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tlan(N/locative of tlalli/land)=ran(E),=tlantli(N)= tooth=antler=tl/t/th/hand/tli,&,h/th/t/land/tli.

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Poca-hantas, daughter of Powhaten=poa/power lip/tentli, Algic chief of tide-water Virginia,=Popoca-tlantli(N)=Smokey Tooth,or,Amonute=Amonotzallani(N)=peevish,or, Matoax/Matoaka=matotoca(N)=moves hands a lot. William Strachey, colonist of that time, said, Pocahontas did not mean, frolicsome, but, "little wanton". Wahun-senaca-wl(Mother of Pocahontas)=Wahun=ua Tonacatecuhtli=Lord our flesh=owes naca-wives, taken by Powhaten from his Commark, owed him one child/ce naca(N), then returned/supported by Powhaten until they found husband, as in Mary&Joseph story.

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hymn=ymne(OFr)=imne(ME)=imme/hymme(E/xvi)= iman/imman(N)=it is the hour/moment,=immanent.

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Akathist Hymn

composed for Greek Ortho Church by Romanus, the Melodius, who was handed a scroll by Theotokos/God Toucher/Mary and commanded to eat it, which he did, and became Melodius, poetic even. the scroll was something sweet to eat, e.g., Acatl(N/13 Tonalamatl)= cane(E)=Aka/Acat/l-thist=th/titlani(N)=litany, divided into 13 parts, matching its number(13)in the Tonalamatl, where it is white sweeper=Iztactlachpanqui on Mex sunstone. Ikos 1, 9th Rejoyce, star that causeth the Sun/Deity to appear, Tlauiz-calpan-tecuhtli(N)= calpan/dawnhouse Quetzalcoatl, Morningstar, convoy to his father, Tonatiuh/Anthony, the sun. Star's birth is on 9 Ehecatl, mother Hecate's name day, her father Titan/Titlani/Litany Prometheus Neandertal Perses, who gave his name to Persia long ago, his daughter the heart of advanced Venus worship, supplanting Wendy Venison, who jumped horizons herself, without a shuttle/xiotl(N)=ekatheron(Gk)=Kathryn. Ikos 5, 9th Rejoyce, thou who didst quench the worship of Fire/Tletl/Xiuhtletl(N)=/Xiuhtecuhtli(N)=Lord Turquoise. in spite of facile etymology of, A-/without sitting/kathisis, of old Greek, much older words in play. standing custom a result of Greek's uneasy marriage to Nauatl, its faithful older partner. invention was rife with these great people who broke more than norms of language with their mischief, yet not so far one cannot find the way back to the Solar Imperative by standing in fields of golden Cane/Acatl(N/13)rejoycing in heliotropic litany/titlani(N). pun in A-Kathesis, as Ekatheron(Gk)=shuttle/xiotl(N)throw=Kathryn=wind Ehecatl/Hecate= without Hecate, Venus/Life/Breath Weaver of our bio-spectrum, whom Mother Mary runs off at AD 5c on HRE Theodric's San Apollinari, Ravenna mosaic, taking the throne=tone/Tonatiuh in name of a son who comes from scribes' inkling.

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(sp)=tilana/tilinia(N)=line/linen(E)=telar(sp)=loom=olmo=elm=ome(N)=2=Hekate. 2.yerba/herb=tepetl/trepar/temple/steppe/step. 3.hebra/fibra=thread=thrad(OS)=drat(OHG)=dr/tlat/l=tlatl(N/particle)=tail/rat/ladle. 4.fib/peu/v/bra=peua/peuia(N)=begin/advance/increase/add/deploy a hunting net. 5.hebe(sp)=down/peach fuzz/moth=h/f/pep/be=pepetztic(N)=smooth/shiny/bright.

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American/Peruvian Pepper tree, Escobilla(sp), evergreen, origin= the Andes. Pirul=piloa ololoa(N)=spill dressed, e.g., pil=p/bir/l, =side root, piloa(N)=spill,=birch=pilichoa=age fast. piloa ulli/olli(N)=gum berries(eyes)=ololchiua(N)=round. aromatic medicinal tree of Incan highlands/deserts, resists cold/heat, substitute for pepper, mouthwash(resin)=camapaca/ocamaca(N)=Ogam/Ogham(OIr), respiratory(leaves). Molli(Quechua)=molli(N)=salsa,=Pirul(Schinus molle)=Pirulé(Cuban/PR)=caramel bonbon, made fm Pirul's sticky gum berries. processing of berries for chicha additive. thin outer layer of the fruit used makes drink, careful not to mix pulp with inner parts (as pomegranate), mix strained, let stand few days. or pulp boiled down to syrup mixed with corn =nourishing atolli/gruel. Molli=very invasive plant, wood for Temazcal/sweat lodge, neighbor of aromatic Sauce Llorón/ ahuehuetl=water drum/acacia/eucalipto. Peru=Pirul/Piru river=P/B/V/Uilu/ru=iueli(N).

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Mother Socket

...Nan-(N/particle)=Mother=Tonantzin(Nauatl)=Mother Goddess, wife of the Sun, Tonatiuh(N)=Tona(N)=our 4/na, -tucket=t/zocatl(N)=socket(E). ceremony today for the mother of Ceres/Oilos(Gk)=oilia/Ooli(N), as the harvest Deity was known before 3k BCE, Ooli(N/preterit of oya/ Oox/sh, to rock the corn out of the sock/et. why? ...not even a mention of Tonantzin(N)/Guadalupe(sp)as the Spanyards called her. just math synch, 12 and uh, 12, and uh, 12, showing up the $ and star-stroking press for the ephemeral lightweights they are. ...Tonan/Tonantzin/N(reverential)="Nuestra Madre", Deity of Earth/Tlalli, also called, Ilamatecuhtli(N)=Noble Old Lady, and, Cozcamiauh(N)=Cross of Corn in Flower, the same as, Centeotl Xilonen(N)=Shilo(Amerind), and her name, Tonantzin(N)also given to the Mother of the Human Race, called, Ciuacoatl(N)=Lady Snake/Coatl(N/5 Tonalamatl). ...her temple/tepetl(N)=mountain, is at the nose/yacatl(N), what we would call the foot of the mountain, Tepeyac(N) on the outskirts North of Mexico City Tenochtitlan, por la linea de Metro Indios Verdes, referring en burla to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin(N)=the Eagle Talker?, as i perceive the title Indios Verdes, but, hold on, Indios Verdes refers to the bronze, then green, statues of 2 warrior kings, Itzcoatl(N)=Obsidian Snake, natural son of Acamapichtli(N)=Fistful of Cane Arrows, 4th Tlatoani/Talker of the Mexica/Azteca, and, Ahuitzotl(N)=Water Monster, amphibian cuadruped, found in tierra caliente, 8th Tlatoani/Talker/Tlatolli(N)=word,= in Tlatolli(N)=T/Lat(olli)in=Latin(reversal), of the Azteca/Mexica. a snide sense of humor pervades the auto-nombrado upper class of Mexico, and the Mexica. when a puffed up local Doncella told me she had conquistador blood running through her veins, i was tempted to ask her if she had syphillis? as it was one of the imports to the new world. today that charge is leveled at the native population, both surmises being truer of bullfighters than the general population, and even there, one can be assured of only a meagre discharge of truth.

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Koala 2

...Darug=D/T/Tlal/rug/c=Tlaloc(Nauatl/Teotihuacan Deity)=T/l/Rarog(R)= Baltic Rain=R/Tlaini(N)Deity, Clans: ...Wangal(Darug)=W/Ua(n)calli(N)=type of cave in shape of box, by extension, coffin,=huaca(Bolivia/Peru)=ancient Amerind tomb, =huacal(Mex/Col/Ven)=crate; hurdle basket. ...Bidjigal(Darug)=Bridge House=Potli calli(N)=pond house/boat house,= pont(Latin)=bridge/punt/both,=plains dweller(Austral)=twin locales. ...Kurrajong(Daruk)=Coloa tzocatl(N)=Coil/wrinkle/socket. ...Cattai(Daruk)=Ecatl maitl(N)=wind mate=sailors, matlalli(N)=ai(J)=blue. ...Mulcoa(Daruk)=Moliniani/olinia(N)=(b)oil(E)=-coa/Coatl(N)=snake/koala boilers, ugh! in Eucalyptus leaves i suppose. ...Cannemegal(Daruk)=Canactic nemi calli(N)=live in thin, flimsy, sheet houses/calli(N/3 Tonalamatl). ...Cabrigal(Daruk)=houses/-gal/Calli(N/3)that snap, make noise as they move. ...Dural(Daruk)=Tula/Tullan/Tollan(Amerind Toltec Capitol)=tollin/tullin (N)=junco/carrizo/cane to make petlatl(N)=petate(Mex)=pet/bett/bed, sleeping mats,=Tullin tlan(N)=Tulat/l an=T/Dural. hmmm, means smoking, hollow tree in Abo, well, the tollin is hollow, toloa(N)=bow to, -al?, hmmm, Dooral(April 1817)=Do/To(N)=our or/tat/li=To otatli/otatl/otlatl (N)=large cane,=Otaheite(Old form for Tahiti). yeah, i'll go with that. ...what are Tlaloc and Rarog doing as people and language in Sydney, New South Wales? well, the Japanese were settling their resident islands but were a sea power, who had come back from Amerinda with the Chinese Colonials, the Olmec, at 4c BCE. they were the real hands of the South China Sea, Micronesia, hired or on their own, their national ambitions satisfied with the Japanese Islands. Tlaloc/Rarog was the Upper Stone Age Deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl)Deity of the Nomad Epoch, the Japanese a Deer Tribe, at first, from the Altai Mts, whence their language, which is one of the purer forms of Nauatl, along with Arabic, Basque, everybody has it.

jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Koala Rarog

Koala(marsupial)=koa/coat/l a=coatl(N)=snake,=co(mes to w)ater(E)=coater, e.g., goat/coati(Nasua nasua)/coast. koala/coatl(N/5)=gula/Dharug=cola(sp)=tail,=coala. Dharug/Dharukk/Dharoog/Dharrag/Dhararug= Dh/Tl/T/Rarog(R/Balt)=hawk, fiery dwarf who becomes whirlwind,=Halogi(Kven/Fennec)=fire, son of Fornjotul, Kven of Kvenland,=R/T/laloc=Tlaloc(N)=Tl/T/Th/Halo, deity of deer, the Nomad Age(45k-10k BCE), principal deity of Teotihuacan. Gula(Dharug)=doesn't drink?,=gula(sp)=gluttony? ah, predators. Didgerido(Eucalyptus Trumpet/horn)=D/Tit/d=Titla/Titlani(N)=between/ Messenger(who)ger=g/cel/r=cel/celtin(N)=only/alone, -ido=ito=itoa/oito(N)= talks, e.g., gaita(sp/Basque)=ega/Eca-itoa(N)=Hecate talks(E)=bagpipe; dulzaina/reed instrument. Did-ger-ido=Instrument/Messenger(who)only talks, does not listen. Tlaloc/Dharug is Deity of Deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl)and of the Upper Stone Deer Age, 45k BCE to 10k BCE, which ended in the Orchard Age of pre-agriculture, was the principal Deity of Teotihuacan, 262c BCE to 750c AD, whose counterpart, Rarog/was Baltic Deity of water spouts and demon of fire, his name a perfect Tl/R interchange without dwarfs . elder Tlaloc had Tlalloque=tlallo/halos/ dwarfs=d/tz(w)a(r)p/b/ves=tzapa(N)=tz/djapan=Japan(Nomad Tribe). Aussie Dharug, the baby, became a yam/Thorstone.

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012


1.mat/cha(J)=matsuru cha(J)=god tea,=matlalli/matlalin(N)=net land/dark green/blue mat/l/r=mar(Sp)=seagreen tea(E)=matlaltic(N)=dark green/cobalt blue chalani(N)= charlar(Sp)=chat,=chaya(J)/chaikhana(Turk/silk road)=restaurant/brick tea/dealer. 2.matlaoctli(N)=blue pulque wine=oino(Gk)=o(ctl)i/no=octli(N). 3.ichtli(N)=thread/packet of maguey,=ichichiqui/oichichic(N)=itch(E),=comb. ichi-go/ichi-e(J)=green tea ceremony,=ichi-co(N)/ichi-eua(N)=each(E)comes(E)/each leaves(E).

martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Carve Craft

...carve(E)=ceorfan/curfon/corfen(OE)=kyrfa(Icel)=kurfa(Icel), note the dominance of o/u=copina(N)=copy(E), the Aeolian effect in which the o/u becomes (Aa), the windy twist Ecatlan=England gives to root words. ...craft(E)=kroptugr(ONorse). here we hit it lucky, as the Aeolian effect is still direct for Ecatlan/England (Aa), twisting from the original (Oo)of copina. the (Tt) of craft is the toca(N)/-tugr(ONorse), i.e, the copy/carve touch=craft, while carve is merely copy/copina(N). watch someone carve a spoon from a block of birch and you'll see what i mean, one copies the carving/craft in one's head and on the block of wood, if one can tell the difference between block and head. in this case they become the same.

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012


...diann(Chi)=lightning/electricity=tianquiztequitl(N)=tribute, right of plaza, e.g., electricity is sold.=denki(Japanese)=electricity, from the same Nauatl word, d/tianquiztli(N)=t/d ian/den ki/quiz. ...huah(Chi)=word/speech,=wa(Chi)=lang-ua-ge(E)=Na-ua-tl=wa(J)=loop, unity, harmony=amonequi(N)=without need, link, peace, ring, reconciliation =warai(J)=laughter(E)=na-war/laua=naualaua(N)=ridicule, lit., go 4's/lose the center,=naualli(N)=brujo/mago(sp)=maho/majo(J)=magic/witch=maquiztli (N)=escape from danger,=maquis(FrResistance)=ma-/hand squeeze/-quiza(N)= naua(N)=dance giving hand over hand=reel=rheol(OE/roll)=r/teotl(N)., do something for someone else,=ay(N)=to do,= ailia(N/reverential of ay)=ally(E). ...Lei(Chi)=surname; (lei)thunder=tronar(sp)=tona(N/solar appelative),= t/letl(N)=fire. ...tzoong(Chi)=general, all,=tzo(on)c/g=tzocatl(N)=socket/zocalo(sp)/ zoka(J)=creation, the Maker. ...baan(Chi)=printing block, edition,=pan(N/postposition)=within, on, in, by,=pan(N/pronoun connective)=conviene(sp)/go well, e.g., chubaan(Chi)= choltia/choloa pan(N)=to run, flee(Fleet Street/London), run the presses. ...shy(Chi)=to lose(lit. style)=shayo(J)=the setting sun; declining industry; the new poor, upper-class families on the deline,=shy(E)= refuse to face=sh/xayacatl(N)=mask/rostro(sp)/face.

sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

Lavender Raven

...Ravenna=rawend(Arab)=rhubarb=plant used for tea along the Rha/Tlatla= Volga/Ollin ca(N)=rolling being, by Scythian herders. ...rawend(Arab)=r/t/latla uentli(N)=flame offering=Ravenna(City)=Raven= t/la-vender=tlatla uentli=Lawrence(of Arabia)=Law(r)ence=Tlatla w/uentli ce=one flame offering. ...raven related to the crow=corvus=corbie. why the fire offering? one goes back to Gobekli Tepe/11k BCE, for that, where 40% of burnt offerings were ravens. why? because the raven is symbiotic with agricultural man. ...Gobekli has been postulated as Hunter-Gatherer, but the lie is given by the high percentage of raven sacrifice, for the relative of the crow= cacalotl(N)joined us as an imitative bird during poughing and sowing for the animals and insects stirred up from the disturbed earth, the seeds we later spread, the crops themselves, and later the gleanings. may be time to rethink Gobekli, it's tied geese glyphs, the other animals, the circular structure which were trojes(sp)/barns, covered for grain and/or pens for animals/people, easy to defend its agricultural surplus from the wandering tribes passing through. a hill and oomphallos for the stomachs of the surrounding area, a regional grange, and there were others in the area. ...the raven themselves hunted and sacrificed as sacred pests. the other word for raven=zanatl(N), later to become the word, zany, described in Nauatl as a black bird, curved beak, size of a starling, another crow- like bird, its meat not comestible.

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Wauwinet Winnetka

...Winetli/uinetli(Nauatl)=milano(sp), kite, glede, goshawk=sea hawk(E)=halcón(sp) =h/Chalch/cón=Chalchiuitlicue(N/Sea Deity)=Jade Skirt, Goddess of Waters, day 5.Coatl/Snake, 6th Deity of the Night Nine, Deity of trecena/5. Acatl/Cane, day hour Deity of Calli/being/House and her Bird, the Falcon, her name being the root of the word, hawk/halc/falcon. the formal name for her bird in the Tonalamatl, as Deity of the 17th trecena, Atl/Water is the Chalchiuhtotolin(N), e.g., Chalch/Halch/Halcón/Falcon. ...uinetli(N)=Winnetka(Amerind)=Hawk Accipiter being/-ka/ca(N). both Winnetka and Wau/Ua uinetli/winet=(Amerind/Nauatl)=owns/has Accipiter Goshawks, e.g., sparrow hawks/small raptors, are located on the shorelines of large bodies=tlaca(N)=lac/lakes of water. Wauwinet, on the Wampanoag Island of Nantucket, and Winnetka, north of Chicago on Lake Michigan=Michoacan(Mex)=Mich-ua-can(Nauatl)=place of the fish owners. ...Wampanoag(Amerind)=Uapauac(N/adj)-no/our -ag/aci(N)=hacer(sp)=doing= own power/-paua our action, firm our doing=Ua-paua-no-ac(Nauatl). ...Natocke=Na/4/in all directions, to/our being/ca=tocar(sp)=play music,=touching(E)=our being, sowing/sewing and burying=tocke/tockete/tzocatl(N)=socket(E)=zoka(J)=creation, in all (4) directions=Nantucket Island=Ilantli(N)= old lady=Ilana-tecuhtli(N)=the Old Goddess, whose bird the parrot. ...Nantucket, the mother/Nan tzocatl/socket of our being/toca(N), e.g., Tonantzin(N)=Our Hon./Saintly Mother=La Guadalupana. ...Uapango(Hill Billy music of the Mexican High Plains, Guanjuato, e.g., Xichu)=uapaua(N)=to get a charley horse from the cold/Aires, become hard/rigid, speaking of an object; get older, animate, force oneself= chicauac(N), get excited, e.g., nite-uapaua(N)=raise children, animate, incite, help the rest, provide, consolidate, fortify. in spanish times uapaua(N)=saw thin pieces of wood, to make guitars, tololoches/double bass, violins. there are contests in free form where the Uapango singers face off with live/unrehearsed lyrics. ...for Wapanoag/Uapaua no aci(N) it may be that uapaua(N)meant to finish thin/narrow pieces of wood, not just for instrument making but for the earlier boat making, which explains how they arrived at Nan Tzocatl(N)= Mother Socket Nantucket. uapaua(N)=ownPaintown(E)=painter(E)=small boat attached to larger ship/chipeua(N),=paina(N)=run lightly/quickly, agile,=painani(N)=he who runs rapidly/lightly. penteur(Fr/xv)=strong rope, but also found as brace. painter(E)=rope to secure anchor, and small boat to ship, which took the name for itself.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Brujo Pujo

...push(E)=use force to press or thrust away,=puste(E/xiii c), e.g., lopustre(OE)=lobster(E),=homer(Fr)=ome(N)=2,=l/to po(s)tli(N)=our pool/pond/tank?,=tope(Cornish)=sand shark,=tu(r)bot(E/fish)=Scophthalmus Maximus,=tu(r)/to both/potli(N), hmmm, both(E)=2=homer(Fr)=lobster. hmmm, potli(N)=pool/poodle/pond/pozo(sp)/pu(l)se/pose(E)=pondre(Fr)= lay eggs/post(E). so a full/pull push would be with 2 hands or claws. ...pushing on to put(E)=potian(OE)=potia(Nauatl)=make some one's equal= ninote-potia(N), or, mo-potia(N)=this is convenient, goes well, or, nitla-potia(N)=adjust, assemble, unite, join things together, comment, or, potli(N)=companion, e.g., nopo/nopotzin(N)=my equal, my buddy, rev. ...witch(E)=wicce/wicca(OE)=uecaitta(N)=far-seeing,=Eca(i)tta/Hecate/ Ehecatl(N/2 Tonalamatl). potli(N)=companion=familiar(witching term), so the brujo has positive aspects, at one time being the top of his/her profession before being wiped out by the Inquistion of the 15th c. in Iberia. the brujo cleans/limpia(sp)=the (i)=(u)=l/to(m)potli(N)=our pool, where one cleans before tub/tina(sp), which allies popoca to popotl(N)= proper(E)=proprio(sp)=propre(Fr)=broom(E), the cleaning tool used with both/potli/2/ome/homer(Fr) hands, and links to the stick/straws of incense/pom(Mayan)used to clean/limpiar(sp)the holy place. ...popotl(N). what's a brujo/bruja without her broom? poa/opouh(N)=power/ flower/plow/blow/bellows/boo!

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Rare Raw

...rare(E)=r/t/la r/t/leuaztli(N)=tlatleuaztli(N)=toasted, braised,= tleuatza(N)=dry on fire/tletl(N)=t/l/red/t/l. ...cauitl(N)=flow of being/time,=kravis(Skrt)=raw flesh,=cru(OIrish)= kruvi(OSlavonic)=krov(Russile)=kreas(Gk)=kraujas(Lith)=(k)rao/rau/rou/ ro(OHG)=roh(G)=hrao(OSaxon)=hreaw(OE)=raw/crude. ...krov(R)=blood=odol(V/Basque)=odos(Gk)=ruta(sp)=uta(Japanese)=poetry, =otli(N)=road; vein. ...cauitl(N)=time, lit., flowing of being/ca,=c/g(r)avity(E)= -vity=vida(sp)=life/-uitl(N)=quauitl(N)=tree/treow/teotl(N)/Teo/Theo/Deo.

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

idalwa Muszoqui/tl

...nouns form last, most of them come from verbs. idalwa(Musz)=town= tun=Tona(N)=stone(E)=shtetl(H)=tetl(N). the noun for town=Altpetl(N), the veb=Altepeitta(N)=to go see/itta(N)the towns. within Nauatl one sees the verb, to look=itta(N)=mirar(sp)=miru(J)=mirror(E), becoming the Russian verb, itti/idti(Russile)=to go. applying Al(tepe)itta(N) to idalwa(Musz), idal- brackets Al-(N), the front particle, which is the reverential of water=altia(N)=altar(E)=bealté(OE)=ue altia(N)=beauty/ beatitude(E)=tealtia(N)=theater(E)=t/reality(E), and, ida-, doing double duty=ida/-itta(N), the last particle of Altepeitta(N/verb), and is the intermediate form, idalwa(Musz), -wa=ua(N)=own(E), between Altepeitta(N) and Aldea(sp)=Alte/de a, note the tepe of Altepeitta: neither in idalwa or aldea is (Pp)of tepe(N/Mideast)present. ...the same absence of (Pp)occurs in Tustunnuggee(Musz)=To Tonapouhqui(N)= astrologer, divine, brujo/witch, which the Alkonquin Ochipeuac Muzoquitl use as their term for Medicine Man, leaving out the poa/opouh(N)=count verb, e.g., quipo(Inca Quechua)=knotted abacus,=qui/who counts/poa(N).

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Huta-galgi Muskogee

...first of clans, the Wind Clan=Huta=h/sh//xotla(N)=ni-xotla(N)=inflame, heat, bud, grow, hmmm,=nitla-xotla(N)=cut cloth, i.e., windshear, make stripes=x/shor/tla=shore(E), i.e., ripple surface of lake, saw wood, i.e., sough through evergreen branches. (Xotla)Galgi(Mozoquitl Alkonquin, related to Ojibway)= G/ca(l)qui/gi=caqui(N)=nite-caqui(N)=listen, pay attention, to be listening, obey, e.g., ayuh nite-caqui(N)=divine the secret intentions of someone(as the weather/wind),=nitla-/nic-caqui(N)=understand, discern, comprehend things, have a public. part of the personification of the wind is that it has voice, saws and soughs through trees, has an audience, is listened to in order to divine/predict intentions, and if very vociferous/ stormy must be obeyed by putting into xotla/sawing shore if embarked, retiring to shelter if rain. ...Muskoka Lake, 2 hrs North of Toronto(=tolontic(N)=lont/ront/round(E)= toloa(N)=bow the head/tolerate(E)dolor(sp),named for Council Circle of Amerind Nations held there), 2.5k sq. miles with 1.6k lakes. ...Chief Yellow Head=Mesqua Ukie(Ojib/Alk)=Metztli Quaitl Oquichtli(N)= Moon/Yellow Head/quaitl(N) Man. ...Ojibwa(Alk)=Chipawa/Ochipauac(N/verb)=clarify, purify, become clear again, e.g., Ochip/Ojibwa/auac(N). ...Muskoka was not named after Yellow Head/Metztli Quauitl(N) as Muskoka has its own meaning, e.g., muskeg(Cree=Christian)/swamp/lake, muskig (Ojibway/Ochipauac)=swamp,=Mu/Mo-s/z(k)oqui/ka=Mo-zoquitl(N)=your mud quitting. the Muskoggee are the southern branch Mound Builders. ...leaping to Russia, Moskva(Capitol)=Mo-zoquitl-ua(N)=owns/ua mud/t/zo quitl/quitting.

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012


(Algic),=muskeg(Cree)=swamp,=muskagoo(Cree/chretién)=swamp indian,= muskig(Ojibwe/Chipaua)=swamp,=muskiegui(Shawnee)=lake/pond,=mo-zoquitl(N)= your/mo-zoquitl/swamp/mud/huracán/tempest;in abstract=slave=who built Muskagoo Swamp Culture=Zoque(Mex tribe)=contemporary of Olmec/Liangzu Taoite from Yangtze Delta, last Chinese neolithic jade culture, 3310-2250BC. te-quitl(N)=stone-quit(E)= community service/clear stone from growing fields,=quit/d pro quo(Latin)=tid for tat,= tzoquitl(N)=mud quit/d, reclaiming swamps to mounds, lodo(sp)=tzotl=(m)ud,=Ljubljana(Slovenia)=Lj/tub/tob/adobe=toptli(N)=wrap idol. Cahokia=cauh(t)ica/cauh(ti)quiza(N)=be separate/far,= ueca nic-cuauhtica=vast,=named for Caouquia tribe. funerary as Mixtla/Egypt/Gobekli. Woodland Period=1k BCE to AD 1k=pottery/orchard culture, related to S.Georgia Utina-hica=Otli-na-teca= 4road/Pochteca/merchants. 1.Mico(Mozoq)=chief. 2.micoa(N)=faint. 3.miqui coatl(N)=death snake. 4.micoani patli(N)=poison. 5.micoani nanacatl(N)= deadly mushroom. 6.imac micouani(N)=hands-on killer. 7.micoltiani(N)=aspirant. 8.micomitl(N)=carcaj(sp)/quiver. 9.micalgi(Mzq)=lesser chiefs. 10.idalwa(Mzq)=italhuia(N)=speak/say,=Nitetla-italhuia=speak for someone. 11.Heniha(Mzq)=2d in command,=h/th/tenitlacaotli(N)=bozal/mouthpiece. 12.Tustunnuggee(Mzq)=Our/To-Tonno(pouh)qui=Tonalpouhqui(N)=calendar count/warlock. 13.Yahola(Mzq)=shaman/xamani(N)=destroy,=yao(N)=enemy,=yaotl=yaotla=war. Tustunnugge and Yahola combine forces: Yahola attacks/Totun says when. Mozoquitl(N)=Mudders, First Clan=Wind Clan, belonging to Quetzalcoatl, traveler/Teacher through Mother Hekate/Ehecatl(N/2)=Tona/tunne/tun(Mayan)= solar yr360days. clans=bear/beaver/otter/wolf/skunk/fox/cane/Acatl(N/13/Tona)/salt/iztatl(N)/ toad/tapayaxin(N)/turtle/ayotl. mozoquitl=mosquito. 14.hutalgalgi(Mozoq)=the wind,=xotla(shoot)/xotl(foot/shoe)/otli(route/road)= g/ca(l)c/gi=cactli(N)=road/route shoes=mocactli/mocactzin(N)=mocassin/your Hon. shoes=chanclas(sp)= ch/ca(n)ctl/las/shoot the route. Wind is shod and shoring/ sh/xor/tla=xotla=cut strips/new shoes, wind-sawing voyager, for the endless tour of Blue Planet. MoZoquitl matrilinear tribe=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=malemember, sets them apart from simpler tribe system,=old/advanced oriental root. mound building is imitation of pyramid=piloa mitl=pilamid/tl,= 2648/Saqqara/Egypt, placing MoZoquitl at 2nd a/venue of Quetzalcoatl, 2.2k BCE/Mayan. Pochteca(N)with potlach(NW Amerind)=potli/brother debut/tlachali/ tlachachayaualiztli(N)=scatter(seeds)=chachayaua=chayote/chayotl(N).

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012


...kid(E)=goat(E)=Coatl(Nauatl/5 Tonalamatl)=snaka(OE)=snake(E). so how do we expand kid to k/c/chi(l)d/tia=chieltia(Nauatl)=to wait for someone and have something for them when they get there,=child/ shield, hmm, sh/ch/ph/field(E), aha, a shield land, a galardón/guerdon for guerra(sp). ...teach how to learn. ...say(E)=cea(N)=not one,=de-sea-r(sp)=desire(E)=decir(sp)=say,=dicha(sp)= happiness, dicharazo(sp)=saying,=diccionario/dictionary(E): itoa/oito(N)= oito=oido(sp)=ear/hear=oir(sp)=oigo(sp)=i hear. tlatolli(N)=word=(w)ord= o(r)der(E)=(W)O(r)din=Odin(ONorse)=Wording=odos(gk)=odol(V/Basque)= (b)lood(E)=road(E)=ruta(sp)=uta(J)=poa/poetry/power=otli(N)=root(E)= raíz(sp)=raz(R)=r/t/laza(N)=raze(E)=tlazapan(N)=azaf(r)an(sp)=saffron(E).

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012


1.first consonant is a digraph,=t/l(Nawa))=hunting click=tle?(N/pron)= what(thing)?,=tle ic nen/what profits it?=tlei(adj)=something,= in aya ti-tleme=before we were something,=tlein o?=what is that?,= 2.tleyo=famous,=tleco=rise,=tlecuilli(N)=hearth,=tletl cui=fire care. 3.tla(pron)=thing,=tlatla(verb)=flame,=chitlatla=cheetah(Zatal Hüyuk Dance Mural). hunt felids of Tlatla-Tzol-Teotl, regent of split hill/ Zatal Hüyuk=Yeloa tzallantli=Yelo/Jerusalem/tzalan=living btwn hills, 4.tlaacanoni=shovel,=acana=drydock(ship),=tlaco=daytime,=tlaaini=worker. 5.tlama=doctor,=Llama(Tibet)=tlamani=capture,=Rama(Hindu),=tlanaua=reel= hreol(OE)=teotl(N). 6.Tlaloc=tlaloa=flee(deer),=Tallulah(name)=tlalli= tlalia=sit down/settle,=tlan(posp)=with/after/near/in/under/btwn,= t/l/ran(E). 7.tlaptli=raft(E)=ark of Great Flood,=tlapana=t/l(o)af/pan(Sp). 8.tlayoa=be night/dark,=tlayualli=messenger/sent,=tlayuani=drinking glass,= tlaiuintiani=he who perverts/ruins a country,=Cheney=iuintic=drunkard. 9.tlacuicui=sculpt/sweep,=taquiyya(Arab)=avoid danger by denial. 10.tlilli(N)=black,=nil/Nile/lilly/lilac/Lilith/thrill(E)=drill. 11.w=ue=way=uel(rev)=well=iueli=river=Llewelyn(W)=Iberia/Siberia. 12.tlactli=trunk,=ollama tlaxtli=ball game. 13.tlazotli=precious.

viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012


=loop/coil/skein=ha(n)k=hake(fish)=hankus(AL)=hank(Swe)=string/tie-band/rowel,= hank(Dane)=handle/jug ear=h/th/t/tlaca(N)=take(E),= hake/hook=haki(ONorse)=hacod(OE)=pike/cod/cotoni(N)/gadus morrhua. hakim(Arab)=wise=hakama(Arab)=physician/philosopher,=tlaca(N)/take. hezle(Basque)=teacher,=eztli(N)=blood=odol(B)=otli(N)/route. hekim(Turkish)=doctor=Hecate/ecatl(N/2/Tona)=wind/breath. ham(E)=tamaloa/tamalli(N)/tamaño(sp)=hog=toca(N)=touch. hook(E)=hoc(OE)=hok(OFris/MLG/MDu)=hoek(Du)=hoekja(ON)=crutch. haca(OE)=bolt,= tlaca(N)/take=hake(MDu)=haco(OS)=haak(Du)=hako(OHG)=haken(G)=hook= haki(ON),=kogot(Russile)=claw/hook(E)=cocotl/cocotli(N)=neck. goose/ganso(sp)=gacho(J)=reversal=choca(N)=ch/ho(n)k/ca=honk.

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012


...gerron(Gk)=wicker shield=guerdon(E)=galardon(sp)=guiderdone(Italian)= widerdonum(Roman/medLatin)=widerlon(OHG)=witherlean(OE)=lean=payment=donum (Latin/gift)=guer(e)doner(OFr). wik=uic(N/adv) combines with, witu(OHG)= wood(E)=qua/-uitl(N/root)=tree=treow(OE)=teotl(N)=teo/theo/deo, so, wicker(E)=viker(Swedish)=viger(Danish)=willow(E)=qua/-uitl(N/root)=vika (Swedish)=bend,=wican(E)=weaken(E). ...field(E)blends with chieltia(N)=to wait for someone and have something for them when they arrive, e.g., a child/chieltia or a shield/chieltia. shield/field lands are the most sincere guerdon/galardon. ...chimalli(N)=escudo/rodela/shield/chieltia. note the gerron(Gk)=wicker shield is -ron/round, -don/Tona-iuh, -lon/Tona-tiuh(N/solar root). ...following the Greek, geras(Gk)=gift of honor, geranor(Gk)=Spartan (warrior tribe),=gerairo(Gk)=to honor/reward with gift,=gerairai(Gk)= priestess of Bacchus,=geraios(Gk)=venerable/Sire(term of address),= gera(Gk)=Crane(bird of guerra/war-like Japanese and Aztec Nations)= C(r)ane=Canaua(N)=being of 4; hammer flat,=canauhtli(N)=canard(Fr)= geranos(Gk)=dance/flight of Crane/gera/guerra(sp)=geranion(Gk)=geranium= crane's bill. ...Aztec=Aztatl Tecpatl=Ga(r)za(sp)=G/a(r)z/tatl(N)=Crane/Canaua Pipiltin/ People. ...following the French, guére(Fr)=but little/not much,=guéret(Fr)= ploughed but unsown land/fallow land(that's war surely),=guéridon(N)= small, round table; scoop(Naut.),=guérir(Fr)=to heal/cure,=guérison(Fr)= recovery/healing,=guérite(Fr)=garita(sp)=sentry-box/turret, guerre(Fr)= guerra(sp)=guerrilla(sp)=little war=ual(N/adv)=to-war-ds(E/adv)= wall(E)=vallum/vallus(Latin)=rampart, yet, stake/vallus= v/ual(N)/v/b/palli(N)=phallus/phallos(Lat/Gk). a blend of ual/palli(N), which enforces the blend of war/ual/guerra/gera(Gk). ...wicker/wider/wither/-uitl(N/particle of quauitl/tree=maquauitl(N)= hand tree/sword, the wooden variety used by the Aztecs, lined with obsidian beveled oblong chips,=makila(V/B)=macana(Taino).

sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012


(E)=merry,=gai(OFr/Pr)=cay/cayo(Sp)=insular/round low bank of sand,= cayaua/ocayauh(N)=round on/laugh at oneself/bamboozle=yaualli=bamboo hoop settle for pot/jug,=yaualotoc=touch all around,=oyaualiuh metztli=full moon.

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012


quen(N)=how?,=que(r)n=quern(E)=corn mill,=Quorn(Geo.Ctr.England)=Qu/corn(E)= Shiloh(Geo.Ctr.Israel)=Xilo(N)=red corn deity. Demetra(Gk)=temetlatl(N)=stone grinder. quern(E)=cweorn(OE)=Quorn/Quorndon=don/Tonatiuh(N)=solar Anthony, our/To na/4.

domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

right rite

...rite(E)=religious procedure,=rit(OFr)=rite(Fr)=rito(sp/Ital)=ritus (Latin)=r/titus/tit/tite/tito(no longer in Yugoslavia)=titlani(N)= messenger,=t/litany/liturgy(E)/litigation(E)/litter(E)=couch=cochi/ococh (N/verb)=sleep; scatter?what do you throw away? the titla/between, which is the wrapper/titla/litter of something, even has a message on it often. hmmm, li(s)t might qualify for titla(N)=title, listen(between talking), but not, literal=tletl(N)=fire, well, t/l/red/tl letter(E), but alternate root=r/t/literal, as a letter stands between/titla and sound, if not understanding. and the female homologue of the peninsula, an almost unknown word in Greek, except by Nikos Kazantzakis,=kleitoris(Gk).

miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012


=gram(OE/OS/OHG)=gramr(ON)=angry,=grammar=camatl(N). bad news for Proto-Indo-Euro fans, and some good news. Nauatl roots supercede backward-looking-up-your-colon PIE, or Indo-Euro, IE, simply by showing the first 3 letters of its ACE/ABC. there is no Nauatl D, for Taletec(N)=little lizard,=Daleth(Phoenician/Hebrew)= D. as Nauatl has no Bb or Dd, so Proto-Indo-Euro roots cannot begin with Dd, for Dd, as Brother Grimm saw,=Tt, even, tl,=Teuhtli Tonatiuh(N)=Teuton(OHG)=T/Deuh(s)t/li =dust Dona-dieu. Bb=birch=pilichtli(N)=p/bir(i)ch/tli= ilitl(N). PIE looks back: Nauatl books forward= isbn 968-23-0573-x. Nauatl holds the 13 sound ACE ltrs that doubled into 26 ABC sounds today, the Letra consonant shifts. dana(OPersian)=river,=Danube=Donau/Tuna/Tona/Tonatiuh(N)=Solar River/Europe, =tonalli/tona(N)/donate/do/done/Don&Doña(sp)/dune/tune/Tonatiuh/sun.

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012


...toong(Chi)=tube=toptli(N)=attob(Arab)/pipe=pipina/opipin(N),= to(on)c/g=toca(N)=tocar(sp)=play(music/flute),=touch(E). ...sher(Chi)=tongue=to(n)c/gue=toca(N)=to-/our being/-ca, =s/sh/xel/r= xelhuia(N)=share(E)/xeliui(N)=shell(E). the tongue used by birds and humans to split/shell seed pods=potli(N)=both(E). ...guey(Chi)=Wei(Chi)=way(E)/weigh(E)=ue(N)=big,=guey(spaMex)=ox,= cupboard,=guey-farng(Chi)=counter=cotoni(N)=cut(E),=farng=fa(rn)c/g= f/paca/opac(N)=wash,=bach/b(r)ach(OE)=b(r)ook(E). ...piann(Chi)=slip/card=ca(r)d/tl=Ecatl(N/2 Tonalamatl)=windweaverHecate, pie/pia(N)=piety/pious(guard and abstain,=pi/opic(N)=pick(E). ...tie(Chi)=stick/attach,=tilini/tilinia/otilin(N)=stretch the bow. ...iou(Chi)=sad/grief,=ihiouia/oihioui(N)=suffer. ...iou-chour(Chi)=sadness,=ihiouia c/choloa(N)=to be sad/to be melan-choly(Gk)=coloa(N)=color(E). ...chour(Chi)=melan-choly(E)=choloa(N)=to flee,=coloa(N)=to coil/curl/color melan-(Gk/prefix)=black/dark. ...tyan(Chi)=sweet/sugar=s/z/tzocatl(N)=Zocalo(Mex/main square/plaza=tlaza),= tian-quiztli(N)=market/plaza=p/tlaza(N)=triangle(E). have to buy sugar/ sweets in the Zocle/socket/Zocalo Tianquiz(Mex). ...tarng(Chi)=sugar=s/z/tzo/ug/cat/l/r(E/Nauatl)=tzocaltl/tzocalo/zocle/ socket(E)/zoco(sp)=left-handed;market,=ta(rn)c/g=tac=tataca(N)=to dig, and dig again,=ta(r)taglia(Ital)=stutter(E)=attack(E). sugar has to be attacked by the tongue in a stuttering manner, to ta(s)te=tataca(N), and taste/tataca(N)again! ...wey(Chi)=taste=tataca(N)=attack/flavor=patla(N)=paddle,=ue(N)=way(E)= weigh(E). taste is something to be weighed on the tongue. ...weydaw(Chi)=flavor/taste,=ue(N)tlauiz(N)=way-dawn(E)=awakening of way/ue/Wei/taste/paddle. when tasting the tongue does paddle. ...bye=to separate;another,=b/pie(N)/pia(N)=piety/pious(guard and abstain)=calpixque(N)=majordomo,=pi/opic(N)=pick(E), separate. ...bye-li(Chi)=to leave=eua(N)=Eva/Eve(Bible)=leaf(E/Otoño),= pialia/pielia/opiali(N/reverential of pia)=guard something for someone (because that someone is departing/leaving),=pailli/pielli(N)=deposit, =opiali=opieli=pielli(N)=p/byeli(Chi). by your leave.


...camatl(N)=mouth,=camotl(N)=yellow yam=yamactic(N)=soft, yellow= yollotl(N)=heart, color of Calli(N/3 Tonalamatl)=house/being, direction West whose color=yellow, e.g., North/white=uitequi(N)=thresh(E), East/red= t/l/red/t/l(N)=fire, South/green=g(r)/ce(N)=cel/celtin/celia/oceli(N)= re-ce-ive(E). ...c/amar/t/l=amar(sp)=to love,=amarrar(sp)=tie/bind,=marriage(E)= Mariachi(Band)=on top/achi=aci(N)=concentrate/make=maca(N)=give c/amar/tl= mouth/voice=tozcatl(N)=t/th(r)o(zc)at/l=throat(E). ...Mohammad=Mo/your mouth/mot/motla/-h/ch/cammad/t/l=camatl=Mo-camatl(N)= your mouth. ...camarada(sp)=camar/tl=camatl(N)=mouth, but mouth=motla(N)=to stone= (your/mo-tla/body, flame=tlatla, but also, mortal/moral comrade. ...tetl(N)=stein(Ger)=tetica(N)=of stone,=ética/étiqueta(sp)=ethic(E). where is the ethic in public killing? here is where Law/Ley/Lex=tleco(N)= selects a moral, a more, gives a lecture. is the Law, which is also, tleco/regulate/religion, just in acting when most worships ban killing? the religion/tleco/trek of Christ/Isah forbids it, a religion based on Winter Solstice Animism and the Life of Useful Plants. Certainly intramural murder=morder(sp)=mort(fr)=motla(N)is prohibited as punishment is paired with the crime in the stoning verb. is it that a religion which advertises a path upward/tleco(N), deals impromptu murder as first strike punishment in defense of idea? is not the mouth/camatl(N)enough to bind believers to its wisdom? camatl(N)=c/amar/tl=c/amarrar(sp). or is it a Credence designed only for tribal=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=male members, who fear the opinion of their women, and like the Vatican, are misogynists?

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Maori Waka

=tlauacaloa(N)=to channel,=uaca/Waka Taua(Maori)=uacaloa Tlauacaloa(N)= log canoe made from the Totara(Maori)=To-/our waterland/-t/tlal/r a/tl= tlalatl(N)=waterland,= tl/t/thalas/t/l=thalassa(Gk)=sea=s/ce-atl(N)=one water=Seattle. To-tlalatl(N)tree retains oil when cut, does not split/dry out when used, native to NZ, ltwt podocarp conifer found in New Caledonia, NZ, Tasmania, S.Andes, S.Japan, Philippines. Nga=naca(N)=4being,=toki=to qu(a)ui/tl=ki(J)=tree/barque,=Mata/matlatl(N)=netting,= wha=ua(N)=owns(E),= orua(Maori)=ol-ua=oars(wave owner)=Nga Toki Mata-wha-orua(Maori)=Naca Toquauitl Matlatl ua Ololoa(N)=rigged net wooden log boat. waka/vaka/wa'a/va'a. smaller waka/uacalli= acalli(N)=waterhouse used for fishing, larger are up 40metres, crew of 80=waka taua=war canoe=teua tlachinolli(N)=war uacalli, weighing 3 tonnes. waka hourua=uacalli ahuictli(N)=double hull, oar/ahuic-acalli(N). iwi(Maori)=clans,=iuiui(N/adv)=by force/by work/with difficulty, are descended from the first canoe. Hapu(Maori)=the sub tribes,= H/th/t/Tlapeuhtli(N)=sub/dued tribes. waka ama(Maori)=outriggers,=waka/uacaloa amaca(N)/ama=square hammock/amaca(N)hanging canoe. amatiatia(Maori)=outrigger,=a/matia/omati(N)=a/=atl(N)=water/grow leaves/branches on both sides/tiatia(N). korero(Maori)=khoro(Gk)=chorus=oral history. korewa(Maori)=sloop/chalupa(sp),=coloa ua(N)=owns curls/loops. taonga(Maori)=treasure,=tao/tlaolli ca(N)=land roll being/ca=take corn off cob/olotl(N)= tha(Otomi mesoAmerind)=otome(J)=maiden. Maori(Polynesian People)=Ma-/hand rollers/-olin(N/17)=handrowers(E)=row/reow(OE/preterit)= r/teotl(N)=teo/theo/deo. yatica(N)=to be going,=yacht(E)=yauh ca(N).

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012


...mesa(sp)=mes(sp)=metztli(N)=leg(mesa=table), moon, month(mes). ...moon(E)=mona(OE/OFrisian)=mona(c)tic(N)=what stops in some part/phase,= nactia(N)=nacht(German)=night(E). ...month(E)=monath(OE/OFrisian)/monat(German)=moon(E)=mona(c)tic(N)= monastic(E)=nactia(N/verb)=pernoctar(sp)=nacht(German)=night(E).

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


ostrog(Russile)=prison/fort/burg=oztoc/oztotl(N)=cave,=oztoa(N)=fox(E)=ozcoa/oozco(N)= warm oneself before fire. Ostrogoths are literate in 3d century AD. Kingdom=Euxine-Baltic/Dniester-Volga/ Danubian=Tuna(Turkish)=Tonatiuh=TeuhtliTonatiuh=Teuton. 370 AD, Ostros invaded by Hun horsemen. after an 80yr lapse, Ostrogoths appear in Pannonia Mid-Danube, leaving remnant in Crimea(until 16th c). from 475-488 AD, Ostros in Moesia/Euxine. under Theodric conquer Italian/italli(N)=seen, Kingdom of Flavian Odoacer=odos(Gk)= road=Ottoghar(Turk)=Ocalli(N)=Street,=Odacer/cel(N)=by oneself/alone=shepherd boy. Ostrogoths invaded from Baltic, north of Euxine/Ue xini(N)=way/great falls, from kingdom of Greuthungi=G/Ceuhyan Tonatiuh Tzintli(N)=saintly sunTone rest stop=Estonia/restonia(pun). 1.Ceuhqui(N)=peaceful, at home. 2.Ceuhyan(N)=place where one stops. 3.Ceua/oceuac(N)=freeze, 4.Ceuhtiuh(N)=declining/arctic sun=c(n)euh(?)=snow.

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012


=Fennec Uenic=where offering is made.=hirvi(Fen)=moose/mozoquitl(N)=your mudder/deer,=cerf(F)= ciervo(Sp)=chevre(F)=ce uentli(N)=one offering,= korva=ear,=coloa ua(N)=has curl/turns,= tunturi=small mountain,= tun(Mayan)=360day solar yr,=Tonatiuh(N)=Anthony, the sun,=turi= tolina/tolinac(N)=want to eat/consume but not be able, starved state of Tun/Tony at solstice. ear/nacaztli(N)=tenacaztequini=ear-cutter,=tenacaztli(N)=cornerstone of a wall,= tenacaztiliztli=retain/keep someone,=tenacaztitizani=shouter/thunderer,= tenaliztli=moan, complaint,=Denali(Alaska). Ear Fell/petla(N)=Korvatunturi=when the sun lays on his curly ear with solstice starvation.


1.farng(Chi)=house/room=f/pa(r/n)c/g=paca/opac(N)=pack/peace. 2.huh(Chi)=door(E)=h/th/to/uh/th/t/loa=toloa(N)=tolerance. 3.yang(Chi)=ocean/foreign,=yank/c/g=yacatl(N)=nose=Yacatecuhtli(N)=trade God. 4.gan(Chi)=dry,=g/canaua(N)=hammer flat. 5.yuh(Chi)=prepare,=yuh(N)=thus/so.

domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012


...a wife is a whip=uipana(N/root)=weapon(E)=ufano(sp)=proud,=ufansis(gk)= weaver(E)who calls you into line. Jesus had none. what he had was a ship-mate=koinoploos(Gk), maybe a koinolektros(Gk)=common lecho(sp)=bed,= tleco(N)=trekker/riser, a consort=koinoonos(gk)=companion, fellow, partner =potli(N)=puto/puta(sp)=whore/both/brother/broth(E)/port(E),=koinos(Gk)= coin(E)=common=comoni(N)=make the breakfast fire drill,=commotion(E)= Co(s)mos=pub(l)ic(pun), probably not a koinobios(Gk)=convent, certainly a koineion(Gk)=tavern/brothel/common(E)place. it appears Migdal(town of origin)Magdalena was koinoonia(Gk)=communion/social intercourse. ...Nikos Kazantzakis, who wrote Zorba, the Greek, and, the Last Temptation of Christ, where Magdalene was projected as companion, but not wife of Christ. the Greek version of the New Testament is not the emasculated King James Version our Geeks(correct spelling)use. the time Jesus lived in, supports Nikos and the Greek Version. ...civilization=ciuia(N)=prosecute, activate(women), stimulate(E)= ciuauia(N)=exhaust oneself using women, goes hand in hand with prostitution from an etymological point of view. it will stand as long as civilizations dew. that Magdalena Migdal=Mich/in d/tlalli(N)=fishland was ciuacuecuech(N)=prostitute is not doubted, but in the sense of monequi(N)=necessity(N)=money(N)what was she to do, coming from a fishing village in N. Israel? her companion became Christ, who was a public figure, as she was. they had a lot in common, both seeking acceptance. Roman times, Vestal Virgins were Temple whores. one custom was, veiled wives on certain days of the year went to Temple to sleep with whomever they pleased to ventilate a stuffy marriage or whatever other reason known only to the woman in question. ...we make a mistake judging the past from our faulty evolution, which by and large subtracts personal freedoms from a tightening social contract designed for the monotony of money and brave?, new slavery.

viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

society's halo

Starling Rinet, Uralic, #435, p.22: 1.kuse/kose=pine/fir(E). out of Bear Ritual, pine is the first Cross=cozcatl(N)=jewel, necklace, yellow,=kosa(J)=crossing(E)=c(r)oss(E), as Iueli(N)Bear descends from Heavens=te-uentli(N)=the offering because of sin= raka(Finn/Kven)=r/tlaca(N)=body through pine=pinaua(N/verb)=shame/redden,= p/b(r)innan(OHG/Goth)=burn(E). once sacrificed at his Last Supper, bear ascends pine tree=treow(OE)=Teotl(N)=the-other=Heaven to help father sunTona at winter solstice. 2.kusk(Eesti)=pine,=k/co/u z/s c/k=cozcatl(Nawa). 3.guossa(Saam/Lapp)=pine,=gu/gos/coz s/ca/tl=cozcatl(N). 4.koz(Mari/Cheremis, Kom/Zyrian)=pine,=koz/coz-catl(N). #438, p.22: 5.kusV=twenty(E)/veinte(sp)=uentli(N)=offering(E). 6.kos(Khanty/Ostyak, Mansi/Vogul)=k/coz/catl(N)=necklace, jewel,= kosa(J)=crossing(E)=c(r)oss(E). 7.husz/huszat(Hungarian=Tocharian)=20=twenty/veinte/uentli(N)=offering(E) =human digits/20,=huszat(accusative)=hu/chu/coz-catl(N)=c(r)oss. 8.kiz(Komi/Zyrian//Udmurt/Voytak)=20=kiz/Coz-catl(N)=kusa(Japanese)=c(r)oss(E) Deer Age of Tlaloc(Lord of Teotihuacan/750AD)began religion, Upper Stone/45k BCE to 10k BCE, pre-agri/aqui(N)-culture,=tlallo/tlalloque/halo/Harlequin=Herla cyning,=Woden=Odin= otli(N)=odol(B)=b/lood(E)=ode/word,=Hella/Halla/Valhalla/Tlaloc, Deer Lord. 9.kosei(J)=character, individuality, personality, 10.kosei(J)=a fixed star=North star. 11.kosei(J)=the future. 12.kosei(J)=regeneration. we are always nomads= noma/nomatka/nomatzinco(N)=still/forever/the same/spontaneous,=my/no matlatl/net. 13.tzotzoyotia(N)=string popcorn/beads,=tzocatl=leek/wrinkle/sock/sugar=society(E).

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012


Llewelyn(W)=iueli(N)=powerful,=ivery/ivory(E)= iuelifant/pantli(N)=elephant=iv'ry flags,= hibernate=hiver(Fr)=Hibernia=Inverness=invierno=Ebro=invernal(sp)=infernal(E)=Bern= Berlin(beri/iueli)=river/bear=burn(Gael). Kingdom of Iberia/Iuelia btwn Euxine/Caspian= related in name only to Iberia panoa/Española, more rivers than veins on a leaf.

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012


(Turk)=wax,=momachti/momachtiani/momachtiqui(N)=student/scholar/apprentice,=machtia=learn, study, instruct oneself. 2.mana(T)=sense=mana(N)=manar/manantial(Sp)=flow/font,=man=Manitoa(N/Algic)=the Great Spirit/the Great Speaker. 3.maral(T)=doe =mar/t/tl/tz/z=matlatl/mazatl(N)=net/deer.

miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012


Seth=aboriginal settler deity of Egypt,=S/ceti/cetia/cetilia(N)=sit/set/settle. hunter/warrior/god of storms/winds, similar to Baxajaun,original of Basque country, or shepherd cave-dweller, Cyclops of the Odyssey, early Neanderthal presences in Iberia, Nile, Med-Islands. Seth belongs to earlier Tlaloc Nomad Age, 45kBCE to Gobekli Tepe/11k. himself embodying desert=yucahtla=yuhti(N)=from the beginning, is another way of saying Seth was dawn man, tlauitl/ochre red man of Older Venus worship. he fathered Anubis/Xolotl(evening star,later the devil), and himself shape shifter/naualli to dog, snake=snaca(OE)=nacatl=Anakim/Nephillim=fallen angel(Enoch). arctic-bodied Neanderthals had brown to reddish hair as Seth, who after a desert millenium would have lost most body hair and leaned out to heat-dissipating body.

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012


rimm(Heb)=r/timalli(Nawa)=pus,=ua tinalli(N)=wa rimm(Heb)=waurms(Goth)= ormr(ON)=Ormer(name)=hrim(OE/OSw/ON)=hoar(E)=hador(OE)=Hathor(Egypt)=Lady of all primeval,=auauh/auilia/ahuitl(N)=water harvest aunt,=older sister of Sun,= khoira(IE)=xairaz(CGerm)=x/kh/k/coat/l/raz=coatl(N)=co(mes to w)atl/er(E)=snake. dew(E)=daw(OE)=dawn(E)=tlauizcalli(N)=aurora=Quetzalcoatl/Lord Dawn house. frost(E)=frost/forst(OE/OFris)=fr/potli(N)=both(water/ice).

martes, 21 de agosto de 2012


=hrim(OE/ON)=hrimfrost(Swe)=hr/timaloa(N)=suppurate, =Himalaya/Malaya,=rimma(H)=waurms(Goth)=ormr(ON)=rhomos(Gk) varmas(Lith)=varmint(E). Polynesian timaloa/timallo/timalli/rimma/rime=running snake=number 5=Coatl(N/5Tona)=head level and curled tread coil underneath(5)=lima(Fijian)/rima(Maori)/nima(Tongan)/dimy(Malagasy). karima(RapaNui/Easter Island)=cardinal 5=rima/e-rima//ri-rima,=ordinal 5=te-rima(RapaNui=Tlapa Nolhuia=Rope wrap/nurse). twist lima/rima one sees entry of Rr into Europe, worming its way west from the heart of the Sea Age, Micro-Oceania, naming Himalayas, settling into Wailing Wall as equivalent, rimma(Hebrew)=worm=timalli(N)=rime(E)=hrim(OE/OSw/ON)=hoar frost from Himalayan contact=H/th/timaloa(N)=be happy,=nite-timaloa(N/verb)=honor las montañas. suppurate to eulogy turns on, swell=(s)uel(N)=rev.of ue(N)=way(E). hoar(E)=h/ch/Coar/tl=Coatl(N/5)=frost/prost/potli=both(water/ice)=sorbete/sherbert.

sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Ocho Cinco

...oct/ocho/tocho/tochtli(N/8 Tona)=rabbit, verb=toca(N)=to sow and bury. 8: huit(Fr)=h/th/tu/to(ch)t/l/i,=octo(Latin)=otto(Ital)=acht(G)=okto(Gk)= oito(Port)= oito(N/preterit of itoa/talk)= hachi(Japanese)=aaathi(Hindi)=ashti(Skrt)=acht(G)=tochtli, note, German/J/Swede/Lith/Latvian has shifted o/a as has, Hindi/Skrt. ...the Lithuanian?/Latvian=astoni(Latv)= as/toni, solar,=nyoic(Hung)=n=Nauatl=(Ny)o(i)c=(N)=oc=och/tli. astuoneri (Lithuanian)=a/os/sh/ch=tochtli in ast(uoner)i. Lithuanian has more sanskrit than any other euro-lang. tochtli is euro-centric, except for the Hindi/Skrt due to its Baltic connexion and the early Al Maqar forays by horse into India, 7K BCE. those who don't have a variant of tochtli have been in the orient ranging, e.g., shemon(Hebrew)=thamaneya(Arab)= she/tha man/mon=same word, but Arab is clearer in Nauatl=th/t/tlalli mana meya(N)=Earth's flow, e.g., toca(N)=sow and bury,=to-/our being/-ca= tocar(sp)=play music,=touch(E). ...atta(Swede)=otto(Ital)=agt(Afrikaans/Boer/Belgian?Germanoid)=ag/c/chtli =tochtli(N). ...lapan(Bahasa Malay)=tlapanqui(N)=broken in 2 parts, e.g., tlapana(N)= tlap/laf/loaf(E)/xleb(R)=bread=-pana(N/2d particle of tlapana)=pan(spLat) =bread, i.e., pan de cada día=toca(N)=our being. also, nearby, tlalpan/ tlalpilli(N)=earth place/earth prince=t/lapin(Fr)=rabbit. for the slavs: v/bocem(R)=8=(v/b)/och/c-em=m/n=Nauatl= tochem/tli(N),=osam(Serb)=os(u)m(Czech)=osem(Bulg)=visim(Ukraina)= opt(Rom). except for the Romanian, all rabbits, but the Rom is also, had an oc/ch word given priority, so used, opt(R). ...hocht(Irish)=ochd/t/li(Scot Gaelic/celtic)=aucht(Aberdeen Pikitilum). interesting the a-tochtli's, e.g., the japanese, hachi, to the Sanskrit, ashti, to the german, acht, to the swedish, atta, the Lith, astuon-. all indicate the early sea age of the Baltic connected to India, Japan Cantonese, and Teotihuacan Amerinda. ...cinco(sp)=5,=chico(N)=reverse/perverse,=chi/on top, over,-co(N)=come= come over/on top=switch hand.counting, e.g., ce=one chicuace=6=reverse one/-ce. we've always had the computor. ...the russian use the same formula, but a different set of words, e.g., opyat(R)=again,=opatlac(N/preterit)=swap(E)=alternate(hands), which becomes the number, five, in russian, from, patla/opatlac(N)=pyat(R).

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Pozole Riot

...pozoni(N)=boil, bubble, agitate, be pissed off,=poz-/pox upon Razputin/p/fox, known for rabies. cenca pozoni(N)=es hosco, colérico, duro, desagradable en sus palabras. pozo-nini(N)=full of rage, fury. ...pussy=posole(Mex dish)=pozo(sp)=well,=potli(N)=Putin=pontificate. ...Ruido(sp)=noise,=r/to/u it/doa=to itoa(N)=our noise?=Riot=Ruihoter(OFr) =R/tu ih(i)oter/tl=To ihiotl(N)=our breath, our air, our spit, our saliva, our spume. yes, To ih/R iot/l=ih(i)ot/l=hot(E), cf., Tlatlatzolteotl Blog, post: Hot, 15/07/2012. ...the next move for the great Poot is to decorate them with the Order of Leni(e)n-see, and pardon them so they can get back to their pozole. when his priapism has eased is a good time, and in that regard, Rinse Prepuce, chairman of the Re-pubic party could be a great help to him. as they say, hands across the waters.

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012


1.hin(J)=hin(Sp)=whinny(E)=jinete(sp)=rider. 2.hin(J)=poverty. 3.hin(J)=a)dignity,b)dinner/dine. 4.hinoki(J)=sun tree,=hinoko(J)=sparkles,= relinchar(Sp)=hin=tletica(N/adv)=red,=tletl ca=t/l/red/t/l=t/l/rel/tin/thin/hincar(Sp)= hincapié(Sp)=dig in one's toes/hooves.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012


...the Egyptian word for the Inhabitants of North Africa, used in 1175BCE when Ramesis 3, 1186BCE-1155BCE, 2d ruler of the 20th Dynasty, fought the Sea Peoples, who might well have been his opponents as Deer Peoples evolve to ship building, e.g., calli/acalli(N)=house/waterhouse/ ship. original spellings dug out by D. Messaoudi. Nauatl connexions by author of this blog. Nauatl=4Water=Navy=Naui(N)=4. ...6th c. AC=Mazyes, mentioned by historian, Hécateé. ...5th c. AC=Maxyes, mentioned by historian, Hérodote. ...956AC, Latin Dictionary, Mazax/Mazaces. ...the Mazyes=Mazyectli(N)=Excellent/Yes=yectli(Nauatl)/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl Calendar)=Mazyectlalli(N)=the Excellent/YesLand(good land) Deer/Mazatl people=Maz/Yectlalli(N)=Yiz-r/l/tlalli(N)=land=Isralli= Israel=Mazel-tov(H)=Deer/Mazatl toptli/idol=Mazat/l-top. we have the lost tribe of Israel, in North Africa. and who are they? well, Berber(Gk)=Barbar(Russile)=Varvar/Ualual(N)=towardstowards= Barbarian, but the Berber name for themselves=Mazyes=Mazyectli(N)of Mazyectlalli(N)=excellant Deer-land peoples. ...Mazyec have the oldest mtDna, sister Haplo group U/U5, in Europe at 50KYA, the common ancestry of maternal lineage. Haplo is a way of tracing migrations, e.g., 9K miles apart are the Yakut=Yacatecuhtli(N)=Deity of Merchants,=Yacatl(N)=nose=nez=onez/neci(N)=appear, and the Fulbe of Senegal, but in Haplo differ only at 2 coding-region nucleotide positions on DNA, a sweeping migration pattern spanning 2/3 continents. 9KYA in mtDNA of Berber/Mazyes there is a maternal link between Saami and Berber/Mazyes, yectel(N)=(only)yectel=yester-day: both are Deer Peoples, Lapp/Tlapa(N)and Mazyectli(N)/Mazyes. this link reinforces repopulation of N.Europe by Hunter-Gatherers after the late Glacial Maximum=13KYA-10KYA=11K BCE-8K BCE=Gobekli Tepe dates, and validates Hunter-Gatherer Expansion into the Franco-Cantabrian refuge area as Europe became arboreal once again, welcoming its wild game and hunter/gatherer populations back home. 30KYA, the Berber/Mazyes mtDNA has Berber returning to North Africa after being in the Caucasus=Cauh-tiquiza(N)=make a stop on the journey, =cash/xitl(N)=shields/cups/plates=Cauh-cax/sh(N)=Kafkaz(Russile). ...Taforalt people are similar to Berbers, earliest cave date, 20K BCE. since the Holocene, 12KYA, Berber lineage has been constant. 12KYA there is a sub-saharan expansion from a North Africa drying out during the Late Glacial Acceleration, resulting in Cameroon having today 40% North African Y chromosomes. ...this is the frame in which the Tlaloc, Deity of Deer/Mazatl(N)Age was played out. Berber/Mazyes and their lost tribe, the Mazyectlalli(N) Israelis wandering across the stage of EurAsia during Euro-Glaciations beginning as long age as 40K BCE following the Maz(OHG)=Meat(E)=matso(H)trail, flowing east at 30KYA and back again. at 26K-20K BCE, the Last Glacial Max. Framing the Gobekli Tepe dates is the Late Glacial Max., which is a period of warming, a return to boreal Deer Land=Mazatlan(N)=Tsaatan(Mongolia)=Dukha=D/Toca(N)=sow and bury. drying of the Mideast and Sahara Sleeve, return to Europe, and final good-bye to the Last Glacial Max. of 26-20K BCE, which saw jungle in Morocco, wetlands, boreal climate in the Sahara, whose aquifers were full up. ...who else but the Mazyectli(N)will be the Sea Peoples Ramesis3 fights at 1175BCE in the eastern Mediterranean, having exchanged their deer and nomad ways for horse, their yurts/tents for boat and sail? ...making the case for Nomad Deer Tribes lends a depth to the background for Border Cave, South Africa, where new Technology is underway along with the tribes=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=miembro viril. the later Sea People connexion as natural evolution of the Mazyectli/Mazyes peoples makes transfer of new tech much easier through maritime coasting with shallow draft boats of hunting parties. the time of Border Cave, 44K BCE, we already have connexions with Kostenkij Mammoth Area, Russia, the Dordogne, France, and South Africa for Fire Drill Technologies such as drilled shell Ornaments and Needles at Kostenkij=kost(R)=bone=omitl/N=k/co(s)t=cotoni/N=cut/E. the bow and arrow and poison=tlapatl(N)=the castor bean tree,=tlapa(N)=la(m)p= Lapp=Saami, enables industrial capability for pierced shells which means trade export early on, probably shell currency. we're off!

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...=Shawl. here's a lesson in how to get completely fluxed even if you have the IndoEuro/PIE/Nauatl root book, isbn 968-23-0573-x, in front of you, and a good example that the final arbiter of any rooting string= common sense blended with utility. for a long time i had taken the easy way out and said, chalani(N)=tinkle, the breaking of glass, not give the tone, discordant, talk not singing. but it turns out shawl/chal=challenge, chalania(N/verb)=fight one another, attack, revolt=ualtzaqua(N)=waltz, nitla-chalania(N)=clash together(cymbals/people/animals/rocks/ideas), doesn't fit, simply because the Japanese, chaya(J)=teashop/restaurant/rest house, coming from the generic word for tea=chay(Turk)=cha(J)=chaikhana(Silk road central asian tea house/guest house/inn, using only a prepostion in E, did not mean chalani was root of chal. well, surely, the tinkle, break, and clink of glasses, talking not singing, gives chalani(N)root priority, from the subsequent, chat, but that word from the longer chatter, which roots in Ecatl(N/2 Tona)=c(l)atter, noise and root by the wind/weaver, Hecate Shuttle Star. keep her in mind as we will mention her last in this post. yes, chalani(N)=is root for chhá(Mandarin)/tsái(Gk)/Thailand(supposedly not related to tea, but meaning, tie/unity, but what is tea but tie/unity?/te(Min/simplified/ Chinese/Tai-wan/Guangdong)/chay/chai(Persia)/tsai(Mongol). ...shawl, earliest forms from Urdu, language of Pakistan and the Muslims of SE Asia: schal/sc(i)al/shaul/chal. note the idiom connexion between a difficult ally, who has India bracketed by common language. chal(sp)/chale(Fr)/shal(Persia)/ Shaliatl(town/India), where first manufactured? what does Shaliat mean? Sh/Xalliatl(N)=sand/water, seems to be on the NW coast of India...let's look at Xalli(N)=X/Shallow/sand(E), wait, we forgot the wind/Ecatl(N). Shawls are called throws=echar(sp)=Ech/car/l/t/l=Ecatl(N), just as beds are bett(G)=b/petla(N/verb)=throw,=petlatl(N)=petate(Mex)=sleeping mat, the verb, petla(N)making the spLat nouns, piedra/petra, and, xalli (N)=fine piedra/petra/petla(N). ...i would give precedence to function, that shawl=chal/Ecatl(N)by being a throw and a protection from sand/wind, wind/Ecatl(N/2 Tona)being the operative element in shawl, just as Tona-tiuh/solar deity is the operative element in, t/dune(E). the fact that Shaliatl town made shawls is the additional etymology/root of chal=ch/cat/l=Ecatl(N), but one remembers, Hecate was Windweaver, and Goddess since 7k BCE at Belgrade on the Tonatiuh(N) Donava Danube. she had her shawl, which is an early, primitive piece of Katherine=Ekatheron(Gk)=throw of shuttle/xiotl(N). ...shawl=cowl(E)=cule(OE)=cuculla(OHG/Latin), hmmm, looks like, coloa (N)=co(i)l/cu(r)l, but can still be, Coatl(N/5 Tonalamatl)=snake, which gives us,=coat(E)=cotoni(N). the fact harmonic roots are all over the garment called chal, strengthens its provenance from Nauatl rather than Shal(i)atl Town.

domingo, 22 de julio de 2012


=today=naui calli=4 house=4th trecena/Flower/Xochitl(20)=4 Calli(3)=43rd day by 9= =7=Tlatzolteotl=flame-hole Thea, regent Tonalamatl=ce/se-ven/uen/tli(N)=one render.

viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Freya's Necklace

Freya=Fr/peyaua(N/)=overflow,=peua(N)=pe/be-gin/tzintli=peyotl(N)=cactus/cactli/shoe. Brisin=Br/pitz/sin/i=Pitzini(N)=pith 4 dwarves for jewel/gamen=stone=kamen(R),= ca meya/omex(N)=flow/be.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

tooth of land

1.ishi(J)=stone/jewel/Med.Assoc./will/wish/purpose, as verb,=hang oneself,=ixtli(Nauatl)=faz(sp)/facet/face,=itztli(N)=obsidian/flakes. 2.Japan=hapan=zapato/zapatero(sp)=tzapa/tzapatl(N)=dwarf(E)= d/z/tz(w)a(r)p/f=tzapa(N),=wo(China)=dwarf, =chibi(Japonica)=dwarf,=chibo(J)=resourceful,=cüce(Turkish)= dwarf,=Cozcatl(N)=necklace/jewel/yellow,=kosai(J)=luster, brilliance, koseki(J)=ore/crystal=cetl(N)=ice(E),=kosen(J)=an arc/ray of light, kosen(J)=Hades,=kosetsu(J)=intercourse/skill/workmanship. 3.Freya(G)=peyaua(N)=overflowing, x 4 dwarves for sake of Brisingamen=Br/pitzini/split stone=g/kamen(R)= ka/ca meya/men(N/R)=being flow. 4.epotx/epo(Basque)=dwarf,=hipo(sp)=hiccup(E)=ipotza(N). 5.ame(J)=rain,=ameyalatl(N)=ameyalla(N)=fountain. 6.yuki(J)=snow,=yuhqui(N)=natural,=yuhquiyotl=natural form. ice=ce/cetl(N)=oneness of water. 7.tane(J)=seed/stone/pit/pip/kernel/origin/cause/theme,=t/tlane(N)=what has teeth=tlantli(N)=t/land/tli,=chinese pictograph for teeth=chi(Chi)=chi(J)=earth/land/tlantli=tooth of land=Han(Chi majority). 8.theme(E)=tema(sp)=thema(Latin/Gk)=teme(ME/OFr)=te(s)me(OFr)=teme(N/pl) stone/tetl(N). e.g., tetica(N)=ética(sp)/ethic.

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012


yamactic/yamania(N)=yammer/hammer/jam/yam=tuber/toptli/idol=dharog(WAussie)=yam= Dharog=tribe/language,=Dh/Tlaloc/rog(WAus/N)=Tlaloque(N)=Halos(E)=mountain dwarves of Tlaloc= Tl/T/Thol/r=Thor(ON)=mjollnor(ON)=hammer Thor,=molli nolhuia(N)=pottage nurse.

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

whereby elfs

...Elphinstone(Scotch Peer)=El-phin=-ph/piqui/opic(N)=(pick)=form oneself, approach, group, unite,=pixie(folklore/E)=nixen(Germany)=piquant/feign/ finger(who picks=piqui)=invented, excessive, extravagant, imagine; lie consciously, surround, wrap tamales in leaves to cook them, form a new creature(speaking of God). the El-phin=Alvin(Name)=tlal-phin=-piqui(N)= earth finger/pixie, well, chitoni(N)=spark,=chthonic(Gk/E)=sparky(fire drill)=on top/chi toni/tone/tune. ...Elfdalian(Swedish minority language)=dalian=d/tlalli(N)=land/earth= Elfland,=Älf-dal(s)ka(3k speakers/Elfland)=Tlalpiqui-Tlalca(N)=Earth Formed Earth Being,=Älf-dal(s)mal(linguistic variation of Scandinavian language spoken in the old parish of Ovdain=Ov/Alf/Tlalpiqui-Tlaini/N= Earth Group/United-T/l/Rain/Earth Drinkers, the southeast part of Alf-dalen Municipality in Northern Dalarna, Sweden, a Dalecarlian Vernacular)= Earth Finger/Feint/Pixie Earth/-dal-(s)/Malinalli(N/12 Tonalamatl)=wreath, Earth's finger garland of herbs/Mal-inalli, e.g., wa(japonica)=unity, circle, hoop, peace,=waa(Chi-na)=lang-ua-ge=-ua-(N)=own(E). ...Fink-el-stein=F/Ph/pink/qui-el/al/tlal-tetl(N)=earth stone/stein= El-phin-stone(E)=Tlal-piqui-tetl(N)=Earth/Land's Finger Stone. ...Elvin(Bishop/Paul Butterfield Blues Band)=guitar player/picker=piqui/N.

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(N)=idol/odol(B)=blood(E)=otli(N)=aorta(E),=wrap(in brick)=adobe(Amerind)=tob/tub(Egypt)=attob(Arab).


1.ross(G)=Rocinante=nag of Quixote=quiotl(N)=maguey lance. 2.yroshit'(Russ)=harvest,hros(OS)=hross(ON)=toss/toxaua(N), =yr/losh=Oylos/Ooloo(Gk)=Ceres=oilia(N)=degrain corn. 3.mare(E)=uma(J)=oma/ma(N)=hunt by net,=Mazatl(N/7 Tona)=deer.

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(Turkish)=navel/hub(bicycle)=gobekli=with a central boss/paunchy,= gobeklisalat=lettuce,=copichtic(N)=channeled,=copichoa=roll mat/paper,= kopat(R)=dig,=kopeyka(R)=kopeck,=kop'ë(R)=kopyo=spear,=tzelkovoy(Mordvin)= ruble=toptli(N)=idol/wrap,=cel copina(N)=only copy.

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...iif=(M)Du=if(Fr)=iw(OE)=ih(OSaxon)=iwi(OHG)=ir(ONorse/chiefly bow/arco) =often planted in churchyards as symbol of grief,=yew(E/tree)=yeoman(E)= archer/bowman. hmmm, eow(OE)=i(o)h/eoh(OE)=iwa/iwu/ihu/iga(OHG)=eibe(G), hmmm, u/v/b/p/f, ah, u/p=Nauatl letters,=iva(sp)=iwe/iewe//uwe(MLG/MDu), hmmm, w(E)=ua(Nauatl)=own(E). ...we'll go with, if(French)=ipan(N)=pan(N)=with pronouns: no, mo, i= it(E/3d person)=ipan(N)=it goes well/ir bién/convenir/convenient. as postposition, pan(N)=within, over, in, by,=ipan(N)=over him, on top,= apan(N)=over the water; river crossing,=tlalpan(N)=over the earth. ...ipanyotl(N)=opportunity, uel ipanyotl(N)=favorable. ...ipantlacuiloa(N)=write over/escribir encima(con pluma). ...ipanoc(N)=partout(Fr)/everywhere/por todas partes. ...ipanocayo(N)=universal/general. ...ipanti/oipantic(N)=alcanzar la meta/dar en el blanco/hit the bullseye, speaking of an arrow/flecha. that's it: the root of yew(E)=iif(MDu)=if(Fr) =ip/anti(N); ah, pantli(N)=flag(pant/banner/paint=pa). ...ipantilia/oipantili(N)=find who you're looking for, find them by accident, assault the enemy, fall upon them. ...nitla ipantilia(N)=succeed, hit the mark, understand, do something on purpose/a propósito. ...Yew/iw/iwe/iwa/iewe/uwe//iwu/iwi/iwa//i(o)h/eoh/ih=eibe(G)=iif(MDu)= if(Fr)=iva(sp)=iv/b/pa=ipanti(N)=hit the bullseye. one can see from the many forms of yew, 13 at least, that original (p) has gone through the p/b/v/w wringer. note the spanish, iva=(e)ib/be=eibe(G)=iv/b/pa=ipantli(N) and the iif/if(MDu/Fr)=iif/p=if/p=ipantli(N). the numerous aspirant (h)'s indicate the original particle, ipa(ntli)ahs reached p/ph/fonetic zero, e.g., p/ph(f)/honed to the bone, becomes the wildcard/joker of sound, where it can attach to other honed/phoned values as we see in the 13. the constant, however, is the lead letter,(i). of the variations one distinguishes between letters extant in Nauatl and those not, e.g., w=ua(N)may or may not be dropped as one can play with the form to see if it curdles into a Nauatl word, and it does,=eua(N/verb)=leave, but one can't ignore first letter,(i), and we know before hand, eua(N/verb) =leave/leaf/Eva/leather=euatl(N). so all iw/iew/uwe/ih/eoh forms can be discarded, and eibe(G)/iif(MDu)/if(Fr)/iva(sp)=iv/b/pa=ipa-ntli(N) remain.

stone soup

1.tetl(N)=stein(G)=shtetl(H) year)=stone= Tonatiuh(N)=Sun,=3.tetica(N)of stone=tetic(N)=stoney,=ethical/ethic/ ética/etiquette,=tetica nitla-tzopa=build with stone/tetl,=4.tzopa(N)= finish,=tz/zt/stop(E). stone,=mo-tlatla=your flame,= mot(Fr)=motto=mottle/motley(E)=harlequin=tlaloque/clown dress,=mora(sp)= mulberry(E)=moral/mortal(E)/mort(Fr)=cmert(Russ)=mo(n)taña(sp)=mountain=home of Tlaloc's tlaloque.

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(Gk)=ome(N)=two, ca(N)=beings,=ser de dos(Sp)=mega/O(Gk/reversal)=mecania/omecani(N)= hanging Holy/Olin(N/17/Tonalamatl),=chords of movement.

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(N)=curved/thick/solid,=who tills,=still,=lingua(L)=lengua(Sp),=lynis(OE)= lins(W.Fris/ME)=linchpin,=link/slink/sling.


(S)Marty(short for Martin/Martyr)=mati(N)=to know,=mati(Skrt/noun)= consilium of elders. now if the Sanskrit is a noun of the same form as the Nauatl verb, we know the Nauatl is older, as nouns come from verbs/adverbs, and in Nauatl nouns formalized last. mati mati ca(N)=smart smart being/ca=Mati mati ca(sp)=Mathematics(E)= the underlying discipline in language, e.g., uan(N)=own4=proximity, parentage, community of origen,=Juan/Juana(sp)= one(E/number)= Wyandot(Amerind)=related to the Huron(French-named Amerind)=huron(Fr)= boor,=hure(Fr)=head(of wild boar), hure de salmon(Fr)=jowl of salmon, hure(Fr/slang)=big, ugly(round)head,=poloa(N)=verb/deprecative suffix. ma/oma(N)=hunt land/sea with net,= matlatl(N)=net,=matlalli(N)=netland,= matlalin(N)=dark green or the color blue,= mat/l/r=mar(sp)=mano(sp)= maitl(N)=maite(Basque)=aite(Japonica)=ai(J)=love;blue, Maitland(Anglo- French name), matelot(Russile). mattica(N)=to be occupied/preoccupied, know, understand,=mattiuh(N)=to know, suffer a thing,=ueca nitla-mattiuh(N)=suffer a great loss/defeat. ma(N)=mati=mattica/mattiuh=Nenadertal wordstring, solid evidence dictionarys are history books of the first order=otli(N)=route/ruta/uta(J)=verse. note Neander described externally, not by himself, and the string says Titan/titlani(N)=Litany is smart/mati, hunts, follows the coast= ma/oma(N), matlatl(N)=net=weaves, contemplates, suffers greatly in defeat. this is not at all the slick self-laudatory picture we draw of him today tinted out by our insufferable, arrogant, ignorance of the world and history. his contribution to language in abeyance, could he utter=itoa/oito(N)=talk? we have Polyphemus(Gk)=many-voiced Cyclops, sheep-keeping friend of Odysseus. the many voices meaning he imitated, was a mime of bird/animal calls which gave him a hunting advantage even over dogs, because he could attract game with his voice. something not taken into account by Cro-Magnon canine theorists. Polyphemus is related to Baxajaun, Basque Lord of the Woods, to whom sheep gladdened the arrival of their Lord by shaking the bells around their necks. here we have Neander as shepherd twice. there is also a Basque ditty about when to plant. iron smelting was his gift also. and he was a gifted weather forecaster. what is emerging is Neander/Neandra's millenia of experiences was not wasted in Europe or elsewhere, but passed on to those of Eva's descendants who capable of learning it, and lucky enough to be guests in his territory in the after 45k bce, when in 42k BCE flute was transferred to them out of Neander Fire Drill bellows. as much as Archaics are anxious to paint holocaust= Shoah=nexoa(N)=ashes for Neander extinction, the record shows him living side by side with the Euro-invaders such as Cro-Mag and the spill out of Africa, in his separate enclaves, even alternating habitation levels in the same cave. imati/oima(N)=be prudent, perispicaz, to be better/in convalescence,=uel mimati(N)=prudent, judicious, curious, pretty(birdcalls, no doubt). note the formation of mime(E)=imacho(N/pasivo)= macho(sp)=mimati(N/cf., imati)=mimatca(N)=in subtle and able way,= mimatiliztli(N)=subtlety, curiosity, ability, prudence, modesty. these are attributes of high order, pointing to a devout cast of mind. connection=connectini(N)=nectia(N)=desire,=nequi(N)=adoration,=necuhtli(N)=nectar. mimatini/mimatqui(N)=judicious, astute, courteous,honorable, modest. one can't survive as long a time as Neander/Neandra did, without the qualities enumerated in this wordstring. we were blessed to have link to their being, haloed by the framework of kin species, guiding us at that moment in UpperStone Age, passing us their devotion and DNA to Teotl(N)=The-Other, the virtue upon which life is founded.

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(Sp)=maroon=mora(sp)=morus(L)=mullberry(E)=mull(E)=moler(sp)=molli(N)=molcaxitl(N)= mortar(E)=motla(N)=stone touch,=mottle(E)=purple spatter,=jester's motley.

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=Nenetl(Nawa)=idol=doll/vulva. 2.nenju(NN)=daughter= nenayotl(N)=conduct,=nemi/nemitiliztli/Nemesis.,=ne(N)=yourself,=ne(N)=in ne(N)=the contrary. 4.njä/njamiu(NN)=tongue,=tlamia(N)=withdraw/hide/eat and drink/consume. 5.piriwta(NN)=girl,=pilli ua tlatla(N)=child of flame. 6.piema(NN)=tinder=pie/piety/guard, ma/oma(N)=hunt by net/mati(N)=knowhow. 7.piää(NN)=tree,=pia(N)=confide/deposit. 8.pul(NN)=bridge(E)=potli(N)=pool/pontis(L/gen). 9.nenya(NN)=sister,=nenetl(N)=doll, ya/ye/yeua(N)=already/going. 10.raak(NN)=rak(R)=lobster,=rakka(Ainu)=otter,= raka(Kven)=sin(bear)=r/tlaca(N)/take. 11.njuo(NN)=n/toloa(N)=door/tolerance(E). 12.tiamdi(NN)=tyamde(NN)=frog,=tada/tadde(OE)= tamazolin(N)=the mud/zolin tamachiua/surveyor. 13.vuebaa(NN)/eeba(NN)=leaf=eua(N)=leave=euaamatl= leaf(paper)=euatl=wattle/crust.

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Abri Castanet

37k BCE nenepilli(N)lengua/lincua/tilinqui of the Abri Castanet Vulvic period as it ties in with language Nawa. ah, nepa/nipa(N)= back and forth, a hunting term, related to, nenemi(N)=walk a lot. nepa(N)=adverb, earliest words in language, font for nipa(N/adv)= knife(E)=ne(r)pa(Russile)=seal=s/ce-at/l(letra/N)=cea(N)=not one/all=sea, =nenemi/onenen(N)=nemi/onen(N)=live,=nemyets(R)=German. words are local, a venue for placing Nauatl origin, very old words, older than artifacts or paintings. pilli(N)=child=chieltia(N)=shield(E) nopilli(N)=my child/noble(E)=pipiltin(N/plural)= people(E)=pi/opic(N)= pick/fig=pia/pie(N)=no pick(E)=piety(E/L). nene-pilli(N)= lengua(Sp)=l/nen/epilli/gua-ca(Sp/N). Otomitl(N)=Ñañu(Oto),a form of nene-pilli. Abri Castanet may have said, ne/ne=me/me/I/I, =nen(N)=in vain, not nenetl/nenepilli as nouns formed last. language=ritual and both sets of lips/tentli/temi(N)=time/fill/hemi/semi, that produced idiom and produced speakers. no distinction made btwn them at 37k bce. ears, their cleaning, their piercing. speech/paca/wash was gaining power over the hearers, giving them power over environs/in the hunt/for unity/ rescue/dance/rite. one can jump from ear/nacaztli(N)=cazar(Sp)=hunt, to, nacazcolotl(N)=oakleaf pustule dye produced by wasps,as nopal cochineal, to, nacaztli colotl(N)=earwig. old as night= nacht(G)=nactia(N)=inhabit/stopover=nen-nact-iliztli(N)=pernoctar(Sp). o(r)der(E)=Oder(River)=otli(N)=ruta(Sp)=uta(J). nene-mach-tiliztli(N)=mach=macui= 5=Coatl(N/5)=coaca(N)=invite/coax, links to snake/snaca/naca(N)=4being=sun sign, later,=minister of defense/public works, and, maitl(N)=mano. hand=tlantli/antler/teeth for Firedrill reasons as incisors held fluted/fue(J)=poa(N)=power/flower/plower. more complicated=nen-cuil-huaztli(N)=seal/mark, symbolic name for vulvas=cui(N)= cuidar(Sp)=care/esteem,=cuiloa=write/paint over, ah, mamahuaztli(N)=twins, Castor and Pollux= Fire Drill=ecatl/cast/twirl and poliuhqui/pollute, or, zoka(J)= nature/creation=socket/tzocatl=palli/phallo/palo(Sp). mood at Abri Castanet= nen(adv)/nenoc(adv)/nenenoc (N/freq.knocks)=from one side to the other,= nenqui(N)=traveller/dweller/servant/slave=caua(N),=ne-nonotzaloyan(N)=notza=reflect. Nenets(Tundra=Tonatlalli)=name/language,=nenepilli(N)=mother nenetl.

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Abri Castanet

...what vulvas are saying. any interest in lips/tentli(N), female ones are our eternity=tenitl(N)=(e)te(r)nit/l, our internet of the race. we are vulvating when speaking the language= lengua/tongue=nenepilli(N)=nenetl(N)=vulva, idol/doll deer hunters, 37k bce at Abri Castanet. another word for vulva=piccatl(N)=from the pi/opic(N)=pie(N)= pick/piety, please, which goes into French, homeland of the Vulva Glyphs, Dordogne Valley. biche(Fr)and bicce(OE)=bitch,=deer=deor(OE)=teotl(N)=Goddess, the other lip. Abri Castanet hunters are partaking of the Goddess GwenWendyOllin/Gwendolyn Cawen(OE)=Queen of Tlaloa Tlaloc Age, which was Nomad out of caves of the Upper Stone Age. terms of affection for ritual bestiality cannot be denied, dear deer, bichon(Fr)=little dear, lap dog. here in swirls of species miscegenation of species is the start of Art=Altia (N/rev.) of atl/water/wash, would you?)=Altar=ue/be altia(N)=bealte(OE)=beauty. the following early nen-(N/pfx)wordpile tells what's going on at Abri: 1.nen(N)=in vain, useless, lots of failure. 2.nenacazictecaliztli(N)=advance to see or hear,=caz/cazar(sp)=hunt. nenacaztataconi(N)=clean ears. 3.nenacazxapotlaliztli(N)=pierce the ears,=xapotla(N)=hole. 4.nenactiliztli(N)=stopping place/pernoctar=nacht(G)=night. 5.nenaualtiliztli(N)=dance arms around necks, and reel hand over hand. 6.nenca(N)=without work/lying around. 7.nencoa(N)=frustrated. 8.nencui(N)=kleptomania. 9.nenenoc(N)=here,there. 10.nenecuilhuaztli(N)=seal/mark(kiss). 11.neneliuiliztli(N)=mix/disorder. 12.nenemachtiliztli(N)=order. 13.nenemi(N)=walkabout. 14.nenotzallani(N)=reconcile/note/call/send search party. 15.nen(N)=none(E), but, 16.tle(N)=what?,=tletl(N)=fire,=atle(N)=no(fire),=atleti/atletia(N)=burn. try the Neandra Promethea wordstring, on my other blogspot, Tlatlatzolteotl, 20avr/12, for a look at Neander through their mati/imati(N)wordstring,=martiya(Skt)=mrty/marti(Sogdian)=mortal man/human.

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(Russ)=water/atl,=cevodnya=today,=v/b/pot/dnya/nia=potnia(Gk)=potent= lady,mistress,queen=potnia thea(Odyssey)=goddess,=potli(N)=companion.

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(ON)=god Archery,=hull(E)=culua(N)=coil/curl,=culutl(N)=scorpion(E),=sting(E)=s/ti(n)c/g= ticitl(N)=doctor!

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Khnum, potter's wheel/uilana crock,=nomauia/nomauilia(rev.)= works by his will only,=creator god, gives women clay babes. Heqet=frog,=ehecatl(N/2)=Hecate=goddess wind/air/breathes air into womb= uapaua/swell. Khnum/Nomauilia aka Min=mitl/spear=ami/oan(N)=aim(E).

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...=cloak=Gabon=Ga(r)be(Fr.)=Garawi(OHG)=Garbo(Actress)=Garb=elegance/ adornment,=g/cap/b(letra)=cape(E)=capani/capania(Nauatl)=snap one's fingers/tirar los dedos(sp),=caper(E/verb)=caper(E/berry)=ca(m)pana(sp)= bell,=c(l)apper(E)=badajo(sp)=campaign(E)=capa-city(E)=capani ciuia(N)= to snap one's fingers, to stimulate. and it seems this is so in Gabon. the Karst caves are Neander habitat. wise leaders, don't cut down your trees=treow(OE)=teotl(N)=teo/theo/deo.

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elephant=iueli pantli(N)=powerful flag=elifant(Latin)=éléphant(Fr), or, olfend(OE)=camel(E)=camileua/camiliui(N)=yellow,=olin petla(N)=throw/lurch,= eléphas(Gk)=iuelephas(Gk/N)=ivery=iueli(N)=ivory flag.


iueli(N/adj)=powerful/poder-oso(sp)=i/v/ber/li=Bern/Berlin, note (n)=Nawa label for Ber(n), the r/l of Ber/lin=i/uv/Ber/li, burly(E),=Biel, district Bern, lake, Bel(Celtic/Sungod)=iueli/bear/bella(sp)/bellicose(E)=bién(sp)=well(E)=uel(N)=rev. of ue(N). Roman Bel/Belenus=Vindonnus=Uentli/wind dona/Tonatiuh/offer(N)=Sun/Wind. Iueli(N)=Llywelyn(W)=Belenus=Ellen/Elyn of Llewelyn. Lewis/Lawis/Tlauiz(N)=daw(OE)=dew(E)=dawn(E). bile=bilis(L)=bestle(Breton)=petla(N)=p/ber/tla=bear,=piloa(N)=spill.

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see saw

...sea=ce atl(N)=Seattle(Amerind Chief/City)=Oc/sea/n=see(E/verb)= ce(N)=one, say(E/verb)=cea(N)=not alone/one=de-sea-r(sp)=desire(E)= decir(sp)=to say. ...saw(E/sew)=tzaua(N)=tzoma(N)=sew=hole/hand,=soul(E)=saol(OE)= s/z/tzaua ollin(N)=tzaol(N)=t/z/saol(OE)=soul. the sewing/sawing hole of a soul, thread/hilo=th/tr/tletl(N)=t/let/l=let(E)=allow/hallow= alaua/oalauh(N)=annoint=alabar(sp)=laude(Fr)=lau(Basque)=4=l/nauh/ naui(N)=4=no atl(N)=my water=nous(Gk)=b/rain=drain=d/t/laini(N)= train(E/verb). ...Strelets(Russile)=Russian infantry first raised by Ivan the Terrible, 1533-1584,=(S)tr/tle(l)et(s)l(letra)=tletl(N)=fire, meaning, shooters in Russile. in Pyëtr Velikij's time, they trained for torture! with good reason, as Peter didn't trust them. ...stripe(E/verb)=stroke with staff/scourge,=(s)t(r)oc/ke(letra)=toca(N)= tocar(sp)=touch. (s)t/lap/ffa(N),=scourge(E)=escorge(OFr)=(es)co(r)q/ge= acoquetza(N)=get on top, speaking of waves,=nitla-acoquetza(N)=increase the price,=coquette/co(n)quer. stripe=(s)t(r)ipe(letra)=tepetl(N), hmm, tripod/trip/tripe=trifle?=truffle=toptli(N)=idol(the guts?), the wrap, yes, stripe might come from tripe/toptli(N)=the wrappings, a strip of ribbon/reb/rep/r/tepotztli(N)=back/dorso, aha, stripe/strip/tripe are from the root of rip/rib=tepotztli(N), as is trifle=menudeo/menudo(sp)= trifle/trifling, from, menos(sp)=less. more: ripe/rippled ribs. the back.

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Norse thread know the Norwegians are a great people. what they are going to do with Brevik is to build a jail for him, manned, and one hopes, womaned by people who know him. i was astounded. but the more i thought about it, such a horrendous crime can't simply be punished, it has to be rooted out of the individual himself, the devil not punished, but changed at his core so he is no longer malevolent, so he becomes grateful, discards hate for love and understanding which mollify. from a twisted plant grow by the light of forgiveness past understanding and bring a tear to that dry cheek on which no water falls. it is an extraordinary punishment for an extraordinary slaughter of their own, by their own. they have decided to fight for his soul rather than dismiss him the way we would in America because we're so busy with gadjet/catch(E)=caqui(N)=approve, listen, obey, notify, comment, explain. it rings a bell we believe in human quotient, and in mankind, that we don't take an eye for an eye, but make it see.

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Neander/Cromag sow/breed and bury,=to-/our being/ -ca(N)=tocar(sp)=play instrument,=touch, lots of that with canine=canin? (N)=where, from where, whereabouts?,=cantetetic(N)=cantli tetic(N)= who has tough jowels/cheeks=nocan(N)=my cheeks, good name for a dog, ah, notice, tetic(N)=tetl(N)=stone,=ethic/ethical(E), as dogs certainly are, our locator=tloc(N/adv)=location(beside),=tl/t/dog/c(letra), also, dog roots in t/loc/a(N/2 roots), not unusual as binary is a condition of language and computers and dogs, e.g., one command/one action is the only way one can train a cantetetic/canin(N). ...the language record at the headwater of history, Nauatl, associates Fire Drill Promethean Neandra Titlani/Titan Tlatlatzolteotl(N)with the feline, Ocelotl(N/14 Tona)=lotus(fertility flower)=Ocelome(N/plural)= celOim(Liber Linteus/Etruscan)=Elohim(Torah=To r/l/Tlatla=our Flame), and Flame/Tlatla herself is the cave Venus birthing Deity, regent of the Tonalamatl Birthing Calender. recent research has shown Cromag was aided by alliance with dogs in hunting out Neander/Neandra, provoking their extinction, combined with Neandra's dismal birthrate and being nailed to her mountain herb=h/th/tep/(r)b(letra)=Tepetl(N)= mountain/tepe(Mideast)=te(m)ple garden for her ma/mati/imati(N/verbs)= convalescing, while Cromag population explodes around them and dog helps them 2 ways: in the hunt for game, and Neander. ...if one Googles, Almas/Russia, one runs across Alma/Neander storys. one of them has captive Neandra killing a dog and eating part of it out of animosity to the creature, the dog, who could nose her out of her purlieus and betray her and her family. which sets one to thinking the relationship between dog and Neander was competitive from early on as scavengers before either learned to hunt, or by necessity, plus, dogs are good to eat while felines are not. it may have been as simple as that, altho nothing is. yet when one looks at the prejudices in the world, the one against dogs is not unusual for a high-minded species who started with nothing as a fallen Angel in the animal world. ...the Neander choice for totem=totemo(N)=to-/our descent/-temo animal was Ocelotl(N/14 Tona), as all the archaic Eurasian Feline Deitys can testify, and all, by the way, copys of Tlatla(N)=Flame, who is the original by dint of detail, calendric parphernalia. hers is the most complete picture of the cave mother goddess we have. her locations are various, e.g., Turkey/Kupapa, Tlat/l/Ra(Egypt), Chauvet Pont d'Arc/ Dorgogne, everywhere there is Bear/LLewellyn/Iueli(N)cult=Iberia/ Hibernia/Bern/Berlin/Inverness, powerful=Iueli Bear. as late as 7k bce, Zatal Hüyuk, Tlatla is hunting with her Ocelo-cheetah=chitlatla(N)= on top flame, or sitting on her Mother Goddess throne=th(r)/tone= Tonalamatl(N)=calendar, flanked by her totem animals/Ocelome, and, if one goes to the Zatal cybersite, they have found a bear figure also. ...the Tonalamatl itself, ah, herself, has dog/Itzcuintli(N/10 Tona) right in the middle of the sample=cempoalli(N)=20(digits), obviously taken over by Cromag deer tribes, and deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tona)in 7th= ce uentli(N)=one offering=c/se-ven/uen/tli, and, Ehecatl(N/2 Tona)= 2d Venus shuttle/xiotl(N)star, weaving at about 7k bce also, as Tlatla and Lady Birdsnake/Hecate were trading then. language/Nauatl is put on the loom, the first sky goddess is Hecate. she gives birth to Quetzalcoatl Feathersnake, Aryan sky god, and Zeus, somewhere in her windy folds, who is first known to the greeks as an Aryan sky god who is a snake phallic. also the Evening star and clown, Xolotl, mesoamerind Tobacco deity as 5 Flower/Macuo Xigil(Maine Woods/Thoreau)= Macui Xochitl(N/Cozcacuauhtli trecena)=Dogwood tree(Amerinda)used for tobacco=to-/our wash/_paca(N)=bach(Germ)=b(r)ach(OE)=b(r)ook(E)=Bacco, and when Jesus ascended with Mary on the San Apollinari Mozaic, taking Hecate/Quetzalcoatl's powers, Xolotl=xotl(N)=foot -olo-(N/particle)= mover, and clown, became the Devil=Teuilotl(N)=glass.

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Onicma/Enigma land/sea with net,=mati/omat/oma(N)=to know,=O-nic-ma(N)= i knew it, i found it, i learned it,=Enigma(Gk/E). note, the preterit, Oma(N)is split by -nic-, the first person singular.

martes, 17 de abril de 2012


hua(Thai)=haha/laugh(E)=na(hua)(lau)a=naualaua(N)=uarai/warai(J). len(Thai)=play,=ten/tli(N)=edge/boundary/lip,=tent/tennis. mak(Thai)=love(=l/top/b/ve=toptli/N/=idol),=maca(N)=give/hand-be rak(Thai)=love,=r/l/tlaca(N)=take,=raka(Kven)=sin,=rakka(Ainu)=otter. cuup(Thai)=kiss&cup,=cumb(Skrt)=comb/combine=copina(N)=copulate. suk(Thai)=happy,=tzocatl(N)=socket/suck/sugar=zoka(Nihon)=creation.

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

tai/taini and chai/tsai/tai/thai

...are on tlatlatzolteotl.blogspot, if you are interested in the Nauatl/Thai connexion.

viernes, 13 de abril de 2012


Tsaatan=Mazatlan(N)=Dukha, southernmost reindeer/Tonakai people=Tonacatecuhtli(N)= deity of Cipactli(N/1/Tonalamatl). Mongolian taiga=tlaica(N)=rain being, between Siberian Boreal forest to North and the Steppes of inner-Asia to South. Dukha=toca(N)=sow/bury,=to/our being/ca depend on Tonakkay(Ainu)for milk/cheese/clothing/shelter, but not for meat which they hunt/tlami(N), their livlihood threatened, as all taiga=tlaini ca (N)=rain beings, by climate disruption of food chain.

cash crop

copina=c(r)op=copa(sp)=cornucopia, una copa de, cosecha(sp) =cozca ecatl(N)=joya del viento=la tía Ahuitl=h/a(r)ui(s)t= aristo=quiahuitl(N/19). caxaua(N)=cash(E)=crassus(L)=grasa(sp)=grease(E)= adel/gazar(sp)=gazar(sp)=gazapón=casino=caxaua(N)=hacerse flaco. caxaua,=g(r)ass(E)=gr/cax/shaua(N), pues, grass es semilla= cemitta(N)=mirada céntral desde la semilla de una vida. cemitta&semilla, hay tt/ll. llegó semilla extraerse de cemitta después de Gobekli/Kopeck/peck(E)=medida de granos/ capollotl, 11k bce-8k bce, einkorn wheat/uitequi(N)=white/ winter=trigo/ticitl(N)=partera. fué tamaño=tamaloa para tamales. primeros los Semitas de Kopeck/Gobeck muy antes de que nació Abrahm, ancestro de Yuhti/Yu'dhi&Tlapa/Arabe. hacía Rúsia,=cemithualli/cemitta=un patio,=cemya(R)=famille= pamitl/bandera/pantli, y thualli/toalla. grain no parece caxaua,=p.67, isbn 968-23-0573-x, capolla(N)=cerezal, ni capolin/capulin=cherry Virginia,=capollotl(N)=grano=c/g(r)ap=grape.

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012


Tet(Viet)=Tletl(N)=t/l/red fire in the lake/lac(Fr)/tlaca(N).

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


...Lobster, topotli(N)=tank fish,=t/lopotli, tope(Cornwall)=sandshark. turbot=t/lopo(s)tl/re, for those with name thus, mostly med. types? ...comb=copina(N)=cup/copete(qué peine Nieto!)=co(m)b-inar, pues, comb=cup/copa de mano y dedos es primer peine=pepetla(N)=arrojar frequentivo de petla(N)cabello=capani(N)=tirar los dedos(al cabello)= comb/cepillo=ce piloa(N)=c/ke(m)pe(letra/name alemán)=unkempt(E)= kemb(ON)=cemban(OE)=comb(E)=kembian(OS)=kemben/chemben(OHG)=chipaua(N)= clean/tidy(verb). ...ocotochin(N)=bobcat, note, Tochtli(N/8 Tona)used for other animals beside horse=h/th/To(r)ch/c/s(letra)=Tochtli. Okhotsk=Ocotl Tochin(N)= Pine(forest)Conejo/Cony=Bobcat, hmmm, don't need turpentine that badly. ...Onen(N)=he lived,=Onan(Bible)=too busy to have progeny. ...onmo-tepehua(N)=they hurled themselves? don't. ...onne-tepehualo(N)=they scatter, there is scattering. not another Diaspora. ...onicma(N)=i knew it, i found it out; i learned it,=aenigma(Lat), -mat-=mati(N)=know,=ainigma(Gk)=enigma(E)=riddle in verse=uta(Japonica)= otli(N)=route/order/vein=in uentli(N)=the offering,=odol(Basque)=(b)lood (E)=idol(E)=Odin/Wodin/Wo(r)ding. ...oquiz(N)=he came forth,=de oquis((Spamex caló)=gratis(sp)/for free, oquichtli(N)=Quechua(Incan)=man owners,=O(r)quid(Flower). ...oztotl(N)=cave/spring,=(gr)ot/(gr)otto(E)=(gr)o(z)tot/l(letra).

viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

cici sigh

ciciaui(N/freq)=cici/sigh(E)=sican(OE)=ciciaui(N/freq)=ciaui/ciyaui/ociauh(N)= tired=ociar(sp)=idle,=qui-ciahui(N)=tire of work,=ciauiztli/ciyauiztli(N)=fatigue.

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012


(E)=crake(ME/xiv)=obsolete,=cacalotl(N)=crow/candle snuffer,=plural of calli=ca(N)=be.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

eagle vicar

eagle=quauhtli(N/15/Tona)=wisdom=next day=CozcaCuauhtli(N/16)=old age,= 16.kib/cib(Tzolk'in)=Cipactli(Tona)=scribe,=aguila(Sp)=aqui=enter=aquia=gird one's suit,= plow/seed/stock grafting deity of quauhtli=Xipe Totec,=xipeua/flay/sheep/springtime,= aquili=repair/paint walls,=aquilia=double the sentence(Prometheus&eagle). aquiliztli(N)=pounce/swoop/mediate. uica(N)=wick/vicar/victory/Nike= uiquilia(N/rev)=uiquilia aquilia,=aguila Achilles.


...Que(r)cus=Quech/c-ua(Inca)=Oquichtli(N)=O(r)chid. Onions goes all around the forest on this one, avoiding the O, but putting in every other combination of vowel making O, e.g., ac/aec(OE)=eiche(Ger)/ eik(ON)=aiks(CGerm), on the linguistic merry-go-round, even mistaking the name Acton for Oak related, but, Algodon(sp)=Cotton=A(l)c(o)ton, the cotton armor padding in fashion before metals, the cheap version after. in fact all names thought to be Oak, save Oakley and Noke, which could be, Noquia/Noquilia(N)=verter/spill//purge, have other antecedents, e.g., Agden, cf., Acton. ...Eagle=aguila(sp)=aquila(Lat/Ital)=aquilia(N)=double the punishment,= aquiliztli(N)=action of placing/putting, plunging in, intervention, mediation, from, aquia(N)=dress in a tight, closed suit; favor, sustain; put something in a hole, dunk something in water, keep adding. Aqui(N)= enter=aquí(sp)=here,=aq(Egypt)=enter,=Aqhet(Egypt)=spring,=Aqriculture(E). here we see actions of Eagel/aquila(sp)described, building nests(keep adding), flying with talons over water(dunk/plunging in/swooping), etc. ...pieces of eight:ehta(OE)=achta(OFrisian)=atta(ONorse)=ahtotian(OSaxon)= tochtli(N)=ocho(sp)=octo(Latin)=ocht(OIrish), the root=Tochtli(N/8 Tonalamatl). compare with Oak versions.

viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012


1.weralt(OHG)=world(E)=w/uel(N/reverential of ue/waybig)-altia(N/ reverential of atl/water=wash)=uel-altia(N)=well-washed. 2.lant(OHG)=land(E)=tlantli ilantli(N)=island=old lady's tooth. sant(OHG)=sand(E)=il/it/th/island/tli=ilantli(N)=old/anciana. 3.kelb(OHG)=hunt,=khleb(R)=loaf(E)=hlaf(OE)=laib(G)=tlapana(N). 4.tal(OHG)=valley=ual(N),=dale(E)=dalr(ON)=tlalli/tlalia(N)=stay. 5.holi(OHG)=cave=tolina/tolinia(N)=hungry/poor. 6.stilli(OHG)=tilinia(N)=line(E)=stretch/lengthen. 7.seo(OHG)=lake=ozero(R)=ocelotl(N/14). 8.stein(OHG)=stone/tone,=in tetl(N)=reversal of te/in. 9.lioht(OHG)=light(E)=lotl(N)=part.oce/lotl(N/14)=lotus. 10.scato(OHG)=shade/shadow(E)=ecauilo(N)=shade=ecatl(N/2)=wind. 11.luft(OHG)=air=ailia(N)=ally,=l/toptli(N)=toptia(N)=obey(E). 12.wint(OHG)=wind/wend/went=uena/uentli(N). 13.regan(OHG)=regn/rain/drain(E)=tlaini(N)=drink. 14.sneo(OHG)=snow=sneg(R)=necueolololiztli(N)=snegl(OE)=snail= ololoa(N)=cover=cueolololiztli(N)=skirt rolled up. 15is(OHG)=ice(E)=cetl(N)=ce(N)=one. 16.gifriosan(OHG)=frio(sp)/frost(E)=fr/potli(N)=both(water/ice) 17.wetar(OHG)=weather(E)=uitl(N/part.)=quiahuitl(N/19)=rain/storm= 18.ahuitl(N)=aunt=a(r)ui(s)tl=aristo(Gk)/harvest(E)=vithra(ON)=stormy. 19.fiur(OHG)=fire(E)=piloa/poloa(N)=spill/annihilate. 20.flamma(OHG)=pamitl(N)=flag,=famille(Fr). 21.dampf(OHG)=steam=tlapapacatl(N)=washed/cleaned,=damp(E). 22.asca(OHG)=ash/aesch(OE)=ascua(ember)/asco/ceniza(sp)=nextli(N). 23.brinnan(OHG)=burn/redden=pine(E)=pinaua/opinauh(N)=opinion(E). 24.wib(OHG)=wife/web/whip/warp/weapon/ufano(sp)/ufansis(Gk)=uipana(N). 25.knabbo(OHG)=knave(E)=naui(N)=4=without center/5=macuilli(N). 26.thiorna(OHG)=girl(E)=1.toloana(N)=toloa/datura grows/ana(N)=thorn(E)= 2.tolnacochtli ana(N)=rush to make mats,=toctli(N)=green corn stalk,= 27.tohter(OHG)=tochter(G)=daughter,=toctli(N)=green corn stalk/fertile. 28.gomman(OHG)=husband,=groom(E)=com man/a(N)=flow come. 29.kwena(OHG)=wife/uipana,=cawen(OE)=ca uentli(N)=Queen. 30.hiwen(OHG)=marriage,=te-uentli(N)=t/heaven=t/divine(E). 31.kind(OHG)=child(E)=shield=chieltia(N),=tzintli(N/honorific). 32.swigar(OHG)=mother-in-law,=suegra(sp)=s/ue ca(N)=way being/far. 33.snora(OHG)=daughter-in-law,=s/nora/nolhuia(N)=noria(sp)/noor(Arab). 34.scaf(OHG)=sheep(E)=Xipeua(N),=cabra(sp)=capani/capania(N)=campana(sp). 35.ou(OHG)=ewe(E)=oveja(sp)=ouica(N)=difficult. 36.lamb(OHG)=lamb(E)=t/la(m)b/pana=tlapana(N)=birth offspring. 38.hros/ros(OHG)=horse=hross(ON)/ross=ors(MLG/Du)=r/toss=toxaua(N). 39.folo(OHG)=foal=poll(head)=polo/poloa(N)=lose/destroy oneself. 40.nest(OHG/E)=neci/nextia/nextilia(N)=next/appear. 41.uwila(OHG)=owl(E)=ol(OE)=ouilana/uilana(N)=wheel=owil/ana. 42.fisc(OHG)=fish=fisk(Icel.)=pez/pesca/pixca(N)=pi/opic(N)=pick. 43.wal(OHG)=whale(E)=ual(N)=towards(fellow mammal).,=alaua(N)=annoint. 45.leo(OHG)=lion/león=leornian(OE)=tletl(N)=fire,=teotl(N)=the-other. 46.bero(OHG)=bear=Bern/Berlin/Iberia/Siberia/Hibernia/river/Llewellyn Belyn= 47.iueli(N)=powerful=iueli pantli(N)=elephant,=ivery/ivory. 48.hir(u)z(OHG)=deer,=hirvi(Kven/Uenic/Fennec/Finn)=ciervo/cerf=ce uentli(N)= offering. 50.spinna(OHG)=spider/pitli(N),=pinaua/opinauh(N)=redden/burn/be ashamed. 51.bini/bia(OHG)=bee=bi/pipiyolin(N). 52.bikar/binikar(OHG)=beehive=bi/bical/picalli(N)=bee house. 53.slango(OHG)=snake,=sl/s/z/tzango/tzacuilia(N)=hide/crouch/warn. 54.elahho(OHG)=elk(E)=elli aco(N)=belly/stomach of long ago on high= 55.Tonakai(J)=Tonakkay(Ainu)=Tonacatecuhtli(N/Tonalamatl)=Lord Our Flesh. 56.nihhus(OHG)=croc/alligator,=Nilus(myth/river)=N/tlilli(N)=black. 57.ribbi/rippi(OHG)=rib(E)=t/reb/tepotztli(N)=back. 58.ouga(OHG)=eye/eya/meya(N),=oc/uc/ga=ocular(E)=tloc(N)=beside. 59.mund(OHG)=mouth,=montatli=father in law,=montli=son-in-law/mouse-hole,= montia/omonti(N)=tomar yerno/casar la hija. 60.(h)nac(OHG)=neck(E)=nacatl(N)=knack. 61.hant(OHG)=hand(E)=tlantli(N)=tooth/antler. 62.fingar(OHG)=finger=piqui(N)=who picks. 63.thumo(OHG)=thumb=tompoxtli(N)=fool/follows fingers,= toma/tuma(N)=open/undo. Neandertal had 5 fingers, no thumo. 64.nagal(OHG)=fingernail(E)=nacatl/nacre. 65.feddah/fedara(OHG)=wing/feather(E)=peddle/petla(N)=throw. 66.herza(OHG)=heart=heza/tetzatzi(N)=tequi/quitstone/begin work tzatzi/shout/bray/moo/howl/sing/bark/moan/cry. 67.teig(OHG)=wheat=uitequi(N)=wheat/teig=thresh. 68.mortari(OHG)=mortar=motla(N/verb)=stone 69.brod(OHG)=sausage,=potli(N)=both/punt. 70.fleisc(OHG)=flesh(E)=pechuga(sp)=pechteca(N/verb)=bow,= besom(broom)/bosom/busen(G)=pexoni(N)=fill/overflow(liquid). 71.figa(OHG)=fig(E)=fica(L)=pi/opic(N)=pick(E). 72.(h)nuz(OHG)=nut=nuez(sp)=knot/note=notza(N)=reflect/meet. 73.honag(OHG)=honey(E)=h/ch/coney(E)=conetl(N)=conecuhtli= comes(to)nectar. 74.miluh/melkan(OHG)=milk(E)=milchiua(N)=work a milpa/field. 75.kasi(OHG)=cheese=queso(sp)=caseus(Lat.)=caxaua(N)=render=cash(E). 76.meto(OHG)=mead,=meadow/mëd(R)/miel/melassa/me(J)=eye/bud. 77.hosa(OHG)=trousers(E),=hose(E)=sox,=toxaua(N)=toss. 78.soc(OHG)=sock(E)=soccus(Lat.)=tzocatl(N)=wrinkle/wick. 79.scuoh(OHG)=shoe(E)=xotl(N)=foot/potli(N). 80.houwa(OHG)=hoe(E)=h/ch/coa/coatl(N/5)=snake.

jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Rowan treow Teotl

...raun(ONorse)=Rowan sorb=rogn(Norse)=Ronn(Sw)=Ron(Danish)=r/Tona-tiuh (N)=Solar Deity,=pilhajanmarja(Fennec)=piloa(N)=root for Birch/Birkat/ pilcac(N),=Nanakamado(Japonica)=Nanahuatzin(N)=solar deity of the 5th age, Naui Ollin/4Movements. nanatsu=7=shichi(J). nanakamado(J)=7 day charcoal, ah, kamado(J)=stove,=camatl(N)=mouth,=kamu(J)=bite, kamen(J)= mask(E)=macui(N)=5, from, Macui Xochitl(N)=whose smoking hand over mouth is the first mascui/mascara, whose other masquerade is Xolotl, Eveningstar and Deity of Tobacco, Mexico,=kamo(J)=duck/drake; dupe,=kamonohashi(J)= duckbill,=kama/kame(J)=iron pot, cooker/pot, jar, jug, vase, something with a mouth=camatl=c/g(r)ammar), kame(J)=tortoise, watch out for its mouth!=kamome(J)=gull,=kamitzuku(J)=camatzoca(N)=mouthsocket/bite(snap), kamayude(J)=the capital punishment of being boiled in a cauldron,= kami(N)=season(verb). that's the Tona/T/Rona/Rowan, the Tonan/Ronan tree, berrys must be frozen before using to detox them for jams. the wood not only used for charcoal but for woodworking. ...another solar tree, by name. the pine=pinaua(N/verb)=redden, by color, is the solstice bear, LLewellyn´s cross, for descent after the raka=tlaca(N)=body,=rakka(Ainu=A(i)nu-bis)=otter, then ascent after the mock wedding sacrifice, probably where the Xmas tree got its lights. as the mazard is the deer cherry, the sorb/serb/cerf/serve/ceuentli(N)= one offering=seven/7.Mazatl(N/Tonalamatl/Tonalli/Tonatiuh)=matsu(J)= pinetree/pinaua(N),=matsu(J)=await(ritual/hunt). Iueli/LLewellyn and Mazatl/Deer mix rituals it appears, altho deer is Gwen/cawen(OE)=Queen, to whom offerings are made, Iueli bear is the offering, the groom= g(r)/co(o)m(letra)=con/com(N)=com-es with(E/phrase). ...the Ainu say they're descended from a dog, which means the twin- haft of Venus/Hecate/Ehecatl(N/2 Tonalamatl)shuttle/xiotl(N)star/ citlali(N)worship, Xolotl/Anubis(cuit)being the Eveningstar, much- travelled, Tobacco Deity, Macui Xochitl(N)=5Flower of Mexico before corn settles in, twin of Morningstar Quetzalcoatl, proto-Christ of the 4th millenium Sea Age when the world went global searching for metals, leaving the Tlaloc Nomad Deer Age behind them, and Orchard culture of Trees, the bump in the road of Gobekli Vulture Managers and tribal bottleneck breakdowns. the tribes go from Calli(N)=house/ Yu(r)t/Yuhti(N)from the beginning/Ger/Gher/cells to Acalli(N)= waterhouses/ships=Chipeua(N)=begin on top(how to dress a log), the Asian sea age Japonica starts playing, the north Afrikan Mazyectli take to the shore, Djibouti/Saintly punt awakes, and the Mazatl goes maritime out of the citys=ciuia(N)=stimulate(E) with sailing elites from eurasia who join hands and language/Nauatl across the water, using Amerinda as their meeting ground, poke into every corner of a globe that no longer has corners, Egypt prepares for the silk road, China finds a place for each one of their tribal broods, indulges in a period of colonialism/trade in Amerinda, 2k bce, with japonica crew and majordomos. meanwhile bear and deer and Sun Anthony have given us Monotheism, 2 Venuses, one a Queen, the other gives her name to Catholic as her father gave his name to Persia, the tlaloc deer age gives us the religious terminology we use today, the Tonalamatl disappears down a crack in the Vatican, ideology starts counting its calendar 2 moons out of whack using a 2-faced Deity whose name means pilgrim, but we keep number 7 for the days of the week, now shorn of its antlers.

miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

sorb shrub

...riff(LSorb)=reef(E)=r/tepetl(N)=tepe(mideast)=t/riff(NHG)=deep(E)). ...z/zhwala(LSorb)=wave(E)=wallow(E)=ualaci(N)=overcome, surprise,= ualaqui(N)=increase, double, ualuetzi(N)=fall from on high,=walwian(OE)= be plunged in degraded living,=(s)wallow(E/drink). ...reka(LSorb)=rive/stream,=riachuelo/riacho(sp)=r/tleco(N)=to rise (from origin/headwater). ...kruzhol(LSorb)=whirlpool,=K(r)/cozca/ollin(N)=cozcatl ollin(N)= necklace/cross movement(E). Cozcatl Cuauhtli(N)=necklace/cross eagle/ Cozcacuauhtli(N/16/Tona)=buzzard, whirlpools in the air. ...drewjo(LSorb)=druid/quauitl(N)=drew(construct)=dre/treow(OE)=tree(E)= t(r)eotl/w(letra)=Teotl(N)=Teo/Theo/Deo. ...kamjen(LSorb)=stone or rock=r/l/tloc(N/adv.)=location/lock,= kamen(Russile)=camino(sp)=road, hmm,=ocalli(N)=otli calli(N)=road/house= street(E)=strada(Ital.)=road/odos(Gk)/route/out/uta(J)=verse,=o(r)der/ Oder(river), hmm, Ocala(Fla.)=otka(Hung)=ulitsa(Russile)=otli ca(m)ino, so, calle(sp)=ocalla(N)=alley(E/Fr./allez), too many labels for Nauatl/m. but kame? all prefixes are for, camatl(N)=mouth,=c/g(r)ammar/l/tl, so, ka/me=ca/meya(N)=flowing/throwing being, as in, petla(N/verb)=throw,= petra/piedra(spLat). ...luft(LSorb)=air,=loft=air/sky,=l/topotli(N)=our pool/both/pond/broth/ puddle/boat, ah, t/lof/p(o)t/li(letra)=loft/luft(NHG). the sky as our boat and blue planet as it's passenger. high metaphor involved. ...mjadwjez(LSorb)=bear,=medved(Russile)=knows honey=mëd(Russile)/ metl(N)/mead,=met-uetzi(N)=falls(on)honey=h/ch/coney(E)= conejo(Mex)= conetl(N)=rabbit(E)=lapin(Fr)=tlalpilli(N)=Earth Prince/piltzin(N)=Hon. child,=t/l/rab/pin(letra)=rabbi-t,=co-necuhtli(N)=comes to honey,= nequatl(N)=nec(t)ar(E)=honey water=agua miel(sp)=methe(Gk)=meth(Hindi)= strength, Pro-Methean(Gk/E)=pal-metl(N)=for-mead-able(Fr).


1.swet(LSorb)=the world,=cvet(Russile)=light/world,=c(v)itláli(N)=star(E) =cvetat(Russile)=dawn(E)=d/tlawiz(N)=uei citlali(N)=Venus,=cvetílo(R)= star(E)=Tlauiz-calpan-tecuhtli(N)=Quetzalcoatl, Lord House of Dawn, Morningstar Venus, son of Ehecatl/Hecate, shuttle/xiotl star. land), which needs a, tl/t/th/hand/tli(letra)=tlan(N)=locative of tlalli=tlantli=tl/antler. 3.zemja(LSorb)=soil,=zemlya(R)=earth(as planet),=cemya(R)=family/one house,= cemithualltin(N)=ce ithualli(N)=one patio, and don't forget it, squaloid nations.

lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012


what beautiful polynesian idiom. rolls onto ear's shore like a great sea which can only be pacific. island people as melodius as Hawaiian/Auia. sokatra(M)=turtle,=tzocatl(N)=socket. lolo(M)=papalotl(N)=butterfly,=m-lulu(Bantu). tohotra(M)=beehive,=topotli(N)=our pool= lopustre(OE)=lob/p(u)stre=lobster. hala(M)=spider,=kala(Malay/Skrt)=h/zh/zaualli(N)=tzaua(N)=web. akora(M)=shell,=caracol(sp)=callaqui coloa=callacoloa(N).


(R)=thatch(E)=theccan(OE)=//thicken(E)=thicce(OE)= thikki(OS)=thykkr(ON)//=thekka(OFris)=thekkian(OS)= thaec(OE)=dac(MDu)=dak(Du)=dach(OHG/G)=roof,=thak(ON)= roof/thatch=tlacacatzilpiani(N)=pile up/compress =cacatzilpia(N)=tie tightly.

domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012


1.Swahili=s/wa/ua(N)=owns/has hili/thili/tilinqui(N)=curved/thick/solid,=lincua(L)= lengua(Sp)==tilinia=line/stretch/compress/bowyery,=linen(Liber Linteus). 2.dunia(S)=world=dunya(Arab)=dune(E)=tune/tone(E)=Tonatiuh(N)=the sun. 3.ulimwengu(S)=Ollin uentli co(N)=here comes(r)olling offering,=Gwendolyn. 4.udongo(S)=soil=d/to(n)c/go=toco(N)=impersonal of toca/otocac(N)=sow and bury,= totoca=sow here and there. 5.matope(S)=mud=m/zud(Mongol)=z/sod/soil(E)=s/z/tzotl(N),=ma/hand idol/toptli(N)=attob(Arab)=tob/tub(Egypt)=adobe(SpAmerind)=brick/piccatl(N). 6.kilima(S)=mountain/hill,=k/c/s/z/tzilinia(N)=sound/resonate,=tla-tzilino=ring bells. 7.ziwa(S)=lake/tlaca(N)=body,=ciuatl(N)=woman,=tzinua(N)=saintly owner(E)=zoatl(N)= menstruate female,=tzoatl(N)=wash water. 8.ghuba(S)=bay,=gubb/gubba/gubbat(Arab)=copa/cup/govern=copina(N). 9.mwitu(S)=wood/forest,=witu(OHG)=whittle/wood(E)=quauitl(N)=quaitl=head. 10.anga(S)=sky,=ana/ca(N)=gr-an-d being/ca(N)=Angel/Angael/Ancel=ankh(Egypt). 11.jua(S)=the sun,=ueOue(Etr.)=olin(N)=movement(E)=Jove(Roman)=joven(sp)= jua/joa=Jehovah=Yaweh=Yaue(N)=already (under)way/solar deity. 12.mwezi(S)=moon,=mes(Sp)=month/motla(N)=metztli(N)=leg/moon,=uetzi(N)=fall. 13.radi(S)=bolt of lightning,=r/Tlatla(N/verb)=flame= radar=rahdrahrah=tlatlatla=rad(R)=glad/grade/rad(E/slang)=g/lad(E)= ra'd(Arab/Ind./Pers.)=bolt(lightning).

sábado, 24 de marzo de 2012


Heraldry holds the root of Canton, meaning a corner=sh/xomulli/ xomolli(N)=rincón(sp)=(rin)co(r)n-er(E/letra), also, Xomotl(N)= duck=priest who knows the corners of the Tonalamatl Calendar, which is divisible by 4/To-nal. what bear worship has to do with words like, engrailed, bend dancety, wavy vert, fir-twigged and wavy, orle/orla (sp)=filete, listón/ribbon running around the border of shield, cross, pale(vertical middle stripe), fess(horizontal middle stripe), bend, chevron, salitre(X-cross), i know not, as the Canton is smaller than the quarter shield=chieltia/chielia/chie(N)=wait for someone and have something for them when they arrive, such as a good whack with a sword, or in the case of a woman, a childra(OE)=child(E). the fol-de-rol of Chivalric Heraldry is surety Canton did exist beforehand as, Ca(n)Tona(N)=sun being, solstice Bear= Beira/Bern/Berlin/iueli(n)/river. Canton's source before Heraldry= number of Swiss Cantons themselves, founded on bear worship and Tonalamatl Calendar=16th c.=13 Cantons: 6 land Cantons= 6.Miquiztli/priest,&,=7 city Cantons=7.Mazatl/deer=ce uentli/seven= 6&7=13=basic unit of Tona. by 20= cempoalli(N)=sample digits=20x13=260=Tona birth calendar=26 Swiss Cantons today. Bear Worship signs in the Orient, a worship as old as Neander Prometheus. Bear's origin in the Tona has been taken by Ozomatli(N/11)=monkey=oso(sp)=ursus(L). 1.solstice bear's corner on Canton, ritual, and euro-heraldry holds forth to Cantonese as caTona bear/sun worship: link is in Cantonese's Yue/Jyut/Jyu=root=yuhti(N)=from the beginning/just/justice,= Judy/Yuh'di(H)=Yucahtla(N)=desert,=yukata(Nihon)=summerwear.

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012


...shi/jie(Chi-na)=world,=chi(Japonica)=tlalchi(Na-uatl)=tlalli chi(N)= on earth. ...sha/shazi(Chi-na)=sh/sa(n)d(E)=sh/xalli(Nauatl)=shallow(E). ...qui(Chi-na)=wood=quiahuitl(Nauatl)=tree=-uitl/witu(OHG)=wood(E). ...dao(Chi-na)=island=d/tlaolli(Nauatl)=tlali ollin(N)=Land rolls(E)= holm/e(E)=island,=ilantli(N)=old lady,=I(r)lantli,=(h)ol(lin)m= Nauatl. ...dalu(Chi-na)=d/t/lal/u(letra)=tlalli(N)=land(E). ...hai(Chi-na)=the sea,=ai/aite(J)=maite(Basque)=maitl(N/hand)= mate(E)=Maitland(Name)=matlalli(N)=netland,=mar/t/lalli(letra)= mar(sp)=ma(N)=hunt land/sea(with)net,=ma(sp)=hand(E)=h/th/t/lant/d (letra)=tlantli(N)=tand/zan/dan/dantam/dant/dantis/diente (Du/OHG/Skrt/Skrt/Walsh/Lith/sp). ah, mai/te(B)=te(Japonica)=hand. ...shan-dong(Chi-na)=cave=sh/s/calli-d/to(n)c/g(letra)=toca(N)=to-/our being/-ca=tocar(sp)=touch(E)=caltoca(N)=almost a house, e.g., acalli(N)=waterhouse/ship, e.g., calli ue(N)=ca-ue(N)=waybig house/cave. ...lang(Chi-na)=wave=t/la(n)c/g(letra)=tlaca(N)=body, e.g., tank/track/ drag/slack/slake/tag/stagger. ...chao(Chi-na)=tide(E)=titlani(N/verb)=sent a messenger, e.g., Atitlan(N/Lake/tlaca)=between Waters/atl(N),=chapani ollin(N)= mojarse mucho/become very wet movement/ollin(N)=ola(sp)=wave,= chapaollin(N)=Chapala(Lake/Xalisco), cha(pani)o(llin)=Chi-nauatl. ...he(Chi-na)=river/stream at beginning of run, e.g., Um(p)qua (Oregon)=Ome/2 h/ph/pe-ua/p/begins quaitl/quail/head=begins 2 heads river. pe=be(E/verb)=peua(N)=em-pe-zar(sp)=p/begin=p/ph/he(Chi-na)= begin river. ...quan(Chi-na)=well=uel(N/reverential of ue/way/big)/spring= (s)p(r)i(n)g/ca(N)=being(letra)=piloa(sp)=spill/pila(sp), the g/ca(N)=being is the personification letter, q/ca uan(N)= being owns na/4 uatl/water, the 4 meaning water/in all directions. ...huo(Chi-na)=fire,=fue(Japonica)=flute(E)=fuelle(sp)=fuigo(J)= =fuego(sp)=b(el)lows(E)=flowers/powers=poa(N)=count/cotoni(N). h/f=ph/puo/poo/poa(N)=popoca(N)=smo/ke(E)=ke(Basque).,=r/tentli(N)=lip/edge,=attention/Athena,= tenitl(N)=one who doesn't speak our language,=r/t/Tle-tl/N= fire(the metaphor for human life)=T/l/Red/t/l=T/l/let/l= T/ler/l/tl=lernia(OFrisian)=le(o)rnian(OE)=learning(E). also, tle/co(N)=to rise(E)=t/lector/lecture/leg/lex/trek/reckon.