martes, 25 de febrero de 2014


...(E)=small bird of Fringillidae family,=spearwa(OE)=sparo(OHG)=sparwe(MHG)=spoor(ON)= sparwa=(Goth)=s/pa(r)uilia(Letra)=pauilia(N)=bait/attract birds/fish,=to paul(E), Liam(Name)= paui-liam/n=limn(E)=lip/limb/limp(E). odd formation, 1st letter p goes to end of tributary words, also, l moves forward to support, fau/flauta(Pg.)=flute(E), whose other root=fue(Japanese)= poa/opouh(N)=plower/power/flower(E). from Nauatl root, pa/opa(N)=paint(E), this word goes back to, cf.,Hohle Fels(42k BCE)Fue/Flutes, Tlatlatzolteotl Blogspot, 29May2012.