lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012


tlan(N/locative of tlalli/land)=ran(E),=tlantli(N)= tooth=antler=tl/t/th/hand/tli,&,h/th/t/land/tli.

sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2012


Poca-hantas, daughter of Powhaten=poa/power lip/tentli, Algic chief of tide-water Virginia,=Popoca-tlantli(N)=Smokey Tooth,or,Amonute=Amonotzallani(N)=peevish,or, Matoax/Matoaka=matotoca(N)=moves hands a lot. William Strachey, colonist of that time, said, Pocahontas did not mean, frolicsome, but, "little wanton". Wahun-senaca-wl(Mother of Pocahontas)=Wahun=ua Tonacatecuhtli=Lord our flesh=owes naca-wives, taken by Powhaten from his Commark, owed him one child/ce naca(N), then returned/supported by Powhaten until they found husband, as in Mary&Joseph story.

martes, 25 de diciembre de 2012

hymn=ymne(OFr)=imne(ME)=imme/hymme(E/xvi)= iman/imman(N)=it is the hour/moment,=immanent.

lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Akathist Hymn

composed for Greek Ortho Church by Romanus, the Melodius, who was handed a scroll by Theotokos/God Toucher/Mary and commanded to eat it, which he did, and became Melodius, poetic even. the scroll was something sweet to eat, e.g., Acatl(N/13 Tonalamatl)= cane(E)=Aka/Acat/l-thist=th/titlani(N)=litany, divided into 13 parts, matching its number(13)in the Tonalamatl, where it is white sweeper=Iztactlachpanqui on Mex sunstone. Ikos 1, 9th Rejoyce, star that causeth the Sun/Deity to appear, Tlauiz-calpan-tecuhtli(N)= calpan/dawnhouse Quetzalcoatl, Morningstar, convoy to his father, Tonatiuh/Anthony, the sun. Star's birth is on 9 Ehecatl, mother Hecate's name day, her father Titan/Titlani/Litany Prometheus Neandertal Perses, who gave his name to Persia long ago, his daughter the heart of advanced Venus worship, supplanting Wendy Venison, who jumped horizons herself, without a shuttle/xiotl(N)=ekatheron(Gk)=Kathryn. Ikos 5, 9th Rejoyce, thou who didst quench the worship of Fire/Tletl/Xiuhtletl(N)=/Xiuhtecuhtli(N)=Lord Turquoise. in spite of facile etymology of, A-/without sitting/kathisis, of old Greek, much older words in play. standing custom a result of Greek's uneasy marriage to Nauatl, its faithful older partner. invention was rife with these great people who broke more than norms of language with their mischief, yet not so far one cannot find the way back to the Solar Imperative by standing in fields of golden Cane/Acatl(N/13)rejoycing in heliotropic litany/titlani(N). pun in A-Kathesis, as Ekatheron(Gk)=shuttle/xiotl(N)throw=Kathryn=wind Ehecatl/Hecate= without Hecate, Venus/Life/Breath Weaver of our bio-spectrum, whom Mother Mary runs off at AD 5c on HRE Theodric's San Apollinari, Ravenna mosaic, taking the throne=tone/Tonatiuh in name of a son who comes from scribes' inkling.

domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012


(sp)=tilana/tilinia(N)=line/linen(E)=telar(sp)=loom=olmo=elm=ome(N)=2=Hekate. 2.yerba/herb=tepetl/trepar/temple/steppe/step. 3.hebra/fibra=thread=thrad(OS)=drat(OHG)=dr/tlat/l=tlatl(N/particle)=tail/rat/ladle. 4.fib/peu/v/bra=peua/peuia(N)=begin/advance/increase/add/deploy a hunting net. 5.hebe(sp)=down/peach fuzz/moth=h/f/pep/be=pepetztic(N)=smooth/shiny/bright.

jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012


American/Peruvian Pepper tree, Escobilla(sp), evergreen, origin= the Andes. Pirul=piloa ololoa(N)=spill dressed, e.g., pil=p/bir/l, =side root, piloa(N)=spill,=birch=pilichoa=age fast. piloa ulli/olli(N)=gum berries(eyes)=ololchiua(N)=round. aromatic medicinal tree of Incan highlands/deserts, resists cold/heat, substitute for pepper, mouthwash(resin)=camapaca/ocamaca(N)=Ogam/Ogham(OIr), respiratory(leaves). Molli(Quechua)=molli(N)=salsa,=Pirul(Schinus molle)=Pirulé(Cuban/PR)=caramel bonbon, made fm Pirul's sticky gum berries. processing of berries for chicha additive. thin outer layer of the fruit used makes drink, careful not to mix pulp with inner parts (as pomegranate), mix strained, let stand few days. or pulp boiled down to syrup mixed with corn =nourishing atolli/gruel. Molli=very invasive plant, wood for Temazcal/sweat lodge, neighbor of aromatic Sauce Llorón/ ahuehuetl=water drum/acacia/eucalipto. Peru=Pirul/Piru river=P/B/V/Uilu/ru=iueli(N).

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Mother Socket

...Nan-(N/particle)=Mother=Tonantzin(Nauatl)=Mother Goddess, wife of the Sun, Tonatiuh(N)=Tona(N)=our 4/na, -tucket=t/zocatl(N)=socket(E). ceremony today for the mother of Ceres/Oilos(Gk)=oilia/Ooli(N), as the harvest Deity was known before 3k BCE, Ooli(N/preterit of oya/ Oox/sh, to rock the corn out of the sock/et. why? ...not even a mention of Tonantzin(N)/Guadalupe(sp)as the Spanyards called her. just math synch, 12 and uh, 12, and uh, 12, showing up the $ and star-stroking press for the ephemeral lightweights they are. ...Tonan/Tonantzin/N(reverential)="Nuestra Madre", Deity of Earth/Tlalli, also called, Ilamatecuhtli(N)=Noble Old Lady, and, Cozcamiauh(N)=Cross of Corn in Flower, the same as, Centeotl Xilonen(N)=Shilo(Amerind), and her name, Tonantzin(N)also given to the Mother of the Human Race, called, Ciuacoatl(N)=Lady Snake/Coatl(N/5 Tonalamatl). ...her temple/tepetl(N)=mountain, is at the nose/yacatl(N), what we would call the foot of the mountain, Tepeyac(N) on the outskirts North of Mexico City Tenochtitlan, por la linea de Metro Indios Verdes, referring en burla to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin(N)=the Eagle Talker?, as i perceive the title Indios Verdes, but, hold on, Indios Verdes refers to the bronze, then green, statues of 2 warrior kings, Itzcoatl(N)=Obsidian Snake, natural son of Acamapichtli(N)=Fistful of Cane Arrows, 4th Tlatoani/Talker of the Mexica/Azteca, and, Ahuitzotl(N)=Water Monster, amphibian cuadruped, found in tierra caliente, 8th Tlatoani/Talker/Tlatolli(N)=word,= in Tlatolli(N)=T/Lat(olli)in=Latin(reversal), of the Azteca/Mexica. a snide sense of humor pervades the auto-nombrado upper class of Mexico, and the Mexica. when a puffed up local Doncella told me she had conquistador blood running through her veins, i was tempted to ask her if she had syphillis? as it was one of the imports to the new world. today that charge is leveled at the native population, both surmises being truer of bullfighters than the general population, and even there, one can be assured of only a meagre discharge of truth.

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Koala 2

...Darug=D/T/Tlal/rug/c=Tlaloc(Nauatl/Teotihuacan Deity)=T/l/Rarog(R)= Baltic Rain=R/Tlaini(N)Deity, Clans: ...Wangal(Darug)=W/Ua(n)calli(N)=type of cave in shape of box, by extension, coffin,=huaca(Bolivia/Peru)=ancient Amerind tomb, =huacal(Mex/Col/Ven)=crate; hurdle basket. ...Bidjigal(Darug)=Bridge House=Potli calli(N)=pond house/boat house,= pont(Latin)=bridge/punt/both,=plains dweller(Austral)=twin locales. ...Kurrajong(Daruk)=Coloa tzocatl(N)=Coil/wrinkle/socket. ...Cattai(Daruk)=Ecatl maitl(N)=wind mate=sailors, matlalli(N)=ai(J)=blue. ...Mulcoa(Daruk)=Moliniani/olinia(N)=(b)oil(E)=-coa/Coatl(N)=snake/koala boilers, ugh! in Eucalyptus leaves i suppose. ...Cannemegal(Daruk)=Canactic nemi calli(N)=live in thin, flimsy, sheet houses/calli(N/3 Tonalamatl). ...Cabrigal(Daruk)=houses/-gal/Calli(N/3)that snap, make noise as they move. ...Dural(Daruk)=Tula/Tullan/Tollan(Amerind Toltec Capitol)=tollin/tullin (N)=junco/carrizo/cane to make petlatl(N)=petate(Mex)=pet/bett/bed, sleeping mats,=Tullin tlan(N)=Tulat/l an=T/Dural. hmmm, means smoking, hollow tree in Abo, well, the tollin is hollow, toloa(N)=bow to, -al?, hmmm, Dooral(April 1817)=Do/To(N)=our or/tat/li=To otatli/otatl/otlatl (N)=large cane,=Otaheite(Old form for Tahiti). yeah, i'll go with that. ...what are Tlaloc and Rarog doing as people and language in Sydney, New South Wales? well, the Japanese were settling their resident islands but were a sea power, who had come back from Amerinda with the Chinese Colonials, the Olmec, at 4c BCE. they were the real hands of the South China Sea, Micronesia, hired or on their own, their national ambitions satisfied with the Japanese Islands. Tlaloc/Rarog was the Upper Stone Age Deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl)Deity of the Nomad Epoch, the Japanese a Deer Tribe, at first, from the Altai Mts, whence their language, which is one of the purer forms of Nauatl, along with Arabic, Basque, everybody has it.

jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Koala Rarog

Koala(marsupial)=koa/coat/l a=coatl(N)=snake,=co(mes to w)ater(E)=coater, e.g., goat/coati(Nasua nasua)/coast. koala/coatl(N/5)=gula/Dharug=cola(sp)=tail,=coala. Dharug/Dharukk/Dharoog/Dharrag/Dhararug= Dh/Tl/T/Rarog(R/Balt)=hawk, fiery dwarf who becomes whirlwind,=Halogi(Kven/Fennec)=fire, son of Fornjotul, Kven of Kvenland,=R/T/laloc=Tlaloc(N)=Tl/T/Th/Halo, deity of deer, the Nomad Age(45k-10k BCE), principal deity of Teotihuacan. Gula(Dharug)=doesn't drink?,=gula(sp)=gluttony? ah, predators. Didgerido(Eucalyptus Trumpet/horn)=D/Tit/d=Titla/Titlani(N)=between/ Messenger(who)ger=g/cel/r=cel/celtin(N)=only/alone, -ido=ito=itoa/oito(N)= talks, e.g., gaita(sp/Basque)=ega/Eca-itoa(N)=Hecate talks(E)=bagpipe; dulzaina/reed instrument. Did-ger-ido=Instrument/Messenger(who)only talks, does not listen. Tlaloc/Dharug is Deity of Deer/Mazatl(N/7 Tonalamatl)and of the Upper Stone Deer Age, 45k BCE to 10k BCE, which ended in the Orchard Age of pre-agriculture, was the principal Deity of Teotihuacan, 262c BCE to 750c AD, whose counterpart, Rarog/was Baltic Deity of water spouts and demon of fire, his name a perfect Tl/R interchange without dwarfs . elder Tlaloc had Tlalloque=tlallo/halos/ dwarfs=d/tz(w)a(r)p/b/ves=tzapa(N)=tz/djapan=Japan(Nomad Tribe). Aussie Dharug, the baby, became a yam/Thorstone.

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012


1.mat/cha(J)=matsuru cha(J)=god tea,=matlalli/matlalin(N)=net land/dark green/blue mat/l/r=mar(Sp)=seagreen tea(E)=matlaltic(N)=dark green/cobalt blue chalani(N)= charlar(Sp)=chat,=chaya(J)/chaikhana(Turk/silk road)=restaurant/brick tea/dealer. 2.matlaoctli(N)=blue pulque wine=oino(Gk)=o(ctl)i/no=octli(N). 3.ichtli(N)=thread/packet of maguey,=ichichiqui/oichichic(N)=itch(E),=comb. ichi-go/ichi-e(J)=green tea ceremony,=ichi-co(N)/ichi-eua(N)=each(E)comes(E)/each leaves(E).