(J)=yocatl(N)=owner,=tzocatl=socket/sock,=yocoyani=creator,=yocoya= offer oneself spontaneously for whatever(multi-roots common to Nauatl). 2.binocular/eyes/oculus(L)=tloc(N/prep))=locate,=dog logic=one action/one command/one root/route=otli(N)=odos/road,=oga(OSaxon)=eye(E),= ouga(OHG)=auga(ON)=augo(Goth)=oko(OSlav). 3.egg=ecatl(N/day 2 Tona)=wind egg. 4.meya/omex(N/verb)=flow(liquid)=wat'ry eye=me(J)=bud,=m/eya/eye(E). 5.time(E)=temi(N/verb)=to fill,=cauitl=flow of be/ca(N), =c/gr-avity. 6.meadow/mead comes to W.Europe via the Baltic,=sima/sime/simo(OE/OS/ON)=rope,= cima(N)=comb out maguey Mayauel Metis thread/tletl/fire, or, sima(Finn bear ceremony)=mead= mëd(Russ)=miel/melassa, or, honey= h/ch/conetl/conecuhtli(N)=cony/coney= comes to honey,=Olmec/Liangzhou meso-amer.drinking sign=ome tochtli(N)=usagi(J)= us/c/chagi=t/och/tli,=onne huchi(Ainu),=Toci/Tocitli(N)=citli=gramma rabbit,= citlali=star,=ome/onne huchi/tochtli paired with first night(9)deity, Xiuhtletl turquoise Lord of fire/year/leaf/herb=xiuitl.

martes, 24 de enero de 2012

luna de uña

...luna(spLat)=ilun(Basque)=dark, vague,=ilarga(Basque)=moon,= ilacatziui(N)=volverse, retorcerse, hablando de un objeto puntiagudo,=ila(r)c/ga(letra/B)=moon, ah, +, c/gatsu/tz(i)u(i) (letra/Japonica)=moon. ilacatziui(Nauatl) links Japonica and Basque under moon, in one word. the front particle=ilaca(N)=ila(r)ga(B), and the second particle=catziui(N)=gatzu(Japonica), a linkage from the sea age, which begins the streak of Iberian Basque in Japanese, at 1.8k bce or earlier. as to luna(spLat)=(m)oon(E), the (m/n)=Nauatl. ilun(B) has 34 words rooted to it, meaning from dark to dusk, sadness to obscurity, even, =gloom(E), in a one-off formation. from whence, ilunalde/ilunaldi(B)=sunset/melancholy? when not found in Simeón, it usually means a composite word his informants weren't midwives for, which is the creative part of Nauatl, i.e., it's conglomerate design is still creating words. in this case, ilu(i)catl(N)=sky,=Himm/el(German), which is said to be sourced from Himinn(ONorse), and is incorrect, as we have in Himm-el, the -el(G/particle)=-el/il-hu(i)catl(N), the first syllable of the Nauatl is the last in the tributary German, part of the knit as it were, whereas Himi(nn) is only the label=(nn)=NeanderNauatl. the other element in luna/iluna=na(N)=4/no center, as in, Tona(N)=our(solar)4, except for the head letter, a similar body, except the luna/moon quarters/4's through the sky=-na. ilu(icatl)na(N/B)=the 4 in the sky=iluna/luna. as usual, the Greek Etym. of, melancholy(E), is trabajoso(sp)= more complicated than necessary: mel=miel(sp)=honey=h/ch/conetl(N)= cony(E),=metl(N/plant of Metis, first goddess of wisdom), +, coloa(N)=double, turn, fold, color. melancholy, then, is (turned) honey gone sour. great civilizations, like the Chinese, the Greek, do pay for their renown in the damage they do to themselves and language. it will be the case with America as well, although language hardly appears to be in use there at all. e.g., while discussing Gobekli Tepe on an American Anthro blog one participant took a quick look at Nauatl on the web and decided unilaterally it was not helpful to our discussion, so with a few muffled moufflon dissents, everyone went back to their shovels, and the dirt is still flying, a veritable sandstorm, that has blocked out the horizon of language as navigator on our journey.

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012


g(r)een=g/ce-e-(N)=ce(Nauatl)=one,=cel/celtin(N)=only, alone,=celia/ocelix(N)= to revive, resuscitate,=ocelix(N/preterit)=oc/ch(r)e(letra)=ocre/ochre(sp/E). What's green is Ocelotl, it's lot is birth, the destiny of cells, the only, the one, the Celt who knapped diety from stone alone, with mind of water and thought of wind. Etruscan/Tarquin prayer, Liber Linteus: ati, cathe, luthe, celOim(E/T), in Nauatl= atl ecatl -lotl Ocel-(N), in English= water ca(s)t light cell(E), in spanish= agua echar (dar)luz c(i)elo/célula. nappa(N)=4 veces,=napaloa(N)=gobernar. stone=(s)tona(N/prefijo solar)=tun(maya)= año solar,=town(E/pueblo). mi(n)d=mitl(N/dardo)=trans-mit/(s)mith(E/verbos), =nous(gk)=mente(sp)=me(n)tl(N)=Metis(myth/primera deidad de sabiduria, diosa del maguey/metl, madre Atena),=no atl/nauh(N)=kno-wuh=know(E). Ocelome(N/plural/cf., Çatal Hüyuk)=celOim(E/T)=Elohim(H/dual deity). note: luthe celOim(E/T)=slot cell(E)=dar luz célula/c(i)elo(sp)= -lotl Ocel(N)=Ocelome(N/2)=Elohim(H/dual), as Ocelome is totem animal of birth Venus Flame Hole Thea=Tlatla-tzol-teotl(N), Promethea Neandra, was cave Venus, her throne=th/tone devolved on Mother Goddess of Çatal Hüyuk, from Neandra TlaTla. title held by Neandra Venuses as long sons supported her for strength=Pro-meth=Pal-metl(N)=for mettle. the cave races stunted and dwarfish if yodo(sp)=iodine not present,= yod(H)=10th letter as medicinal code, e.g., 100k BCE Mt.Carmel Turtle Neander. they saw their chance to breed up. today Neandra genes protect us from ills they overcame as first(fire)doctor/tochter(G)/toctli(N)=daughters.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012


happy tooth=zyb(Russ), my instructor in Russian, emigré, ruled Russia for a day from the pommel of his saddle as cavalry light coronel, everyone above him in the chain of command was ill, a noble figure in NYC russian circles, gave all us swabbys a Novi Zavyet y Pisatel=New Testament and Psalter when we left for mother Ocean. in his honor, let's look at his name in a language as old and distinguished as he was: Basque. Zubi(B)=bridge,=tzopa(N/verb)=clench/finish/put to an end,=tetica nitla-tzopa(N)= build in stone(the Zubovs had 2 mausoleums for the family in Moscow/St.Petersburg). tzopelia(N/vb.)=sugar=azucar/tzocatl,=tzopyan(N)=head's/top.

martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Gobekli tetl teotl

...were they working out the early alphabet at Gobekli, with the T-stones? in that case, they already had the word for stone(E/solar appelative/tona)= tetl(N/nouns form last)=te(N/old version), then, Te(o)tl(N)=Teo. now the question is: how does sound connect to the form of the Teotl, which is, T. well, deity being above, and some below, but, tleco(N)=leg(E)=to rise, it may have been the action of the Tongue upon saying, T, which determined its form as Teotl(Nauatl). when said, the Tongue rises and flattens itself out on the ceiling/ceiling/cielo of the paladar/palate, widening the horizontal bar of the, T, then drops downward to form the vertical Trunk. the anthropomorphic theme is continued by the graven hands on the sides of the column. of course the, T, cannot give voice, but in its presence, that is the duty of the worshippers. On the sides of Teo, hand of 3 fingers=fingir(sp)=imagine/create=f/pi(n)qui (letra)=piqui(N)=who picks,=pi/opic(N). on the 3d day Teo arranged the waters into seas and revealed the land. ah, 3=calli(N)=being/house. the large middle finger=pixie, may refer to a monotheistic condition Teo may have been suffering, and the 2 side fingers, perhpas 2=Ehecatl, the wind, altho it is a bit early for her as a weavng deity: that had to wait until 7k bce in Belgrade, but her Father, Perses, gave his name to Persia, and it may have taken a millenium for her to reach Belgrade as Lady Birdsnake, by 8k bce Gobekli was buried.