domingo, 19 de abril de 2015


=Tawa(Hopi)=tlalliowa(N)=earth's owner=SunTone, creates nephew, Sotuknang=tzotl toca nacatl=mud to/our being/ca flesh, compare to Tonakkay(Ainu)=Tonacatecuhtli(N)=Lord our flesh= caribou. Spider woman/grandmother is an orient appelative for Promethea/ Cailleach/Tlazolteotl, fire drill Thea. her double, Hurung/totoca=plant a lot in many places,=wuhti/quaitl(N)=s/quaw=squaw(Algic), says Hopi arrived by boat, and gramma spider says same, by straw/bamboo(another orient clue) in the 4th age=Naolin=begins 3309BCE=oldest Mayan date. Masauwu=mazaowa(N)=deer owner=skeleton man=death spirit/earth god/door keeper 5th world.