martes, 25 de febrero de 2014


...(E)=milt or spawn of a fish,=row/rough/roof(Late ME)=roge(MLG/MLDu)=rogo(OHG)= r/toco(Nauatl)= impersonal of toca(N)=to/our being/ca=sow and bury,=roge(MHG)=rown xv/roan xvii,=rogen(MLG)= hrogn(ON)=rogn(Da),=rogue(Fr). .....milt(E)=milz(G)=milzi(OHG)=mixtli(N)=cloud/mist(E), or, milchi/c/s/ zi/xtli(Letra)= milchiua(N)=work someone else's field,=milch(G)=milk(E). .....spawn(E)=cast spawn xiv-xv,=pauilia(N)=bait/attract fish/birds/decoy/limn,=flauta(Pg.)= flute,=pauia(N)=chew for someone else, e.g., pauling or fluting one leaves mixitl(N)/mistletoe on branches, as roe on riverbeds, as notes in the air of a tune, also, one notes(pun) the paw sound in pauia/pauilia(N), where one does not hear it in, espandre(OFr)=épandre(Fr)=expandere(Lat), the presumed root.