sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015


(N/adj)=katholikos(Gk)=general/universal,=ekatheron(Gk)=shuttle toss,= Ecatl(N/2/Tonalamatl)=HRE Theodric's windweaving life goddess who became Maria RCC on the San Apollinari mozaic commisioned/5c.AD,=nouian=wherever/everywhere,=nouezui= cf.,uezuitl, both words registered but not found in Simeón's Nauatl, yet by deduction appears to be Zoothera aurea, White's Thrush, a coincidence as Hecate is White Goddess, spirit of Winter, her title fm Cailleach, the Síle. White's breeds in wet conifer taiga of Siberia while migrating to Jiangsu&Beidaihe,China/SEAsia,Shetland Isles. at time of Zoothera's Naua naming, the known world was the Mideast fm whence Ehecatl, and Asia.