domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014


(H)=pan-semitic deity worshipped during Babylonian Captivity=Ecatl(N/2/Tonal)=Hecate, windweaving Venus, patrona of mountain=Ecatepec(Mex), of world=catholic=cathedral(RCC). arabs had Jupiter for greater fortune/Venus for lesser,=Gad(Tiberian)=luck,=land of Gad, rich in flocks=cattle=Ehecatl(N/2)/deity of young animals. as lucky male, prophet and David's seer=Hecate/Ehecatl, one of 2 founders of the Tonalamatl divinatory calendar, whose priest= xomotl(N)=duck,=xomulli(N)=corner(4/calendric division)=Sumer=her son, Quetzalcoatl, amphibian skysnake, whose temples were round as compass rose.