martes, 16 de junio de 2015


(Heb.gram.)=sign under consonant=vowel mark/corn ear=ceua(N)=owner corn ear,= Shiloh=geo.ctr.Israel 300yrs before Jeru/yeloa tzallantli/salem,= Xilo(N)=Goddess of corn ear, wears red cochinilla uipilli/wimple. Quorn/corn/quern/quenchiua=geo.ctr.England, where Quorn foods promisng meat-substitute firm, biomass mycoprotein mushroid. Xilonen(N)=corn dolly delivers yet by jumping to fungus. genuine corn fungus=huitlacoche(Mx)=cuitlacochi(N)=when corn couch unwiped, considered plague as it eats grain. what can be made of it? deep black when cooked, as all/mochi/mush-room/toma(N)=open itself.