lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015


(Egypt)=winged solar disk(in battle with Seth)/chief of gods/falcon= Chalch/halch/halcón(Sp)/iuitlicueye(N)=goddess waters,=hora/ahora(Sp)=toloa(N)= lower the head/door=tora(J)=tigress/birthing felid,=torai(J)=cross the sea/visit,= on "cippi of Horus", Graeco-Roman small copper/khalkos(Gk)plaques, the God Horus stands on crocodile=Sebek/Sbk=ancient god of the Nile=Cipactli(N/1/Tonalamatl)= Cipactonal(N)=pilot to Quetzalcoatl copper expedition(3309BCE), as Horus is pilot of the Solar barque. over doors/toloa(N)/torii(J)to temples/shrines the Horus image protected all who entered. he was agent and protector in the afterlife as well.