martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Carve Craft

...carve(E)=ceorfan/curfon/corfen(OE)=kyrfa(Icel)=kurfa(Icel), note the dominance of o/u=copina(N)=copy(E), the Aeolian effect in which the o/u becomes (Aa), the windy twist Ecatlan=England gives to root words. ...craft(E)=kroptugr(ONorse). here we hit it lucky, as the Aeolian effect is still direct for Ecatlan/England (Aa), twisting from the original (Oo)of copina. the (Tt) of craft is the toca(N)/-tugr(ONorse), i.e, the copy/carve touch=craft, while carve is merely copy/copina(N). watch someone carve a spoon from a block of birch and you'll see what i mean, one copies the carving/craft in one's head and on the block of wood, if one can tell the difference between block and head. in this case they become the same.

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012


...diann(Chi)=lightning/electricity=tianquiztequitl(N)=tribute, right of plaza, e.g., electricity is sold.=denki(Japanese)=electricity, from the same Nauatl word, d/tianquiztli(N)=t/d ian/den ki/quiz. ...huah(Chi)=word/speech,=wa(Chi)=lang-ua-ge(E)=Na-ua-tl=wa(J)=loop, unity, harmony=amonequi(N)=without need, link, peace, ring, reconciliation =warai(J)=laughter(E)=na-war/laua=naualaua(N)=ridicule, lit., go 4's/lose the center,=naualli(N)=brujo/mago(sp)=maho/majo(J)=magic/witch=maquiztli (N)=escape from danger,=maquis(FrResistance)=ma-/hand squeeze/-quiza(N)= naua(N)=dance giving hand over hand=reel=rheol(OE/roll)=r/teotl(N)., do something for someone else,=ay(N)=to do,= ailia(N/reverential of ay)=ally(E). ...Lei(Chi)=surname; (lei)thunder=tronar(sp)=tona(N/solar appelative),= t/letl(N)=fire. ...tzoong(Chi)=general, all,=tzo(on)c/g=tzocatl(N)=socket/zocalo(sp)/ zoka(J)=creation, the Maker. ...baan(Chi)=printing block, edition,=pan(N/postposition)=within, on, in, by,=pan(N/pronoun connective)=conviene(sp)/go well, e.g., chubaan(Chi)= choltia/choloa pan(N)=to run, flee(Fleet Street/London), run the presses. ...shy(Chi)=to lose(lit. style)=shayo(J)=the setting sun; declining industry; the new poor, upper-class families on the deline,=shy(E)= refuse to face=sh/xayacatl(N)=mask/rostro(sp)/face.

sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

Lavender Raven

...Ravenna=rawend(Arab)=rhubarb=plant used for tea along the Rha/Tlatla= Volga/Ollin ca(N)=rolling being, by Scythian herders. ...rawend(Arab)=r/t/latla uentli(N)=flame offering=Ravenna(City)=Raven= t/la-vender=tlatla uentli=Lawrence(of Arabia)=Law(r)ence=Tlatla w/uentli ce=one flame offering. ...raven related to the crow=corvus=corbie. why the fire offering? one goes back to Gobekli Tepe/11k BCE, for that, where 40% of burnt offerings were ravens. why? because the raven is symbiotic with agricultural man. ...Gobekli has been postulated as Hunter-Gatherer, but the lie is given by the high percentage of raven sacrifice, for the relative of the crow= cacalotl(N)joined us as an imitative bird during poughing and sowing for the animals and insects stirred up from the disturbed earth, the seeds we later spread, the crops themselves, and later the gleanings. may be time to rethink Gobekli, it's tied geese glyphs, the other animals, the circular structure which were trojes(sp)/barns, covered for grain and/or pens for animals/people, easy to defend its agricultural surplus from the wandering tribes passing through. a hill and oomphallos for the stomachs of the surrounding area, a regional grange, and there were others in the area. ...the raven themselves hunted and sacrificed as sacred pests. the other word for raven=zanatl(N), later to become the word, zany, described in Nauatl as a black bird, curved beak, size of a starling, another crow- like bird, its meat not comestible.

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Wauwinet Winnetka

...Winetli/uinetli(Nauatl)=milano(sp), kite, glede, goshawk=sea hawk(E)=halcón(sp) =h/Chalch/cón=Chalchiuitlicue(N/Sea Deity)=Jade Skirt, Goddess of Waters, day 5.Coatl/Snake, 6th Deity of the Night Nine, Deity of trecena/5. Acatl/Cane, day hour Deity of Calli/being/House and her Bird, the Falcon, her name being the root of the word, hawk/halc/falcon. the formal name for her bird in the Tonalamatl, as Deity of the 17th trecena, Atl/Water is the Chalchiuhtotolin(N), e.g., Chalch/Halch/Halcón/Falcon. ...uinetli(N)=Winnetka(Amerind)=Hawk Accipiter being/-ka/ca(N). both Winnetka and Wau/Ua uinetli/winet=(Amerind/Nauatl)=owns/has Accipiter Goshawks, e.g., sparrow hawks/small raptors, are located on the shorelines of large bodies=tlaca(N)=lac/lakes of water. Wauwinet, on the Wampanoag Island of Nantucket, and Winnetka, north of Chicago on Lake Michigan=Michoacan(Mex)=Mich-ua-can(Nauatl)=place of the fish owners. ...Wampanoag(Amerind)=Uapauac(N/adj)-no/our -ag/aci(N)=hacer(sp)=doing= own power/-paua our action, firm our doing=Ua-paua-no-ac(Nauatl). ...Natocke=Na/4/in all directions, to/our being/ca=tocar(sp)=play music,=touching(E)=our being, sowing/sewing and burying=tocke/tockete/tzocatl(N)=socket(E)=zoka(J)=creation, in all (4) directions=Nantucket Island=Ilantli(N)= old lady=Ilana-tecuhtli(N)=the Old Goddess, whose bird the parrot. ...Nantucket, the mother/Nan tzocatl/socket of our being/toca(N), e.g., Tonantzin(N)=Our Hon./Saintly Mother=La Guadalupana. ...Uapango(Hill Billy music of the Mexican High Plains, Guanjuato, e.g., Xichu)=uapaua(N)=to get a charley horse from the cold/Aires, become hard/rigid, speaking of an object; get older, animate, force oneself= chicauac(N), get excited, e.g., nite-uapaua(N)=raise children, animate, incite, help the rest, provide, consolidate, fortify. in spanish times uapaua(N)=saw thin pieces of wood, to make guitars, tololoches/double bass, violins. there are contests in free form where the Uapango singers face off with live/unrehearsed lyrics. ...for Wapanoag/Uapaua no aci(N) it may be that uapaua(N)meant to finish thin/narrow pieces of wood, not just for instrument making but for the earlier boat making, which explains how they arrived at Nan Tzocatl(N)= Mother Socket Nantucket. uapaua(N)=ownPaintown(E)=painter(E)=small boat attached to larger ship/chipeua(N),=paina(N)=run lightly/quickly, agile,=painani(N)=he who runs rapidly/lightly. penteur(Fr/xv)=strong rope, but also found as brace. painter(E)=rope to secure anchor, and small boat to ship, which took the name for itself.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Brujo Pujo

...push(E)=use force to press or thrust away,=puste(E/xiii c), e.g., lopustre(OE)=lobster(E),=homer(Fr)=ome(N)=2,=l/to po(s)tli(N)=our pool/pond/tank?,=tope(Cornish)=sand shark,=tu(r)bot(E/fish)=Scophthalmus Maximus,=tu(r)/to both/potli(N), hmmm, both(E)=2=homer(Fr)=lobster. hmmm, potli(N)=pool/poodle/pond/pozo(sp)/pu(l)se/pose(E)=pondre(Fr)= lay eggs/post(E). so a full/pull push would be with 2 hands or claws. ...pushing on to put(E)=potian(OE)=potia(Nauatl)=make some one's equal= ninote-potia(N), or, mo-potia(N)=this is convenient, goes well, or, nitla-potia(N)=adjust, assemble, unite, join things together, comment, or, potli(N)=companion, e.g., nopo/nopotzin(N)=my equal, my buddy, rev. ...witch(E)=wicce/wicca(OE)=uecaitta(N)=far-seeing,=Eca(i)tta/Hecate/ Ehecatl(N/2 Tonalamatl). potli(N)=companion=familiar(witching term), so the brujo has positive aspects, at one time being the top of his/her profession before being wiped out by the Inquistion of the 15th c. in Iberia. the brujo cleans/limpia(sp)=the (i)=(u)=l/to(m)potli(N)=our pool, where one cleans before tub/tina(sp), which allies popoca to popotl(N)= proper(E)=proprio(sp)=propre(Fr)=broom(E), the cleaning tool used with both/potli/2/ome/homer(Fr) hands, and links to the stick/straws of incense/pom(Mayan)used to clean/limpiar(sp)the holy place. ...popotl(N). what's a brujo/bruja without her broom? poa/opouh(N)=power/ flower/plow/blow/bellows/boo!

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Rare Raw

...rare(E)=r/t/la r/t/leuaztli(N)=tlatleuaztli(N)=toasted, braised,= tleuatza(N)=dry on fire/tletl(N)=t/l/red/t/l. ...cauitl(N)=flow of being/time,=kravis(Skrt)=raw flesh,=cru(OIrish)= kruvi(OSlavonic)=krov(Russile)=kreas(Gk)=kraujas(Lith)=(k)rao/rau/rou/ ro(OHG)=roh(G)=hrao(OSaxon)=hreaw(OE)=raw/crude. ...krov(R)=blood=odol(V/Basque)=odos(Gk)=ruta(sp)=uta(Japanese)=poetry, =otli(N)=road; vein. ...cauitl(N)=time, lit., flowing of being/ca,=c/g(r)avity(E)= -vity=vida(sp)=life/-uitl(N)=quauitl(N)=tree/treow/teotl(N)/Teo/Theo/Deo.

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

idalwa Muszoqui/tl

...nouns form last, most of them come from verbs. idalwa(Musz)=town= tun=Tona(N)=stone(E)=shtetl(H)=tetl(N). the noun for town=Altpetl(N), the veb=Altepeitta(N)=to go see/itta(N)the towns. within Nauatl one sees the verb, to look=itta(N)=mirar(sp)=miru(J)=mirror(E), becoming the Russian verb, itti/idti(Russile)=to go. applying Al(tepe)itta(N) to idalwa(Musz), idal- brackets Al-(N), the front particle, which is the reverential of water=altia(N)=altar(E)=bealté(OE)=ue altia(N)=beauty/ beatitude(E)=tealtia(N)=theater(E)=t/reality(E), and, ida-, doing double duty=ida/-itta(N), the last particle of Altepeitta(N/verb), and is the intermediate form, idalwa(Musz), -wa=ua(N)=own(E), between Altepeitta(N) and Aldea(sp)=Alte/de a, note the tepe of Altepeitta: neither in idalwa or aldea is (Pp)of tepe(N/Mideast)present. ...the same absence of (Pp)occurs in Tustunnuggee(Musz)=To Tonapouhqui(N)= astrologer, divine, brujo/witch, which the Alkonquin Ochipeuac Muzoquitl use as their term for Medicine Man, leaving out the poa/opouh(N)=count verb, e.g., quipo(Inca Quechua)=knotted abacus,=qui/who counts/poa(N).

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Huta-galgi Muskogee

...first of clans, the Wind Clan=Huta=h/sh//xotla(N)=ni-xotla(N)=inflame, heat, bud, grow, hmmm,=nitla-xotla(N)=cut cloth, i.e., windshear, make stripes=x/shor/tla=shore(E), i.e., ripple surface of lake, saw wood, i.e., sough through evergreen branches. (Xotla)Galgi(Mozoquitl Alkonquin, related to Ojibway)= G/ca(l)qui/gi=caqui(N)=nite-caqui(N)=listen, pay attention, to be listening, obey, e.g., ayuh nite-caqui(N)=divine the secret intentions of someone(as the weather/wind),=nitla-/nic-caqui(N)=understand, discern, comprehend things, have a public. part of the personification of the wind is that it has voice, saws and soughs through trees, has an audience, is listened to in order to divine/predict intentions, and if very vociferous/ stormy must be obeyed by putting into xotla/sawing shore if embarked, retiring to shelter if rain. ...Muskoka Lake, 2 hrs North of Toronto(=tolontic(N)=lont/ront/round(E)= toloa(N)=bow the head/tolerate(E)dolor(sp),named for Council Circle of Amerind Nations held there), 2.5k sq. miles with 1.6k lakes. ...Chief Yellow Head=Mesqua Ukie(Ojib/Alk)=Metztli Quaitl Oquichtli(N)= Moon/Yellow Head/quaitl(N) Man. ...Ojibwa(Alk)=Chipawa/Ochipauac(N/verb)=clarify, purify, become clear again, e.g., Ochip/Ojibwa/auac(N). ...Muskoka was not named after Yellow Head/Metztli Quauitl(N) as Muskoka has its own meaning, e.g., muskeg(Cree=Christian)/swamp/lake, muskig (Ojibway/Ochipauac)=swamp,=Mu/Mo-s/z(k)oqui/ka=Mo-zoquitl(N)=your mud quitting. the Muskoggee are the southern branch Mound Builders. ...leaping to Russia, Moskva(Capitol)=Mo-zoquitl-ua(N)=owns/ua mud/t/zo quitl/quitting.

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012


(Algic),=muskeg(Cree)=swamp,=muskagoo(Cree/chretién)=swamp indian,= muskig(Ojibwe/Chipaua)=swamp,=muskiegui(Shawnee)=lake/pond,=mo-zoquitl(N)= your/mo-zoquitl/swamp/mud/huracán/tempest;in abstract=slave=who built Muskagoo Swamp Culture=Zoque(Mex tribe)=contemporary of Olmec/Liangzu Taoite from Yangtze Delta, last Chinese neolithic jade culture, 3310-2250BC. te-quitl(N)=stone-quit(E)= community service/clear stone from growing fields,=quit/d pro quo(Latin)=tid for tat,= tzoquitl(N)=mud quit/d, reclaiming swamps to mounds, lodo(sp)=tzotl=(m)ud,=Ljubljana(Slovenia)=Lj/tub/tob/adobe=toptli(N)=wrap idol. Cahokia=cauh(t)ica/cauh(ti)quiza(N)=be separate/far,= ueca nic-cuauhtica=vast,=named for Caouquia tribe. funerary as Mixtla/Egypt/Gobekli. Woodland Period=1k BCE to AD 1k=pottery/orchard culture, related to S.Georgia Utina-hica=Otli-na-teca= 4road/Pochteca/merchants. 1.Mico(Mozoq)=chief. 2.micoa(N)=faint. 3.miqui coatl(N)=death snake. 4.micoani patli(N)=poison. 5.micoani nanacatl(N)= deadly mushroom. 6.imac micouani(N)=hands-on killer. 7.micoltiani(N)=aspirant. 8.micomitl(N)=carcaj(sp)/quiver. 9.micalgi(Mzq)=lesser chiefs. 10.idalwa(Mzq)=italhuia(N)=speak/say,=Nitetla-italhuia=speak for someone. 11.Heniha(Mzq)=2d in command,=h/th/tenitlacaotli(N)=bozal/mouthpiece. 12.Tustunnuggee(Mzq)=Our/To-Tonno(pouh)qui=Tonalpouhqui(N)=calendar count/warlock. 13.Yahola(Mzq)=shaman/xamani(N)=destroy,=yao(N)=enemy,=yaotl=yaotla=war. Tustunnugge and Yahola combine forces: Yahola attacks/Totun says when. Mozoquitl(N)=Mudders, First Clan=Wind Clan, belonging to Quetzalcoatl, traveler/Teacher through Mother Hekate/Ehecatl(N/2)=Tona/tunne/tun(Mayan)= solar yr360days. clans=bear/beaver/otter/wolf/skunk/fox/cane/Acatl(N/13/Tona)/salt/iztatl(N)/ toad/tapayaxin(N)/turtle/ayotl. mozoquitl=mosquito. 14.hutalgalgi(Mozoq)=the wind,=xotla(shoot)/xotl(foot/shoe)/otli(route/road)= g/ca(l)c/gi=cactli(N)=road/route shoes=mocactli/mocactzin(N)=mocassin/your Hon. shoes=chanclas(sp)= ch/ca(n)ctl/las/shoot the route. Wind is shod and shoring/ sh/xor/tla=xotla=cut strips/new shoes, wind-sawing voyager, for the endless tour of Blue Planet. MoZoquitl matrilinear tribe=tribu(sp)=tepulli(N)=malemember, sets them apart from simpler tribe system,=old/advanced oriental root. mound building is imitation of pyramid=piloa mitl=pilamid/tl,= 2648/Saqqara/Egypt, placing MoZoquitl at 2nd a/venue of Quetzalcoatl, 2.2k BCE/Mayan. Pochteca(N)with potlach(NW Amerind)=potli/brother debut/tlachali/ tlachachayaualiztli(N)=scatter(seeds)=chachayaua=chayote/chayotl(N).

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012


...kid(E)=goat(E)=Coatl(Nauatl/5 Tonalamatl)=snaka(OE)=snake(E). so how do we expand kid to k/c/chi(l)d/tia=chieltia(Nauatl)=to wait for someone and have something for them when they get there,=child/ shield, hmm, sh/ch/ph/field(E), aha, a shield land, a galardón/guerdon for guerra(sp). ...teach how to learn. ...say(E)=cea(N)=not one,=de-sea-r(sp)=desire(E)=decir(sp)=say,=dicha(sp)= happiness, dicharazo(sp)=saying,=diccionario/dictionary(E): itoa/oito(N)= oito=oido(sp)=ear/hear=oir(sp)=oigo(sp)=i hear. tlatolli(N)=word=(w)ord= o(r)der(E)=(W)O(r)din=Odin(ONorse)=Wording=odos(gk)=odol(V/Basque)= (b)lood(E)=road(E)=ruta(sp)=uta(J)=poa/poetry/power=otli(N)=root(E)= raíz(sp)=raz(R)=r/t/laza(N)=raze(E)=tlazapan(N)=azaf(r)an(sp)=saffron(E).

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012


1.first consonant is a digraph,=t/l(Nawa))=hunting click=tle?(N/pron)= what(thing)?,=tle ic nen/what profits it?=tlei(adj)=something,= in aya ti-tleme=before we were something,=tlein o?=what is that?,= 2.tleyo=famous,=tleco=rise,=tlecuilli(N)=hearth,=tletl cui=fire care. 3.tla(pron)=thing,=tlatla(verb)=flame,=chitlatla=cheetah(Zatal Hüyuk Dance Mural). hunt felids of Tlatla-Tzol-Teotl, regent of split hill/ Zatal Hüyuk=Yeloa tzallantli=Yelo/Jerusalem/tzalan=living btwn hills, 4.tlaacanoni=shovel,=acana=drydock(ship),=tlaco=daytime,=tlaaini=worker. 5.tlama=doctor,=Llama(Tibet)=tlamani=capture,=Rama(Hindu),=tlanaua=reel= hreol(OE)=teotl(N). 6.Tlaloc=tlaloa=flee(deer),=Tallulah(name)=tlalli= tlalia=sit down/settle,=tlan(posp)=with/after/near/in/under/btwn,= t/l/ran(E). 7.tlaptli=raft(E)=ark of Great Flood,=tlapana=t/l(o)af/pan(Sp). 8.tlayoa=be night/dark,=tlayualli=messenger/sent,=tlayuani=drinking glass,= tlaiuintiani=he who perverts/ruins a country,=Cheney=iuintic=drunkard. 9.tlacuicui=sculpt/sweep,=taquiyya(Arab)=avoid danger by denial. 10.tlilli(N)=black,=nil/Nile/lilly/lilac/Lilith/thrill(E)=drill. 11.w=ue=way=uel(rev)=well=iueli=river=Llewelyn(W)=Iberia/Siberia. 12.tlactli=trunk,=ollama tlaxtli=ball game. 13.tlazotli=precious.

viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012


=loop/coil/skein=ha(n)k=hake(fish)=hankus(AL)=hank(Swe)=string/tie-band/rowel,= hank(Dane)=handle/jug ear=h/th/t/tlaca(N)=take(E),= hake/hook=haki(ONorse)=hacod(OE)=pike/cod/cotoni(N)/gadus morrhua. hakim(Arab)=wise=hakama(Arab)=physician/philosopher,=tlaca(N)/take. hezle(Basque)=teacher,=eztli(N)=blood=odol(B)=otli(N)/route. hekim(Turkish)=doctor=Hecate/ecatl(N/2/Tona)=wind/breath. ham(E)=tamaloa/tamalli(N)/tamaño(sp)=hog=toca(N)=touch. hook(E)=hoc(OE)=hok(OFris/MLG/MDu)=hoek(Du)=hoekja(ON)=crutch. haca(OE)=bolt,= tlaca(N)/take=hake(MDu)=haco(OS)=haak(Du)=hako(OHG)=haken(G)=hook= haki(ON),=kogot(Russile)=claw/hook(E)=cocotl/cocotli(N)=neck. goose/ganso(sp)=gacho(J)=reversal=choca(N)=ch/ho(n)k/ca=honk.